Weight Loss Success Story: Christine Dunne

It’s been a few weeks since I have done a weight loss success story.  I am super excited for you to meet Christine today.  She has lost 91 pounds on Weight Watchers.  Check out her transformation:

Weight Watchers Success Story Before and After

Isn’t that amazing!?!  I know you are going to love her story…

Tell us a little about yourself, your family, your job, etc…
Hello! I am Christine Dunne, I live in Lake Ronkonkoma, New York. I have two young children, ages 8 and 3. I am married for 10 years and a stay at home mother.

How long did it take you to get to your ideal weight? Are you there now?
Weight Watchers Success Story Before Losing WeightI started Weight Watchers at the end of May of 2012.  I made original goal weight of 73 pounds by the end of May of 2013. I became a lifetime member in July of 2013. I continued to lose a total of 91 pounds…which I am now maintaining.

What was your motivation to lose weight?
I was lying to myself all the time, saying “I am who I am.” I wouldn’t dare be in any pictures. I was watching my mother’s overall health deteriorating because she was morbidly obese for years. She couldn’t walk anymore. In January of 2012, she was put in hospitals and nursing homes. I was watching her slowly slip away from me and realized, I don’t want to end up like that.

What made you decide to start your weight loss journey?
I was turning 40 in 2013 and said I don’t want to be unhappy and 40. My mother was in nursing homes being taken care of because she couldn’t walk or do anything for herself. I was eating off of my children’s plates like it was my last meal. I was out of control! I needed to take control of my life. I knew once I walked through those doors of Weight Watchers, I was home!

What kept you on track losing weight?
During my weight loss journey, September 13, 2012, sadly I had to hold my mothers hand and watch her take her last breath. All because she had so many ailments due to morbid obesity. This journey became not only for me and my family, but also for my mom!! She couldn’t accomplish this no matter how many times she tried. I say all the time, “Mommy, I did this for you! You are free!”Weight Watchers Success Story After Losing Weight

Tell us about a typical day in terms of eating and exercise.
Eating varies because you always should change it up and not get bored. I try to eat every 2 to 4 hours. I have for breakfast egg whites or egg omelets, with lots of veggies and fruit. Oatmeal pancakes, or cottage cheese and toast. Mid morning snacks are apples or oranges with a cheese stick. Lunch, salad, sandwich or spaghetti squash fried up with garlic, olive oil, and laughing cow cheese. Mid day snack is greek yogurt with some fiber one cereal and pb2 mixed in. Dinner is all different, steak, chicken burgers, crock pot meals, or lean chicken or pork. Various side dishes sweet potatoes roasted with cinnamon, potatoes roasted in seasonings, polenta, and quinoa. Dessert all different. Weight watchers, fiber one, skinny cow, or 3 2 1 cake. Like I said always changing, looking for new ideas to keep my eating fun and not boring! I use recipes from Skinnytaste, Skinny Kitchen, Slender Kitchen, Skinny Ms, Weight Watchers and Hungry Girl.
For exercise, I speed walk/ jog, dance with my kids, or just run around putting laundry away. I aim for 40 to 60 activity points a week. I started off slow then added more and more. I aim for 4 to 5 times a week.

What is the biggest difference you have noticed because of your weight loss?
I am in control!! I am free from my body. I will never forget the first time I went out for my first speed walk. I felt so free and not weighted down. It felt great! I am more confident.

What advice can you give to others struggling to lose weight?
Don’t give up!! You don’t have to be perfect!!! Just keep going! My leader and my meetings really helped me with that concept. It’s how you handle getting back on track is what’s most important. Trust me!!!

How do you keep the weight off in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
I follow the program and track 6 out of 7 days a week. Most importantly, I go to my meetings every week for support! If not I belong to many weight watchers support groups and blogs on Facebook . I keep a good mindset and reach out when I am struggling.

Give us a quote or a motto that you have used to keep you focused.
There are only so many things in life you can not control but this is one of them, you can control!!! Forgive yourself and move on!!

Thank you Jennifer! I look so forward to your blogs! You are a real honest beautiful person, who has touched many people. Without people like you, I wouldn’t have achieved my goal! Xoxo

WOW Christine!  I know your mom would be so super proud of you!  You look amazing and you are an inspiration to us all.  THANK YOU for sharing your story with us!

If you have a weight loss story to share, please go HERE and fill out the form.  I would love for YOU to inspire my readers!

Have a great week everyone!

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