Weight Loss Success Story: Stephanie Mojica

Today I am featuring Stephanie.  She has lost over 50 pounds and has turned her health around because of it!  I can relate to her story so much because I also suffer from PCOS and infertility.  I love her story and I know you will too!  Check her out!

Stephanie Before and After Weight Loss


Tell us a little about yourself, your family, your job, etc…
I have a husband, 3 year old daughter and an almost 2 year old son. I work full time as a state employee for Virginia. I suffer from PCOS. I had to go through fertility treatments to conceive with my daughter after 5 years of trying to get pregnant. I weighed in the 190’s when I got pregnant with her. My height is 5’2. During my pregnancy, it was rough. I had high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. I was put on bed rest 3 months before she was due. I was being seen by 3 different doctors and had frequent doctor appointments. I delivered early due to complication. A few months after she was born, I had an appointment with my cardiologist. The walls around my heart were enlarged. To make this story a little shorter, my doc suggested eating a Paleo diet…basically caveman diet. I had gone from the 190s to 136lbs within 6 months. The weight just melted off. I was running and eating very healthy. I was taken off my blood pressure meds. I was healthy and so happy. I got pregnant naturally with my 2nd child. Paleo saved my life. It helped with PCOS symptoms. When pregnant with my second, I still had the gestational diabetes but was able to control it better and I worked all the way to the end of my pregnancy. I did get up to 186 pounds. My son is almost 2 and now, I’m in the 140’s. I stick to eating low carb and exercise. I did have laser lipo. done last fall to get rid of extra fat in stomach, but I gained some back. I did my first half marathon in May and finished in 2 hours and 10 minutes.

How long did it take you to get to your ideal weight? Are you there now?
I still want to lose 15 more pounds, which I struggle to get off.

What was your motivation to lose weight?
At first, my motivation was my daughter.  Now, it is both of my kids.

Stephanie Before and After Weight Loss

What made you decide to start your weight loss journey?
The health issues I had with my first pregnancy and the enlarged walls around my heart.

What kept you on track losing weight?
I stayed on track because I was scared I’d end up the way I used to be.

Tell us about a typical day in terms of eating and exercise.
I eat low carb and run 4-5 miles every other day.

What is the biggest difference you have noticed because of your weight loss?
I have more energy and less PCOS symptoms.

Stephanie Before and After Weight Loss

What advice can you give to others struggling to lose weight?
I’m still struggling a little to get off the last 15 lbs. I’d say don’t give up. Picking up the cookie and eating it will only make you happy temporary. I used food to make myself happy and caused too many issues.

How do you keep the weight off in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
I try and eat healthy.  Sometimes I do eat bad, but not frequently. I don’t feel good after I eat bad!

I love that “picking up the cookie will only make you happy temporarily.”  So true!  Thank you Stephanie for sharing your story with us!  You look amazing!

Happy Sunday!  Today is the last day before I go back to work so I plan to do the list of 100 things I have put off all summer!  Have a great day!

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