What’s Up – May 2013 Edition

How crazy life is right now!  We are in the throws of trying to finish up the school year with a mere 10 school days left…OMG!  10 school days?  Where the heck did this year go?

I just wanted to pop in and give you a brief update of What’s Up in my life lately.

I am still an avid Cross-Fitter (Fitter…is that the right word!?).  I have added another day a week to make it four days a week.  I am excited for this summer where I plan to go at least five or six days a week.

I am still eating Paleo.  I do love it and I love the way I feel.  It has gotten much easier!  I could see myself eating like this for the rest of my life except having a “cheat day” every now and again.  A parent took this picture of me at field day last week:

Jennifer at Field Day

Jennifer at Field Day

I feel like I look thinner.  Especially considering this picture taken just 9 weeks ago:


Jennifer as Pinkalicious

Do you see a difference?  I sure do!  Maybe it is the camera angle…or the big fluffy skirt but I feel like I look thinner!

Speaking of seeing a difference, I have not gotten on the scale in a week and a half.  There have been times I have wanted to get on just out of curiosity but I didn’t.  Even today at the doctor, I got on the scale backwards so I wouldn’t look.  Success in trying to break my scale addiction!

I went to the doctor today and I was told by yet another person that I need to eat more.  I guess I need to start eating more.  It is hard  to eat more when you don’t really enjoy food.  I need to start getting creative in my meals and not continue to eat the same old thing.  However, I can officially say my food addiction is over.

I was sick all last weekend.  I took a nap on Sunday afternoon and when I woke up, I felt guilty for wasting so much time when I have SO much to do.  How in the world did I used to do that every afternoon?!?

My husband and I finished the entire series of 24 last night (We have been watching it for several months now!).  Did you watch that show?  I cried at the end last night when Jack said Thank You to Chloe.  I am just sappy like that.  I loved it.  It was a great show.  What should we watch now?  Give me your recommendations and just make sure they are on either Netflix or Hulu Plus (We don’t have cable!).

Last tidbit for this edition of “What’s Up.”  Did you read the article about Abercrombie not selling to “fat girls” because they only want to sell to cool girls?  What the hell is wrong with them?  Stereotyping any girl over the size of 10 in pants as “not cool” is wrong on so many levels.  And we wonder why girls today have so many self image issues.  If you haven’t read the article, GO HERE to read it and then please, do not shop there ever again.  Maybe if we can put him out of business he will know first hand what “not cool” is.  So sad.

I have a bunch of cool products to share with you guys in the next couple of days so get ready for some reviews of some good stuff!

Other than that, I am just living the dream and loving life!  Did I mention there are only two weeks of school left!  AGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!  Can you tell I am excited?

Thanks for letting me ramble and hanging in there until the very end.  What’s up in your life?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/emily.russell.5682 Emily Russell

    You’re looking great! I don’t have Hulu or Netflicks, but The Wire and Orphan Black are great!

  • jessiekay77

    I just finished all of the Arrested Development on Netflix. It was awesome. Luckily, Netflix is coming out with a new season (its been like 3 since the last season) ALL IN ONE DAY. So looking forward to that. I don’t understand Abercrombie. Don’t they see that by limiting to thin girls they are aliennating most of the population? That’s what I don’t get. Not that I would ever buy from them (they don’t sell my size) but even when I could fit in their clothes, I never did. But I definitely never will again!

  • Cristin Kennedy

    Explain more about “eating Paleo”… I do not eat enough and have been trying to lose 10 – 15 pounds since Jan. I need to exercise too. You look great and should be SO proud of yourself!

  • Julie

    Your hard work and persistence is paying off!! My husband and I love Monk and Burn Notice.

  • http://profiles.google.com/krisbeauregard Kris Beauregard

    I think you look great! Congrats on staying off the scale. I need to break this addiction also! I would love to hear more about eating Paleo also. I really enjoy your blog, thank you for sharing your progress with us! an OH! If you have not seen Fringe….I would highly recommend you put it on your watch list!

  • http://twitter.com/HotFlashBang HotFlashBang

    Do you look thinner??? HELL YES! You look amazing! Your face alone is much slimmer… wow.. great job!… I’m having the same issue on Paleo – eating enough – however, my doctor encouraged me to listen to my body.. on the days I am hungrier, eat more.. and on the days I’m not, don’t.. scared me at first.. but she was right… my calories fluctuate from a low of 900 (no haters please) to a high of 1500 on hungry days… and I pay attention to what it’s craving, more greens? more fat? more protein?.. it’s fun getting in touch with my body for the first time.. really listening.. as for cooking.. I’m lucky cuz I love to cook and there are a gazillion websites (and books) with great recipes.. regardless, I find myself getting “stuck” on one or two things for a couple weeks and then cycle through.. but I”m very happy with Paleo… and CrossFit.. the dynamic duo of life change for me.

  • Heather

    Yes! You look thinner!! You are such an inspiration to me. I sooo badly want to be able to say that I have conquered my food addiction. It feels so impossible, but when I read your posts I think maybe…just maybe it will happen for me one day. I started Crossfit a week ago. Talk about sore. Wow! But I will keep going. Also going to look very intently at this Paleo thing everyone is talking about. Thank you so much for taking the time to give us a glimpse into your struggles. You truly do inspire!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=502374182 Danielle Singleton

    Netflix— Continuum! Jericho. Reaper. Uhhhh… Numbers (although I think Number is jacked up right now… not showing all the episodes). Uhhm… Life, Burn Notice!

  • Jane

    WHOA! Jennifer I have not visited your blog since you started your paleo crossfit journey, so imagine my shock when I logged on today and saw this picture staring back at me – WOW. You look SO terrific!!!!!! I literally saw the pic and said out loud “Oh my gosh, she looks fantastic!!” Well done and keep going!!!!

  • anna2556

    You look amazing! You can definitely tell you’re getting toned. Keep up the good work. Oh, and check out White Collar (if you already haven’t). ;)