What’s Up – January 2014 Edition

January 16, already?!?

It seems like every month the days just fly by.  The busier we are, the faster they fly.  For me, lately, they are really flying by!

I didn’t have much to say tonight so I thought I would just pop in and tell you what’s been going on lately in my life and how things are going.

First, let’s talk for a minute about exercise.  I went back to Crossfit.

Jen after a Crossfit Workout

I put this picture on Instagram after leaving my first Crossfit workout after a few months off!  Of course, I chose to go back on the day when we hit a record low in Atlanta…oh well.

I put my big girl panties on, sucked it up and walked back in the doors.  Went two days in a row and then, speaking of walking, couldn’t for the next two and a half days.  It was VERY intense pain in my legs.  Sitting down to go to the bathroom was VERY painful.  Just sitting down was a major ordeal.  But, I knew that I was once again doing good things for my muscles and body and I was thankful.  I was also thankful that Larry was happy to see me and didn’t judge and went “easy” on me.  I went three days last week and then, this weekend, I walked for 3 1/2 miles on my treadmill both Saturday and Sunday.  I started a new show, Scandal, on the iPad and I told myself that I could not watch the show unless I was on the treadmill.  That helped me stay motivated to get back on Sunday.  I went back to Crossfit Monday and I will be there again tomorrow.  I love the way my body feels when I exercise.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different resultI have not been to Weight Watchers in over a week.  I plan to go on Saturday morning and weigh but I have been having mixed feelings lately about the new program, the meetings, if it is still working for me, etc.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.  Is four years of Weight Watchers enough for me?  Is it time to do something different?  I have not made this decision yet but things have seemed to fall into place lately and some clear signs have been pointing in one direction.  I have not quit yet but I did sign up for MyFitnessPal last week to go back to calorie counting and try that for a few weeks.

My Fitness Pal Screen

We will see.  I will keep you posted.  I can tell you one thing, I will make the best decision for ME.  I have to.

Speaking of eating, I have been super conscious to cut back on sweets this month.  I have not said that I will not have ANY but I found myself eating things that I didn’t really want out of stress or boredom.  I have decided to be mindful of WHAT I put in my mouth and make sure that I really want whatever it is.  Make sure I want it enough to track it.

Speaking of eating sweets, I made chocolate chip cookies with my class on Tuesday.  It was a math lesson where we had to multiply fractions to get the measurement that the recipe called for.  It was great!  I love doing things like that with my class.  Only about half of them had ever made cookies from scratch before and I had forgotten how GOOD homemade chocolate chip cookies are.  Our “food dude” in the cafeteria baked them for us and they were so good.  I ate one, enjoyed every bite and then tracked it in MFP.  It was worth it.

I have 14 days left to lose 5.5 pounds for my January Dietbet.  I think I can do it.  As long as I keep on tracking in MFP, making deliberate decisions and exercising, I think I will be ok.

How is your January going?  Tell me one good thing that you have done thus far in January 2014.

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