Snow, Chicken, Fish, and Exercise

Day two of being snowed in the house.

Jen and Atlanta Snow

Atlanta got over 6 inches Sunday night and schools and businesses have been closed for the past two days.  I am considering it extra time to workout,  concentrate on my eating, and drop as much weight as possible.

I am now on day four of eating no carbs, chicken, fish, eggs, fruits, and vegetables.  I am also on day four of burning 1000 calories on my NordicTrack Incline Trainer X7i treadmill.  This is typically six miles and an hour 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, I have a foot injury and was only able to burn 750 calories today.  Anyone out there know why I would be having intense foot pain on the side of my foot?  I’m thinking my running shoes are too tight.  I can’t wait for this competition to end so that I don’t have to obsess over eating and exercise.  I would like to be able to just count Weight Watchers Points Plus points and exercise the “normal” 45 minutes a day.  In the end, it will hopefully all be worth it if I can walk away with $1900 in my pocket.  I will let you know on Saturday!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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