Taking a Week Off in Destin Florida

I just got back from a week in Miramar Beach in Destin.  As the popular song says, “Back to Life, Back to Reality” and I am adding the next verse, “Back to tracking points…yeah!”

I took last week off from worrying about what I ate.  I was still conscious but I did splurge and we ate out a few times.  I was on vacation and I allowed myself to eat sugar and things with butter.  I might pay the price at my weigh in on Friday but I will deal with it when I get there.

The hubby and I went to Destin with my sister, her husband and their three kids.

Jen and her sister in Destin

I just love her!

I love my sister so much!  Her hubby and kids are cool too!

Jen and the kids in Destin

Love these three kiddos!

Every morning, I got to run walk with this sexy beast.

Jen and Jason running on the beach in Destin, Florida

The beast and the view…both beautiful!

Check out the view we had for our daily walk.

I knew that if I got up every day and went on a nice long walk, it would help counteract the eating I would do that day.  We walked every day for at least an hour.  It was great.  This is a great tip for vacation.  Get up early and go for a walk.  You will see new things and the walk will go by quickly and then you will have a good start to your day!

Our favorite meal was at The Back Porch in Destin.

The Back Porch in Destin Florida

Love this place!

If you are headed to Destin or Ft. Walton Beach area, you MUST go eat here.  We actually ended up there twice and the food rocked.  The view from where we ate was amazing!

view from the back porch in destin

Dinner with a View!

The food was awesome.  We loved the broiled crab claws for an appetizer and for the meal, I had the Tuna.

Tuna at the back porch

Tuna at The Back Porch

It was a beautiful thing.

After eating dinner, we headed to the beach for a quick sunset picture.

Sunset in Destin

Beautiful sunset in Destin, Florida

This was by far our favorite meal.  It was so yummy and you must go there if you are in that area.

Days were spent on the beach where peanut butter and jelly tastes better than at home!

Jen and Jason on the beach in Destin

Love sitting on the beach!

Nights were filled with walks on the beach, dinners out, dinners in, and just hanging out with family.

Jen and Jason in Destin, FL

I love this man!

Yes, we went with the whole khaki and white theme.  The kids however went with the old 80′s Airbrush!

Kids walking on the Destin beach

Love them!

Love them like they were my own!

We even got in a little shopping at the outlets where Jason and I were asked to share a dressing room.  When in the same dressing room, of course a silly picture must take place!

jen and jason in dressing room

Acting Silly!

We had a great trip and are already looking forward to our beach trip next year.

What is your opinion on vacation and staying on track?  Do you tend to “take the week off” or stay focused on your weight loss goals?

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  • Ronald Dean

    Nothing wrong with enjoying yourself on vacation. Celebrate your hard work! Well done you. Good luck.
    Ronald Dean -http://www.tipstoloseweightguide.com

  • Lori Connors

    Just found your site through the Fitness Mag fitterati awards! Congrats! LOVE…LOVE….Destin! Awesome place to vacation and you can’t help but exercise while there. Love their paved trails:-)