Tired, Happy, and Home

I’m back from vacation!  We had a wonderful week in Hilton Head.  I did not stay on the 21DayFix plan while I was gone.  I did try to watch what I ate.  Some days I did better than others but that is life!  Here are a few pics of Delaney’s first trip to the beach!

She loved morning walks on the beach:

Delaney at the beachShe also liked evening walks on the beach:

Delaney and her daddy

Her first time in the ocean:

Delaney's first time in the ocean Delaney with Mimi and Papa at the beach

She loved the pool:

Delaney out of the pool

Can you tell her mom likes big hats?

Delaney at Harbour Towne

We had a great week and Delaney spent LOTS of time being loved on by family!

We celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday when we got back!  Then, on Monday, I went into the 21DayFix app and hit reset.  Time to get serious and start a fresh.  I started over on Monday.

I have tried the 21DayFix for four days now and I have tried a shake every day also.  I have lost some weight (I will do a weekly weigh in on Monday with an official number) and I do feel somewhat better.  Of course, now my muscles are sore because of the workouts but that is a good sore!

I put this status update on my Facebook page the other day:

I have had such a lack of energy lately and feeling very lethargic. All I wanted to do was nap when Delaney napped. Many days that is exactly what I did! I am sure working a full time job, taking care of an infant, and eating like crap will do that to you. My friend Heidi has asked me for years to try Shakeology and for years I have turned her down. I thought it was gimicky and multi-level marketing and all I needed to feel better was to eat better. Well, I have given in! I am trying Shakeology for the next 21 days and eating on the 21 dayFix meal plan (which is basically clean eating). I am eating REAL food, with portion control, and drinking a chocolate Shakeology shake a day. I want to feel better and look better and have more energy. This is a test to see if it works or not. I have a few people doing it with me and we have a small accountability group here on Facebook. If ANYONE wants to do it with me, they are running a special right now where if you buy a bag of Shakeology, you get the 21DayFix program for only $10. If we don’t like it, it doesn’t make us feel better, we get our money back for the shake. How can you beat that! Also, the cost of it is about as much as I was spending on breakfast/coffee daily at Dunkin Donuts! Here’s to a summer of health and feeling better and having more energy! If you want more info, inbox me!

Have you ever just felt tired?  Worn out?  Drained?  All you want to do is lie down and go to sleep?  Well, with an infant/toddler, taking a time out and sleeping won’t happen.

Oh…and let’s talk about my house for a minute…disaster.  Complete disaster.  We got home from vacation and I unpacked the bags.  But, now, the bags are empty and just laying on the floor.  How long would it really take me to put them away?  2 minutes?  I just feel like when Delaney is awake, I need to be with her at all times and entertain her.  Plus, since vacation, she doesn’t want to be put down.  I guess because someone held her pretty much the whole week of vacation!

Don’t get me wrong…I am NOT complaining.  I would much rather have her here with me than a bunch of free time this summer.  I just wish I had more energy to keep up with her and didn’t feel so tired.

I got quite a bit of interest in people on FB joining me on this “challenge.”  For that, I am so grateful!  Why?  Because there is strength in numbers.  No one wants to go through something hard alone.  So, you are welcome to join me too!  Risk free…you get the 21DayFix program with a big ole’ bag of Shakeology and ME as your personal coach.  You will be added to a small, private group of people going through the same thing as us!  Let me know if you want more information but HURRY because right now when you buy a bag of Shakeology, you get the 21DayFix program for only $10!  Can’t beat that!

If you want more information, inbox me or email me.  If you want to wait and see how it goes for me, my first update will be on Monday when I do a weekly weigh in.

In the meantime, will you go vote for Delaney to win a photo contest?

IF she wins, we get a $30,000 college scholarship for her.  Can’t beat that!  It seriously takes 15 seconds and you don’t have to put any of your information in!  You can vote once a day so please take the 15 seconds and vote!  Here is the link to vote:  CLICK HERE!

How is your summer going?  Are you losing weight and feeling great or do you need to get back on track?  Let me help you as I help myself!

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