Weight Loss Success Story: Rebecca Dodd

Today’s success story is in a little different format.  I met Rebecca when I walked into Weight Watchers in January of 2009.  She was there EVERY week, eating popcorn out of her Ziplock bag sitting on the second row.  My dad and I nicknamed her, “Popcorn Girl!”

I didn’t really ever sit down and chat with her during several years of weight loss but I wish I had – we were both battling infertility.  She changed meeting days and we lost touch.  Then, she started with Jacynta’s Sparkle Group and even though we never really chatted, it was like an old friend was back!  

Rebecca after losing 100 pounds

We have been through this weight loss journey “together” from Weight Watchers to Sparkle A New You.  Her story is amazing, incredible, and inspiring.  Tonight, she is going to take you on her journey and what a journey it is!  It is one with a happy ending and I know you are going to love it!  Enjoy!

When people ask me how long it took to lose 100lbs, I always cringe at first. Why do I feel, at first, like I am any less successful because it didn’t come off in just a few short months? I think part of it is because I don’t want to make someone else feel discouraged who is looking to me to tell them it all just magically fell off. The other part of it is because I’m thinking about others who have lost weight quicker and comparing myself to them.

So, back to the question, how long did it take me? It took me 6 yrs and 5 months to lose 100lbs. The funny thing is, that’s still more successful that any other “diet” attempt I’ve made since high school!

You can tell in my picture book from the 4th grade that I was already aware that I was starting to be bigger than the other kids. When I was a kid, I put a speech bubble sticker on one snapshot that says, “Do you think my diet’s working?” Through high school, college, and 12 yrs of teaching, I would lose a little weight with a fad diet and then gain a tremendous amount of weight back.

Why, you may ask, did I think any new attempt at losing weight was going to be different? It all boils down to one lifetime dream/goal – I wanted a baby. To do that, I had to get healthier.

I was on blood pressure meds, on cholesterol meds, and on my way to being diabetic. To make sure I kept this dream/goal in mind, I made “baby” part of my password when I signed up for Weight Watchers in February 2008.

Rebecca before losing 100 pounds

I decided that I wouldn’t start Weight Watchers until February because I didn’t want people just to think it was a new year’s resolution that I wouldn’t stick to. I also didn’t tell people I joined because I was afraid I would fail like every other time I tried to lose weight.

When I walked into my first meeting and met Jacynta Harb, my new leader, I knew this time was different. I tell everyone that asks that my success has everything to do with a fantastic leader and support from a group. That leadership taught me how to eat the right foods, how to portion my meals, and how to use strategies in difficult situations involving food. The support helped me deal with being laid off from a job I loved (May 2009), losing my mother to a massive heart attack (Jan 2010), being laid off from another job (May2010), weight loss stalls that lasted up to 2 years (2009-2011), and being within 12lbs (92 lbs lost) when something unexpected came along to sideline me (Sept 2011).

Was it a medical issue? Nope.

Did I have a car accident? Nope.

I was pregnant!

I was so excited and so worried at the same time. How much of my 92 lbs lost was I going to gain back? Would I be able to lose the baby weight? Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage, but God blessed us with another pregnancy in Oct 2011. After so much turmoil, I finally decided to just enjoy my pregnancy with the knowledge that I would just use the strategies I had been successful with, to lose the baby weight afterwards.

Fast forward 9 months later and let’s just say that I needed to lose way more weight than the 9 lbs 3 oz baby boy I had! After the doctor okayed me returning to weight loss mode, I rejoined Weight Watchers (they won’t allow you to be a member while pregnant) in September 2012 and had moderate success until I stalled in January 2014.

I needed to change things up and for various health reasons, I chose to go grain-free following the Wheat Belly (by Dr. William Davis) lifestyle. That ,folks, was a life changer and a story for another blog post.

Let’s just say that post pregnancy I’m on less meds, I weigh less, I feel better, and I’ve had a much easier time losing the weight after going grain free. But being grain free made it very difficult to follow the Weight Watchers guidelines. So in April 2014, I decided to quit Weight Watchers and join my former leader’s wellness coaching group, Sparkle A New You.

Rebecca with her Wellness Coach

The group activities have supported me and motivated me to continue on until I’ve reached my ultimate goal of being within the weight range for my height. My wellness coach has also allowed me to share the Wheat Belly grain free lifestyle and that has been empowering. Now, in group sessions, everyone knows where I’m coming from when I suggest a certain strategy or recipe that is working for me.

So, when I want to cringe after someone asks me how long it took to lose 100lbs, I remember that 6 yrs and 5 months later I also have what I’ve always wanted – a beautiful baby boy and a much healthier me!

Rebecca Before and After Weight Loss

THANK YOU Rebecca for putting yourself out there.  THANK YOU for sharing your story with our readers.  THANK YOU for showing that all things are possible…even losing 100 pounds!  THANK YOU for being you.

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