What’s Up – June 2013 Edition

What’s Up?

June’s almost over…that’s what.  My summer is half over…that’s what.  What’s up with you?

No seriously, where in the world did June go?

I am about to start a 9 Day Isagenix cleanse and I was planning out the days I would start (You have two days of pre-cleanse and then the 9 days start).  I was counting the days on the calendar and the fourth of July is next week!  How did that happen?!?

Speaking of the fourth of July, my husband and I signed up to do the Peachtree Road Race in downtown Atlanta.  I have not run the race since I was in high school and I was excited to finally get a ticket (thanks to a blog reader!).  Well, we haven’t exactly trained for 6 miles (although I have been doing Crossfit) and we have been pretty wishy washy whether or not we would do it.  We decided this morning we are going to do it.  We can at least walk it and jog some.  We enjoy exercise together and this race is REALLY fun so we are just going to go and have fun with it!

Speaking of July being here…We are starting a new Dietbet and would love to have you join us.  Each time we have played, everyone who loses 4% of their starting weight pretty much doubles their money.  You only have to pay $25 to play.  I am hoping that Katherine will join me on this one!  Click HERE to join in on the fun!

Coming back from vacation stinks.  There is just something about being at the beach with no worries, toes in the sand, spending time with family.

Deep Sea Fishing in Destin

I had a great week and LOVED my time in Destin.  If I could go back and do one thing differently, I would have exercised more.  Other than the normal walking to and from the beach, I didn’t exercise while I was gone and I am paying the price this week!

School is starting back in four weeks.  My brain is already getting into school mode.  I have started making a list of all the things I need to get done before I go back.  I have also started praying for my class.  I am praying that God will put the perfect combination of kids in my room that need me to be their teacher.  I am praying that God will bless my year and give me a great class to ease me back into being a classroom teacher.  I am excited.  I know it is going to be awesome.

Last note before I leave you.  I saw this on Facebook this morning:


Isn’t that cool?  I just love it and it is so nice to know that we can try again every-single-day!

Now it’s your turn…What’s up in your life?

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  • Steffon Holmes

    Hey I just found out about this 90-Challenge that I’m doing to tone up, I got my mother on it it’s been 1 week and she’s went from 327 to 315!! http://holmes2546.bodybyvi.com/ Check it out

  • Angela Jennings

    I love that quotation you posted. It has been one of my favorites for as long as I can remember. I’m saving the picture to post to my own blog as a reminder!

    My life lately consists of work, cross stitching, and college tours. My daughter will be a senior this school year.

    I haven’t been on an eating plan in forever, so right now I’m just researching (can you say excuse???). I don’t think I’m ready yet, and I know I won’t keep up with it longterm if I’m not mentally ready. But I love coming to read the blogs on here because they are very inspirational, and they let me know that I, too, can do this. Thanks for posting!