2015 International Can-It-Forward Day

Today is International Can-It-Forward Day! When I think of canning, I think of my grandmother canning her fresh fruits and veggies to save for the winter months.  There is nothing like have fresh, homemade veggies in the dead of winter!  I can see her steaming the jars and blanching the green beans like it was […]

Biggest Loser Resort Chicago – Now Open

Do you guys watch the show, The Biggest Loser?  I do!  I missed this last season due to the business of life but I have watched every season before that one!  Who wouldn’t LOVE the chance to be on that show?  I mean, I know some people might disagree with the rapid weight loss methods […]

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Casting Call

Have you ever seen the show Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition?  If you haven’t, you are really missing out!  Chris Powell is the fitness trainer/motivator/nutritionist/counselor all rolled up in one. He is pretty much amazing. The show is also amazing. They take obese people (people who have more than 50% of their body weight to […]

Slender Kitchen Meal Plans Discount Code

When I gave away a year of free Slender Kitchen Meal Plans, I had the best response I have had yet for a giveaway.  What does that tell me… You guys want this! Well, Kristen at Slender Kitchen has decided to give my readers a big discount for entering the giveaway and just for being […]

yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro Sport Earphones – Winners

I was so thrilled with the response I had to my yurbuds Ironman Inspire Earphone giveaway.  It is obvious that you all want to win a pair of these headphones for the main reason of – THEY STAY IN YOUR EARS! For me, that was so important.  Now, if you don’t win, please go online […]

Fitness Magazine’s Fitterati 2012 Best Weight Loss Blog – Winner

Thanks to YOU, I did it. I won the Fitness Magazine’s best weight loss blog, Reader choice and I am officially a 2012 Fitterati! What does that mean?!? It means that I will be able to contribute to Fitness Magazine, I will be receiving lots of Fitness goodies and…the biggest thing of all…I will be […]

It Sux To Be Fat Update

I’ve been missing. I hope you noticed because that means you read my posts on a regular basis. For the past week, my husband has been working very hard on switching It Sux To Be Fat over to a new server.  In order for this process to go smoothly, I had to NOT post.  It […]

One List Life

Attention Publix Shoppers! From February 23–29 you can participate in P&G’s “One List Life” promotion, available exclusively at Publix: simply select any four fabulous participating P&G items and pick up a FREE Rotisserie Chicken while you’re at it! Learn more at www.savingspg.com. I had a very busy schedule and I have very LONG days!  Not […]

That’s It Fruit Bars Announcement and Free Coupon

Today is a big day for both Whole Foods and That’s It Fruit Bars! I did a post about That’s It Fruit bars a little while back.  Well, now, instead of ordering them online, you can actually just head on over to your local Whole Foods and pick them up! How cool and convenient is […]