Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Casting Call

Have you ever seen the show Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition?  If you haven’t, you are really missing out!  Chris Powell is the fitness trainer/motivator/nutritionist/counselor all rolled up in one.

Chris Powell

Chris Powell training a contestant on Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition

He is pretty much amazing.

The show is also amazing.

They take obese people (people who have more than 50% of their body weight to lose) and they transform their lives.  Chris coaches them, motivates them, encourages them and works with them for a whole year to lose weight.  Most people on the show have lost over 100 pounds in that year – All through diet and exercise.

Here is what the casting website says about the show:

“Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition is a unique undertaking that is unlike anything you have ever seen on Television.  The show documents the amazing makeover of courageous individuals who set out to safely lose half of their bodyweight over the course of a year.  The metamorphosis is truly amazing.

Trainer/transformation specialist Chris Powell guides each of the participants through the process after moving into their homes.  He is there to make sure that they get the proper nutrition needed along with a specifically designed workout regimen.  Chris provides a fresh perspective to individuals whose lives have become unmanagable because of their weight.

Participants undergo a transformation , not only of their bodies, but of who they are as individuals.  Are you ready to make that change???”

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition

If you haven’t seen it, you simply must check it out!

Now, on to the big news!

While you were reading that, did you think to yourself, “Self…that sounds like just the opportunity you need to get yourself together!”

Well, you just might have the chance!

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition is having an open casting call in cities all around the US.

On April 6, they will be in:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Austin, TX
  • Milwaukee, WI

On April 13, they will be having casting calls in:

  • Denver, CO
  • Dallas, TX
  • Nashville, TN

On April 20, they will be in:

  • St. Louis, MO
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Jackson, MS

On April 27, 2013, they will have one more casting call in:

  • Chicago, IL
  • Los Angeles, CA

Are you near any of those cities?  If so, and you meet the requirements, go to the official Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Casting Call Site and pre register.

If you are heading to the one in Atlanta, look for me!  You just might see me there!

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