Two Bags of Rocks – Weekly Weigh In

This weekend we built a fire pit in the backyard.  We had been wanting to build one for a while and we had the Homeowner’s Association breathing down our neck about the tree limbs in our backyard so we decided to build one.

While we were at Lowe’s, we needed rock.  I tried to lift one bag and I couldn’t do it.  What I realized was one bag of rock was only 50 pounds.  ONLY 50 POUNDS!!!  I used to carry around two big bags of rocks.  Every day, every minute, I walked around with over 100 pounds of extra weight on my body.  I have no idea how I did it!

So, after the weekend, I went to weigh in at Weight Watchers and I was not excited about it.  I did not work out last week due to sickness coming on.  I decided I would combat the weight somewhat by walking before my meeting.

Look How Far You've Come!

My mom and I went for our usual afternoon walk around her neighborhood, I stayed in my workout clothes to go weigh in and off to Weight Watchers I went.

Remember…gain or lose, go in the door.  I have committed to this and I will go weigh in no matter how my week was.  I stepped on the scale expecting maybe to lose 1 due to the lighter clothing and the walk.  I certainly did not expect to hear Jacynta say what she did.

She got a look on her face.  A…hmmmm…look.  It can’t be THAT bad I thought.  Then, she said something that shocked me.  She said…


What?!?  How is that possible?  How did I lose 2.6 last week?  I was super careful with my eating but the lack of exercise I figured had done me in.  Boy was I surprised!  HALLELUJAH!

So…Jacynta wants me to lose two this week and hit 100 next week.  I would LOVE to lose two this week but we are headed out of town this weekend for a wedding so my eating and exercise will be off.  I will do the best I can with tracking and walking and just see what happens.  My goal was to get to 100 by the end of the month so technically I have two more weeks.  But, I would LOVE to hit it next week.  We will just have to wait and see.

The meeting was all about seeing how far you’ve come.  It went right along with my rock experience over the weekend.  People get upset when they only lose .2, or .4, or 1 pound.  Go to the store and pick up a pound of butter.  Then, place it firmly on your butt.  Then, carefully put it back in the refrigerator section.  When you lose “just a pound,” you have lost four sticks of butter from your butt!  That is not bad!

I have lost almost two bags of rocks that I can’t even pick up now.  How much have you lost?  Look forward, see how far you’ve come, and be proud of your accomplishment.  No matter how small your accomplishment is!

Have a great week!

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Jennifer is an elementary school teacher who is trying to lose 100+ pounds. She has certainly learned how much It Sux To Be Fat and is here to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle.