Weight Loss Success Story: Angela Gardiner

This week’s weight loss success story is an amazing 30 year old lady named Angela.  This picture was taken when she weighed her  heaviest at 230 pounds: She has two small boys and wanted to look good and feel better about herself!  She was also sick and tired of being sick and tired (and sweating […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Nisey Hillman

Get ready…Boy have I got a success story for you today. Have you been simply sitting in a chair, out of breath, breathing heavy and sound like you just ran a half marathon? Do you have aches and pains on your body that should not be there for your age? Are you just plain unhappy […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Libby Dillard

Today’s Sunday Success Story is a lady named Libby.  She decided to join Weight Watchers when a random stranger approached her at a restaurant and slid her a card saying, “You might want to use this!”  It was a trail gym membership. That encounter was not an accident.  She walked into Weight Watchers the following […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Marilyn Davis

I have decided to start a new series on the blog called Weight Loss Success Stories.  Each week I will feature a new person who has lost weight and lives a healthier life! Today’s Sunday Success Story is a friend of mine from high school, Marilyn.  She is a mom of three beautiful girls and […]