Be Thankful – November 2014 Goals

November is here.  With November comes Thanksgiving and with Thanksgiving comes thanks.

This has been a very hard year for me.  I am hoping the end of the year turns out better than the rest but only time will tell.  Time and decisions made in the next two months.

Isn’t life all about decisions?  One way or another, it all comes down to decisions.  Minute decisions.  Hourly decisions.  Daily Decisions.  You decide and then you live with the consequences…good or bad.

Right now I am living with eating too much Halloween candy and emotional eating for the last 7 months.  I am living with all of the decisions I have made and to put it quite frankly – I have no pants.

I have a few pairs of pants but none that I wore last year are fitting me now…and that bugs me.  It bugs me to have to wear the same five outfits (that I borrowed from someone) each week because I can’t fit into the perfectly good clothes that I have hanging in my closet.

However, with all of my “woes are me”, it could always be worse.  Life could be worse than what I am going through right now.

God is going to provide for all of my needs and He is going to have me come through this time in my life better on the other side.  I just have to get there!

So, with this being the season for thanks, I am going to try my best to stop looking at all the things I DON’T have going for me and start being thankful for all of the amazing things I do have.

I am truly so blessed and I have an amazing life.  For this month, I am going to be thankful.  Period.  Every time a negative thought comes into my head, I am going to negate it with something positive.  One of my favorite people in life always told me, “What you think about, you bring about!”  I am going to think good thoughts and good things are going to continue to come my way!

With that in mind, here are a few goals I have for this month.

  • Say No to free stuff – I have a tendency to say “Yes” to every offer that comes in my inbox to try something new.  I say yes way too much and then I get overwhelmed because I have to do a full, honest review and sometimes, I don’t like the product and I have to tell the company that.  For this month, no new stuff.  I will get caught up on reviewing the products that I have and not take on any new commitments for products you guys probably don’t care that much about anyway.
  • Track truthfully – I have gotten pretty good at tracking.  I am actually on a 15 day streak today.  The problem is, I forget to track something and then I see that it is going to put me over the edge so I conveniently forget.  Oops!  It’s a game!  I ate it, I should count it.  Then, it won’t be so “shocking” when I don’t lose weight.  Truthful tracking…I like it.
  • Move more – specifically I want to reach 10,000 steps at least three times a week.  That should not be hard but it has been lately.  On days I don’t hit 10,000, I want to hit 8,000.  That is my goal.

Three goals…those should be good.  If I can do those three, I will have a good month!  Oh…and stay thankful and positive.  No more negative thoughts.  No more Negative Nelly November.  That is what is should be called.

Life is rough right now but it is going to get better.  It has to.  Be thankful and move on.

What are your goals for November?  Share them in the comments below.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

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