Weight Loss Success Story: Marilyn Davis

I have decided to start a new series on the blog called Weight Loss Success Stories.  Each week I will feature a new person who has lost weight and lives a healthier life!

Today’s Sunday Success Story is a friend of mine from high school, Marilyn.  She is a mom of three beautiful girls and runs her own very successful monogramming business, Posh Designs by Marilyn!

She decided it was time to lose weight when she was unhappy with the way she looked and wanted to feel better about herself!

It Sux To Be Fat Success Story Marilyn Before Photo

Marilyn Before she joined Weight Watchers

She was certainly beautiful before, wearing a size 8/10, but just wanted to be able to look in the mirror again and be happy with the image she saw looking back at her!

It Sux To Be Fat Success Story Marilyn Before wearing a Size 10

Marilyn wearing a Size 10

She joined Weight Watchers in August and recently hit lifetime status!

It Sux To Be Fat Success Story Marilyn After Photo

Marilyn looks fabulous!

Now, at 21 pounds lighter, she is wearing a size 4 (sometimes 4’s are too big!) and she is smokin’ hot!

I know you will enjoy hearing her story and find motivation from her!

What was your motivation to lose weight?

I wanted to feel better about myself. The extra weight weighed me down and made me depressed. I hated to look at myself.

What made you decide to join Weight Watchers?

I thought about joining for a long time. Maybe 2 years. I exercised all the time but the weight would not come off. I felt that if I exercised I could eat what I wanted. I was WRONG!! Even taking 3 kickboxing classes a week and having a personal trainer twice a week did not keep the weight from coming on. So… when I saw a few friends who joined Weight Watchers and had success – I joined! I was finally ready to get control of myself!

What kept you on track with the program?

Planning:  Plan meals ahead.

I keep grilled chicken, fruit and fresh veggies at all times in the fridge. This helps when I have little time to fix a meal. It helps avoid the “drive through”. I keep a small cooler with me as well. Since I’m on the go with my girls driving to cheer, it’s so convenient to have healthy snacks for not only me, but them as well.

Weighing my Food:  At dinner time, I weigh everything with my WW scale. It’s my best friend!

The iPhone App:  I LOVE the Weight Watchers mobile app on my iPhone to keep me on track. It makes it super easy since I have my phone on me all the time. If I don’t track when I eat, I will forget.

What is the biggest difference you have noticed because of your weight loss?

I feel amazing about myself. I never thought I would be able to lose this much weight. This accomplishment has helped my self confidence in a huge way. I now feel good about myself.

What advice can you give to others thinking of joining Weight Watchers?

Do it! Track anything you eat and make good eating choices. Think about WHY you are eating…are you hungry or are you bored? THINK before you eat. Eat smart. Do it for yourself!

What is a quote or a motto that you have used to keep you focused?

“What you eat in private shows in public!”

It Sux To Be Fat Success Story Marilyn After Photo with Weight Watchers leader Jacynta

Marilyn and her Weight Watchers leader, Jacynta!

Isn’t she beautiful?  The best part is that she did it for herself…not for an event or another person but for HER.  Now, she feels amazing and has self confidence again.

Congratulations, Marilyn.  You truly are a SUCCESS!


If you want to be featured on ItSuxToBeFat as a Weight Loss Success Story, just email me at jennifer@itsuxtobefat.com .  Tell me a little about your story and include a before and after picture.

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