What Diet Haven’t I Tried?

I bet if you were to ask most women, they would say they are on some sort of diet. Dieting seems like it is just what women do.  I would also venture out there and say that most diets work and you will lose weight on them. However, in order to lose that weight, you have to work that plan.

When people stop losing weight they think the diet failed them. I have come to the conclusion when the scale stalls for a long period of time or the scale starts going back up, the person has stopped working the plan. I think if you are trying to lose weight there are MANY plans out there to choose from. Some plans are easier and some are harder and I truly believe that it depends on the individual and what your specific needs are.

Let’s go over some of the diets that I have tried:

Weight Watchers: WW is a great plan for some people. You can see that my sister has lost a lot on WW. I think this was the first diet that I was ever on. My sister and I joined, for the first time,  in college because we had a little weight we wanted to lose. I don’t remember losing a whole lot of weight at that time on it.

I have joined WW TONS of times. When I say TONS, I mean A LOT!!  My most successful time was after my first baby, I lost around 40 pounds. It must have worked well because I got pregnant right after losing that weight. Hahaha. I joined after having each of my precious babies (and then some after that) and never was able to lose like that again.

I think that my problem with WW was that I had too many choices. It was a struggle to have to plan my day and plan food for my kids and my husband. I tend to do better when things are laid out for me and I am told what to do. Some people do really well with diets like this one. I think a lot of it is very individual and depends on the person.

Brian and Katherine right before getting married.

Brian and Katherine right before getting married.

Jenny Craig: Yep, I did pretty good on this one once too. As college went on for me, I started to gain some weight (as some college students do). When I was home one summer, my parents had some friends who had lost weight on this and they were wondering if I wanted to try it. I said sure and they were gracious enough to pay for the plan.

In the 2 1/2 months that I was home for summer I managed to lose about 40 pounds. When I went back to school the next fall people were shocked when they saw me because I looked so different than when I had left at the beginning of summer. Jennifer had lost some weight that summer on Slim Fast so we both went back to school looking great!!

I tried to get back on Jenny Craig when my youngest child was 2 and I lost about 40 pounds again. I had a hard time paying for this one because it is expensive. I think I quit because I was giving in to too much to bad, evil food and couldn’t justify the price anymore. That one was done.

Jennifer and Katherine in college.

Jennifer and Katherine in college.

Atkins: Some of my extended family members would talk about how great this diet was for them. I also had some Moms from my MOPS group (mothers of preschoolers) who had done well on this one. I think Jennifer and I tried this one together for a summer and it didn’t last and I don’t remember losing a significant amount of weight on it. By limiting your carbs so much it seemed like you craved those more.

B-12 Vitamin Shots: There is a “doctor” here in town that is considered the “diet doctor.” I’m not actually sure what kind of doctor he is but he does have the word “doctor” in front of his name. Several people at my husband’s work tried these and had been successful on them.  I needed to lose weight for my sister’s wedding so I decided to give it a try.

With this specific diet, you would go to this doctors office twice a week and get a shot in the butt each time. The shot had b-12 and some kind of appetite suppressant mixed in and who knows what else. You were then suppose to not eat over 800 calories a day. The problem was they didn’t give you an eating plan. They just said, “Don’t eat over 800 calories a day!”  I think I lost 25 pounds doing this. I needed to lose  a lot more than that.

Nutrisystem: This one is one of those that sends you prepackaged food in the mail. OMG, can you say horrible, inedible food. I managed to get a month’s worth down but by the time the second month came around, I couldn’t stomach the food anymore. I had Jennifer sell the rest of the month’s worth on EBay for me. I don’t remember how much I lost on this one.

HCG Drops: I have a friend who lost a lot on this diet. She has kept the weight off and has learned a whole new way of eating and looks great. These were drops that I bought that you would put under your tongue for them to get in your bloodstream, several times a day. They had you eat a limited diet that equaled up to 500 calories a day. I lost a little bit but this one wasn’t for me.

Phentermine: I still can’t believe I tried these and my mom will probably kill me when she finds out because I don’t think I ever told her I did this. Hi Mom!! Remember Phen Phen that was taken off the market because it caused heart problems for so many people? Yep, this was suppose to be a “safer” diet drug that came out years later but it was still in that family.

One of my doctor’s was giving these out with a prescription. Your blood pressure had to be below a certain number to even obtain a prescription for it because it raises your blood pressure. You also had to pay a doctor’s co-pay every month to go in to the doctor for them to weigh you, get your blood pressure and get another month’s prescription. Then, on top of all of that, you had to still pay for the prescription. I didn’t like the way I felt on these and after a few months, ended up giving almost a whole month’s worth to a friend!

Medifast: This is another pre packaged food system I did back in 2011. Most of the food comes in packets that you mix with water and eat. Some come as food like bars and puffs etc…. I did really well on this one and lost close to 70 lbs.  My problem with this one is when you venture off a little bit it is really hard to get back on program and back to losing. You have to summon up all of your strength to do it. Stress and not caring anymore in 2012 led me to gain all that back plus add 4 more pounds.

When you have a lot of weight to lose, it takes you losing a lot more for people to notice. That being said, when I was down 68 or so pounds, people still didn’t realize I had lost weight. I got a lot of , “I’ve never realized how pretty you are”, or “have you done something different with your hair”?  I even had the check out girl at Publix (who I had known for years because I worked with her mom years ago) say every time I went in there for a while, “your makeup looks great, what are you doing differently”?  I would just smile and say “I’m not doing anything different with my makeup, but thank you”. While I wanted to scream at her and all of them, “I HAVE LOST 70 POUNDS”!!!!!!! But I didn’t.

Katherine and Brian at an anniversary dinner.

Katherine and Brian at an anniversary dinner.

First off, I have to commend my husband for putting up with me through a lot of these. He has been a trooper and has literally loved me through thick and thin. He loves me no matter what size I am but he really wants me healthy to be around for him and the kids many more years. I promise, he did tell me this.

After writing these, I realize what a diet failure I am and the sickness I have with diet plans so I am going about this whole “losing weight” thing differently. I have chosen one of these plans to go back on to lose my weight. I will not refer to it in my blogs as “my diet”. I will refer to it as my “eating plan”. This is what it will be for me. My eating plan for me to lose weight. I will follow the chosen eating plan to “work the plan” so the plan will work for me!!

Now, I know what all of you are thinking, “Well, which one did you choose?!?” I am so sorry to do this to you, but you will have to wait until this weekend to find out because that will be my next blog post!!  I will let you know which plan I chose and how my first week and a half went on that plan. My question to you is, what plan do you think I went with and which plans have you tried in the past?

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  • http://profiles.google.com/everblossomdesigns Amy Sands

    Hmmm… I am going to say you chose to give either Medifast another try since it worked so well for you! :D or joining WW for another time!! and have found some kind of happiness there! :D Whatever eating plan you choose! (or have chosen) WE ARE BEHIND YOU 1110000% :D I am on WW :D

  • Lauren

    I am guessing maybe Diet2Go? I have heard their meals are delicious and that means you don’t have to make too many decisions!

  • http://www.phatjosh.com/ PhatJosh

    I’ve done hCG, which worked, but didn’t in the long run. I’ve given up on the “diet” mentality and just gone for a lifestyle change and nutrition Currently, I am taking Isagenix products and feel GREAT! No more 800 calorie diet!

    But, my guess is Medifast?

  • jessiekay77

    I haven’t been on any of these diets but I have been on a very restrictive diet. I couldn’t even last a week. That diet messed my eating up so bad that I am still recovering. I can’t limit myself that much. I was eating better when I just told myself I had to eat better and not eat junk. And I was losing weight. So I am trying to see it as more of a life change rather than a diet. But everyone is different.

  • http://twitter.com/Annanailo Jenn

    I’ve done 4 of those. Atkins lasted about 2 days before I gave it up. I took a break from WW to do Nutrisystem for a while because I wanted to stop thinking about food ALL THE TIME and just have them hand me something to eat. But NS isn’t like that at ALL and the stuff they show on tv to entice you is never in stock, so you can’t have it anyway. I’ve done WW about 6 or so times and it’s what I’m doing now. I lost 55 the first time and got w/in 5lbs of goal and fell off the wagon. THIS time, I’ve lost 63 on WW and have 26 more to go to hit goal. But what’s the 4th one I tried? I just finished 6 months on Phentermine. My doctor suggested it. It wasn’t at all what I thought it was going to be like. The lady that checked me out at his office the first time I got them told me I wouldn’t feel like eating, but I needed to anyway. That wasn’t my experience at all. What it did for me was dull my hunger. I still felt hungry. Honestly, it felt like I was finally “normally” hungry for the first time in my life. Before (and now after), I’m hungry ALL THE TIME. No matter what food combos I do or when I eat my food, I’m hungry. I wasn’t like that on the Phentermine. But you can only take it for 6 months before you have to take a break for 6 months, so here I am. I’m sticking with WW and hoping I can figure out this hunger thing. Good luck to you whatever you choose!

  • lisa price

    I can so relate to this post!
    Im betting weight watchers:)

  • Erica

    I’m going to guess you went back on Medifast since you lost the most with it before. Ü I have tried WW, HCG, Atkins, Chris Powell’s Choose To Lose, as long as countless exercise programs. I was most successful with HCG. Although I gained all my weight back within 2 years. I’m about 1 month into CrossFit and eating Paleo and I feel really good. My goal now isn’t to look “hot” it’s to be strong and healthy. Instead of telling people I can’t have sweets, I say I can, but I’m choosing not to. I’m trying to think and be more positive and so far it seems to be quite helpful. Best of luck to you on this journey!!

  • http://twitter.com/LosingTheRolls LosingTheRolls

    Unfortunately, I have tried most of these plans…several times. I am so sick and tired of the Nutri System commercials with Terry Bradshaw and Marie Osmond telling us how delicious NS food is. It’s not! Some was okay, but like you after the first month I couldn’t swallow it any more.

    For me, I am going to try and manage my calories and eat whole foods. I will for the most part not eat any grains, dairy or sugar. If I can succeed with this plan, I may some day start living a life instead of sitting on the sidelines.

    Did you choose medifast? Good luck!

  • heidi hatcher

    katherine, way to share your life with us all :) wow! that’s a lot of diets tested out. i’m very curious which you picked….i’m gonna guess either WW or maybe you’re taking on Paleo alongside Jenn…then I guess Medifast last. congrats on beginning your journey!! good luck!

  • Jen

    I’m thinking WW or Medifast.

    My brother lost over 100lbs on NutriSystem. I don’t know how he was able to stomach that food. I tried some and it was terrible! Poor thing would eat those while my parents and I ate dinner at the same table. We offered to eat at a different time but he insisted on it.

    He has kept the weight off for the past 5 years but I’m thinking the Marine Corp had a hand in that ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/mikki.parkhill Mikki Parkhill

    I have dons every one plus south beach, Hollywood, cabbage and diet pills. I am thinking you are headed back to WW. It has the healthy eating concept rather than quick weight loss mentality. I am headed back to WW myself because it is the only one that is a way of life. Good Luck!

  • HotFlashBang

    Well, I’ve had a lot more time to “try” new miracle diets.. so here ya go… our lists start out similarly… Jenny Craig, Nutrasystem, Medifast, b12, Phen Phen, WW, HCG, Zone, Suzanne Somers, Calories in/Calories Out, Vegetarian, Biggest Loser, Low Fat, Grapefruit Diet, Pritikin, 6 meals a day, Body for LIfe, Eat to live, Various Meal Replacement Shakes, SouthBeach, 17 Day Diet…. finally culminating in Bariatric Surgery… I lost 200lbs.. and gained back 125lbs… and now I think I’ve finally found “my way” and the best thing is that I don’t have the “dark, gnawing hunger” anymore! It still causes me to tear up… Here’s my blog post about it… http://hotflashbang.blogspot.com/2013/04/dark-gnawing-hunger.html… As for what lifestyle eating plan you’ll be following… mmmmm… I’m hoping (fingers crossed) it’s Paleo!!

  • http://twitter.com/The_VeganGypsy The Vegan Gypsy

    I can so relate! I have tried WW (a zillion times), South Beach,
    low-fat, various low-carb, and Jenny Craig. Once deciding to go vegan,
    most of those were out of the question; you’d seriously starve to death
    if you tried to do JC even as a vegetarian, same with Atkins. I’ve even tried the Phenteramine, which made me feel speeded out for a while, and then quit working. I hate drugs, anyway, and couldn’t imagine taking hcg..shudder..Like you, I think you can succeed in most of them if you actually work the program. Now, I’m going back to basics. I don’t want to spend good money on programs that I’m not working properly, so I’m using Sparkpeople to track calories/nutrition, the good old fashioned way.

    I’ll be interested to see which plan you chose, wishing you the best of luck on this new journey! :)

  • Catherine

    I hope it was weight watchers. You learn to eat. Its difficult, they all are but you can be ‘normal’. Have been at goal for 6 month. The thing that makes a plan successful, though, is your mindset. You really have to be ready.. Good days and bad you have to own it and move on. Lets all do this together.

  • Elena

    well i have never tried any diet plan. I just stick to exercise and healthy eating but the trouble with me was that i’ll quit on it and revert to chocolates and icecreams. But this time i am on my plan for almost 3 months and losing weight. I have a vigorous plan made for May. I’ll share with you how did it go and how much i lost. I am aiming for 8kgs. Last week i ate more proteins and no carb and lost 3kgs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tavera Tanya Daniel Avera

    spill it girlfriend!! LOL :) love you!!

  • alrachid

    No diets worked for me until I tried this one!!! You see results within 7 days! Its amazing and I suggest it for anyone looking to look a little better and feel better about theirself. http://7516dzxpqxq7r0eq1c15s52iej.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=RECIPE

  • Carole Holmes

    Ever Tried the Tablespoon of Vinegar before each meal, this was my first diet at the ripe old age of 10. Tried most everything since. My most successful weight loss was w/Weight Watchers. Then depression stepped up to the plate and it all came back. You are my inspiration to try try try again. Its back to WW I go

  • anna2556

    Right now I’m doing WW and finding success, so I’ll stick with that. However, I’ve run amok in the diet plans before. Tried Atkins and became sick as a dog. Like constantly nauseated sick. I think I swore off all meat for three months after a week of Atkins. Did the phentermine, and it is exactly like you said. Pseudo doc with monthly phooey check-ins and the doctors visits (in some hole-in-the-wall office) costing 100 dollars a month just to get a bottle of 14 dollar pills. Eola drops (similar to what you described). Nutrisystem…the food was hideous! I literally hauled the entire box to my job and gave it away to anyone who wanted it. I think they ended up giving most of it away too b/c the food was so bad. Tried Slimfast. Tried the Cabbage Soup diet for all of 3 days. Tried the Mayo Clinic diet (similar or exactly the same as Atkins). The grapefruit diet. The vinegar diet. The weird diet my aunt told my mother to put me on where I ate nothing but spring rolls everyday. Oh, and some weird “dieter’s tea” my mother purchased that basically worked like an enema everytime you drank it. I know, tmi…even for me…but you did ask. ;)

  • disqus_PIlNQUDL6M

    Hello fellow humans that are losing weight like I am. Hang in there and stay away from prepackaged foods. My wife lost 14lbs and her body is looking great! I knew I had to lose weight and am down 28lbs as of today, simple plan that focuses on removing the fat cells.

    I do have experience with some of the other west loss programs and even worked for Jenny Craig. The one thing they all have in common is they will help you lose weight, however you lose fat and muscle. The plan that I am on focuses only on the fat cells. A friend of ours is on WW and she already gained her weight back. The reason to this is when you are on a plan that takes the fat and muscle away if you stop the plan the first thing to come back is the fat and a lot of people get into the cycle of a never ending weight loss program. Another friend told me her mother has been on weight watchers for 15 years. This plan is very affordable and is less per mean than WW and Jenny Craig. Let me know if you are interested email us at dtqa@comcast.net