2015 International Can-It-Forward Day

can it forward dayToday is International Can-It-Forward Day!

When I think of canning, I think of my grandmother canning her fresh fruits and veggies to save for the winter months.  There is nothing like have fresh, homemade veggies in the dead of winter!  I can see her steaming the jars and blanching the green beans like it was yesterday but in fact, it was over 25 years ago!  I miss her!

People are still canning fresh veggies and fruits to preserve for when they are not at their peak.  I love canning fruits into jams (my husband loves me making jelly!) because I know the ingredients in the jelly and I can control the sugar I put into it!  If you have never had homemade jam, you are really missing out.

Ball Homemade Jam

If you are into gardening and preserving, I would encourage you to check out the 37th edition of the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving.

Guide to Preserving Book

It is updated and includes 75 new recipes, pictures, and step by step guides for beginners.

Now, canning jars can be used for so much more than just canning.  Have you seen these cute lids you can put on Ball jars?  They come in several colors with matching straws and are just adorable.  They are great for kids who are old enough to handle glass jars, of course!  My niece, Avery, loved the straw/lid combo on fourth of July!

Avery with the Ball Jar

We mixed and matched the red lid with the blue straw!  How cute is she?!?  The, her friend Brooklyn wanted one…

Brooklyn with the Ball Jar

Isn’t she a doll!?!  Of course, you have to have a best friend pic with both!

Brooklyn and Avery with ball jars

I made them some mock Cherry Limeade and the colors were perfect!  These designer lids are easy to find!  I saw them when I was shopping in the grocery store just the other day so they are available everywhere!

These aren’t even just for drinking.  You can now purchase colored rings for the top of your jars to use in crafting or gifting!  If you look on Avery’s cup, she has a red ring on hers while Brooklyn has the traditional silver ring on!  They are making these so cool and fun!  They even have limited edition purple jars now!

If you are into canning in any form or fashion, I would encourage you to tune in to the live broadcast going on now!

Canning enthusiasts everywhere are gathering together to get free tips and tricks from the experts.  Tune in now until 4:00 p.m. EST HERE to see a live broadcast from Jarden Home Brands in Fishers, Indiana.  This is an event celebrating the joys of fresh preserving and they will encourage garderners and food enthusiasts across the country to celebrate what “Made from Here” means to them by fresh preserving their local ingredients in their peak season.  This year, you can chat and ask questions and there will also be a celebrity mason jar auction unveiled during the webcast!

I hope you will tune in!  In the meantime, head out and get some of those cool lids and straws to use for summer smoothies and drinks!

If you want to win a free case of Ball brand jars, enter THIS giveaway!

**Ball brand provided me with samples to try and review.  All opinions expressed are my own!

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