Weight Loss Success Story: Rebecca McDonald

Rebecca started her weight loss journey weighing 290 pounds.

Weight Loss Success Story Rebecca

She has lost a whopping 100 pounds! She had a HUGE motivation – her daughter. She didn’t want her daughter to be made fun of because her mom was overweight.

Rebecca took matters into her own hands and did something about it.

Weight Loss Success Story Rebecca After

Now, 100 pounds lighter, she is an example to her daughter of health and life.

Enjoy her story!

Tell us a little about yourself, your family, your job, etc…
I am an 8th grade science teacher in a small school district outside of Corpus Christi, Texas. I have one three year old daughter who means everything to me. I am currently single.

How long did it take you to get to your ideal weight? Are you there now?
It has taken me a year to lose the weight that I have currently lost (100 pounds). I started at 290 and I’m currently at 190. My ideal weight is 150 so I still have 40 pounds to go. I set little goals for myself so that I don’t get discouraged. My first goal was 250. Then I had smaller goals as I progressed.

What was your motivation to lose weight?
My main motivation was my daughter. I wanted to be physically active with her while at the same time teaching her healthy habits. I do not want her to get made fun of at school either for having an overweight parent. I also just want to be healthy for my own well being.

What made you decide to start your weight loss journey?
I decided to start my journey when I noticed that my weight was getting out of control.

Weight Loss Success Story Rebecca - Before

My daughter called me fat and it really hit home. She didn’t know any better at the time but it really made me want to change my life around. I also didn’t want my daughter to think it was ok being so overweight.

What kept you on track losing weight?
I set small goals for myself. I realized that if I set high, unrealistic goals, I would not be as motivated because I wouldn’t be able to reach them. So, I set goals like “10 pounds at a time” or “Get out of size 20’s”. I noticed I was reaching those goals and just kept going. My daughter and the people around me would say things about my weight loss and that would also keep me motivated. I used the my fitness pal application on my iPhone to keep me on track with my calories and exercise.

Tell us about a typical day in terms of eating and exercise.
I work full time from 8-5. I always take my lunch with me to work. It most likely always consists of a lean cuisine or a smart one TV dinner. I know they are not the most healthy options but they have the calorie count on them. When I get home, I cook dinner (usually chicken breast, turkey, or fish). Then, I work out for at least 35 minutes. I workout everyday of the week other than Sunday. I have a limit of 1200 calories a day which is easy to follow now since I’ve been doing it for so long.

What is the biggest difference you have noticed because of your weight loss?
I notice that I get “checked out” more often. I know that sounds silly but when I was bigger I wouldn’t attract any looks. That really helps with my self esteem also.

Weight Loss Success Story Rebecca


I also noticed that I no longer have to shop at plus size stores and I feel awesome now trying on clothes! I have never been able to shop at an”regular” store. I remember that was one of my goals; to not have to shop at a special store. I started my journey at a size 26 and I am now in a size 12!

What advice can you give to others struggling to lose weight?
Don’t expect it to come fast or easy. The weight didn’t come on fast so it’s not going to come off fast either. Set little goals for yourself and remember those non scale victories (like clothes fitting differently, compliments, etc). Those are the little things that keep you motivated.

Give us a quote or a motto that you have used to keep you focused.
The number one reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have come.

How do you keep the weight off in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
I still have more weight to lose so I’m still working out diligently to lose it; however once I hit my goal I plan on continuing to use myfitnesspal to track the calories I can eat to maintain my weight. I also plan on continuing to go to the gym (just three time a week instead of daily). I also plan to tone up the weight that I have remaining.

What a great story, Rebecca! I love that you make small goals to stay motivated. I also love that quote. So many times I look at how far I have to go instead of how far I have come. Thanks for the reminder.

On another note – I just got home from my trip to Chicago for work. I will share how I did with my eating when I get back to my normal routine. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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