Weight Loss Success Story: Kathleen Riley

Super Bowl Sunday…the day where American’s eat more food than any other holiday other than Thanksgiving.  Before you head out to your Super Bowl Party, check out Kathleen’s story.  Maybe she can inspire you to eat a little LESS at the party.

Kathleen is an amazing 28 year old.  When her boyfriend popped the question, she knew it was time to get her health and weight in gear for her upcoming wedding.  She DID NOT want to be an overweight bride.  When her boyfriend proposed, she weighed the most she ever had, 225 pounds at 5’7″ tall.

Weight Loss Success Story Kathleen Before Losing over 50 pounds

She did what she said she was going to do and successfully lost 57 pounds.

She looks amazing and I am so thankful to be able to share her story with you today!

Weight Loss Success Story Kathleen

Tell us a little about yourself, your family, your job, etc…

I am 28, and live with my fiance. We have been together for 5 years, and lived together for two.  As many people can probably relate to – that was when I got careless with my choices and began to put on the weight.  I work in the nonprofit world. My mom was also overweight for most of her life and after being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes lost over 75 pounds and changed her life.  

How long did it take you to get to your ideal weight? Are you there now?

I started my journey in  April,  2012 weighing 225 pounds. On New Year’s Eve, I exceeded my goal of losing 50 pounds in 2012 and lost 52!  I now weigh 168 pounds and I want to lose more.  I’m not sure what my end goal will be but I’m NOT done yet!

What was your motivation to lose weight?

I don’t want to look back at my wedding pictures and feel ashamed of how I looked. My fiance and I want to have kids pretty soon after we get married, and I want to have healthy pregnancies, and be a healthy mom and a good example to my kids.

What made you decide to start your weight loss journey?

My boyfriend of 4 years proposed to me, unfortunately, at my heaviest weight. I knew that I didn’t want to get married looking the way I did at that moment, so I knew it was finally time to kick my butt into gear.

Weight Loss Success Story Kathleen Before and After

What kept you on track losing weight?

I found an amazing small business in my town called, A Healthy Balance, Inc- It was started by two women my age and they specialize in nutrition and personal training. They have always motivated me to continue on my journey, and are there when I fall back. I’ve actually done so well there that they chose me to be a “Rockstar” and do a 12 week program of nutrition/personal training and then to write about it on their blog!

Tell us about a typical day in terms of eating and exercise.

I work out 6 days a week- I have personal training one day, “Bootcamp” 3 days (45 minutes of strength training circuits) and I run 3-4 times a week. I (for the most part) log my meals in My Fitness Pal and try to eat 3 well balanced meals with an afternoon snack. My diet basically revolves around my workout, instead of my workout revolving around my diet.

How do you keep the weight off in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I work out 6 days a week, I keep my nutrition in check, but I also allow myself to have some days where I let go a little so that I am enjoying life to the fullest!

What is the biggest difference you have noticed because of your weight loss?

SO many things – my energy, my motivation, my outlook on life- I wake up every day excited to exercise, and therefore it sets the tone for my day.  

I am also doing things I NEVER thought I would do!  I’ve found a passion for running and I am doing at least a race a month.  I am also competing in my first triathlon this summer with my trainer – Ahhhhh!!  

I find that the scarier the challenge is, the more exciting my success will be!

For so long I was so miserable because I was overweight and unhappy with myself- now I have so many things to celebrate every day!

What advice can you give to others struggling to lose weight?

The first step is the hardest, but once it’s over- you’ll be so thankful you took it!  Also, there are always bumps in the road, but it’s how you handle those bumps that show what you can truly do!

Give us some quotes that you have used to keep you focused.

In the beginning of a marathon, your head keeps you focused with the notion that all dreams are possible with the right state of mind. As the journey progresses, the sheer will to succeed must move you forward. At the most challenging moments, your heart will undoubtedly take over.”

“Good things don’t come to those who wait, they come to those who work their ass off and never give up.”  

“It’s a marathon- not a sprint!”

Weight Loss Success Story Kathleen after a run

Kathleen- WOW!  You have proven that it doesn’t take a secret weight loss pill or a shake.  All it takes is hard work and dedication and ANYONE can reach their goal.  You look so beautiful (You did when you were heavy too!) and HEALTHY now!  You-Go-GIRL!

THANK YOU for inspiring others with your story.  Keep on rockin’ it!

Kathleen is starting her very own weight loss blog!  Good luck Kathleen!  I know it will be a success!  To follow her blog, check it out HERE!

What about Kathleen’s story inspired you today?

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    Awesome story! Thanks for sharing! I love seeing success stories because it inspires me to keep moving.


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    She is awesome! It’s so inspiring! I will follow her blog, I love her story, I want to know about it more! I wish I was as persistent as she is. I am so happy for her!

  • Marie Smith

    I am so inspired. I am the same age and about the same weight. I found myself gaining weight once I started dating my husband. Thanks for the inspiration and good luck on the weight loss and married life! http://thebigthirtyproject.blogspot.com