Wake Up Call

Jen 29 weeks pregnant

I went back to the doctor on Monday.  Of course, my blood pressure had been great for the whole week before going.  I get there, and it is high. Lovely.  You gotta love white coat syndrome. Just the thought of having to go back to the hospital if it is high, makes it high. ANYWHO…The […]

Part Two: One Day at a Time Takes on a Whole New Meaning

Delaney Grace's profile pic

If you missed my post on Friday, you will want to read that one before this one or it might not make a whole lot of sense: Read it HERE. So, after a very eventful day on Monday, we were moved to a “more comfortable” room around 1:00 a.m.  More comfortable meaning, “It had a […]

One Day at a Time Takes on a Whole New Meaning…Part One

Delaney looking at camera

My motto this year is “One Day at a Time!”  For me, when I chose this, I thought it was for my weight loss journey…and it was…until last week. On Monday, at 27 weeks pregnant, I went to my doctor’s office for the “fun” glucose test to see if I had gestational diabetes.  I was […]

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day – Giveaway [Closed – Winner Announced]

Balance Bar Cookie Dough

Did you know today, August 4, is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day?!?  Me either but now I do! My favorite chocolate chip cookies are homemade.  The recipe comes off the Nestle Toll House bag and they MUST be made with others!  Growing up, I would always make cookies with my parents.  Now, I make them […]

Case of Ball Canning Jars – Giveaway [Closed – Winner Announced]

Win a Case of Ball Jars

Today is International Can-It-Forward Day.  To get all the details, go check out THIS blog post and make sure you tune it live to their broadcast! In honor of this celebration, they are giving away a case of Ball jars to one ItSuxToBeFat blog reader!  All you have to do to win is enter using […]

To All the First Year Teachers Out There…

To the world you may be just a teacher but to your students you are a hero!

For those of us in Georgia, we head back to school this week.  For me, this will be my 16th year teaching.  For my sister, she is embarking on her first year.  She will be teaching in a Georgia Pre-K class!  We went shopping together on Saturday and every time she would see something cute, […]

Walmart Gift Card and Balance Bar Variety Pack – Giveaway [Closed – Winner Announced]

Balance Bare Bars

We are celebrating summer in a big way with Walmart and Balance Bare bars. I told you the great promotion that Walmart has right now with Balance Bars!  You can either enter to win some here or head over to Walmart and get them while they are on sale! Balance Bars and Walmart are giving […]

2015 International Can-It-Forward Day

can it forward day

Today is International Can-It-Forward Day! When I think of canning, I think of my grandmother canning her fresh fruits and veggies to save for the winter months.  There is nothing like have fresh, homemade veggies in the dead of winter!  I can see her steaming the jars and blanching the green beans like it was […]

Celebrate Summer with Balance Bare Bars and Walmart

Balance Bars at Walmart

How ironic that at the start of the new school year, I am blogging about Balance Bars and Walmart celebrating summer…hey, it’s not my fault I live in the south and we go back to school when it is still 98 degrees outside and summer has “technically” just started!  I will not rain on anyone […]

The 10 Commandments of Weight Loss…Part 2

Exercise I thought you said extra fries

Karen Wilson is back with Part 2 of Jacynta’s 10 Commandments of Weight Loss. If you did not read the first 10 Commandments, don’t worry…you can find them HERE.  I am loving these posts from Karen and I am sure you are also! The first 10 Commandments were so popular in our Sparkle groups that Jacynta […]