Weight Loss Success Story: Hailey Berg

Today’s success story is a lady named Hailey who started off her weight loss journey weighing 295 pounds: She decided in June of 2009 that she had enough of being the “funny fat girl” and decided to do something about it. Through diet and exercise, she lost 135 pounds: WOW!  Amazing transformation, right?!?  She is […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Natachy Peace

I am so excited to have Natachy here with us today to share her story of weight loss.  She is from the UK!  My first success story outside the US  and just wait until you read her story. Her starting weight was 308 pounds just over two years ago: You ready for this?!?  Here she […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Liz Langford

Today’s success story, Liz is a fitness enthusiast, loves nutrition and has a passion for God.  She decided to start living a healthy lifestyle when she got tired of filling the voids in her life with food. Now, she has lost 15 pounds and lives a healthy lifestyle inspiring others to do the same.  Enjoy […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Nicole Amrhein

If you would have told Nicole a year ago that she would weigh 126 pounds, she would have said, “No way!” She weighed close to 170 pounds (at 5’2″ tall) and her goal was to get to 140.  When she got there and knew she could go further, she did! She got to 127 pounds […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Kathleen Riley

Super Bowl Sunday…the day where American’s eat more food than any other holiday other than Thanksgiving.  Before you head out to your Super Bowl Party, check out Kathleen’s story.  Maybe she can inspire you to eat a little LESS at the party. Kathleen is an amazing 28 year old.  When her boyfriend popped the question, […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Jane Elliott

Today’s Success Story is another Weight Watchers member who comes from my amazing leader, Jacynta. Jane is a full time working mother of three girls who never used to put herself first.  The stress of her job combined with putting everyone else first, put her at her highest weight ever with a full blown food […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Kirsten Williams

I am so excited to have Kirsten here today to tell you her weight loss story.  She learned that exercise alone isn’t enough.  If you don’t change your eating habits, you WILL NOT lose weight no matter how much you workout! She shows that through determination and hard work, she lost 82 pounds in 10 months through […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Mama Laughlin

A weight loss success story on a Tuesday!  YES!  I couldn’t wait to share this guest post with you.  I LOVE Mama Laughlin’s blog.  She is one of my all time favorite bloggers.  She makes me laugh all the time and she is so freakin’ stylish and cute!  She has lost A LOT of weight, […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Julie Mead

Brace yourself for today’s success story.  Julie’s story is going to blow your mind and inspire you to reach your goal!  I just know it. Here is Julie in 2008 before she walked through the doors of her local Weight Watchers weighing in at 459 pounds: Here is Julie now, standing tall at 5’7 and […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Ella Odum

Today’s success story is a young lady named Ella. At her highest she weighed over 247 pounds. Even weighing almost 250 pounds, I think she was really pretty, don’t you!?!? She had joined Weight Watchers MANY times in the past but decided two years ago to give it one more shot.  She reached goal and […]