Six Months…

Happy July 1st!  I can’t believe I only have three more weeks of summer before I have to go back to work.  I am so loving this summer with this baby:

Delaney in blue

We have gotten into a pretty good routine of sleeping until 8:00, then breakfast, a nap, lunch, a nap, dinner, bath, bottle and bed.  Of course, lots of play time in there in between.  Oh…and just to clarify, the naps are for her not me.  I couldn’t nap anymore if I wanted to…too much energy and too much to do!

So, I realized today that the year is exactly half over.  2016 is not in the books yet.  There is still plenty of time to make things happen.  I have to say that overall, 2016 has been a pretty darn good year.  I have a great job that I love, Delaney is healthy and thriving, I have a husband who is an amazing daddy and husband, a dog that rocks, and I started a new coaching career with Beachbody and within my first month advanced a rank!  The only thing I really want to change is I need to lose some weight to get healthy.

In terms of health, let’s see, where do I want to be in six months when 2016 is over?  I want to weigh less than 200 pounds and be able to run a mile in 12 minutes.  In order for those two things to happen, I am going to have to make choices in the next six months to advance myself and grow (or shrink – depends on how you look at it!).  I will need to drink Shakeology daily, eat healthy and follow the 21DayFix plan, stay away from sweets and bad carbs.  In terms of exercise, I will need to continue working out with Beachbody workouts (currently 21DayFix) and walking with Delaney.  Ya’ll, she LOVES our walks.

Naptime in the Stroller

The other day she cried when we came inside because she wanted to stay out.  Oh and the other thing is she sticks her little foot up on the tray in the front of the stroller every-single-time!  She makes me smile.

Moving on…I have goals and I know what I need to do to achieve them.  I also know that accountability isImagine Yourself Six Months from Now.  Don't Stop.  It will be worth it. key to success.  We need others to go through this journey with us or we will easily get off track.  My husband has agreed to drink Shakeology daily with me and eat what I eat (he has to because I cook for him!).  Also, I will continually have support groups and accountability groups on Facebook.  These are awesome because we can share our struggles and successes and cheer one another on.

Why do I want to achieve these goals?  I want to be the best mom I can be for Delaney.  I want to be the best wife I can be for Jason.  I want to be the best teacher I can be for the 30 fifth graders that will walk through my door in a short month!  Overall, I want to be the best ME I can be!

What do you want to achieve in the next 6 months?  Whatever you want to do, be it health or relationships, or job, set a goal and make plans to achieve it.  The next six months are going to go by whether or not you choose to do something about it or not.  If you want accountability and would like to be a part of my 30 day challenge group starting after the 4th, please let me know!  Send me a message or shoot me an email ( and we will get you added to the group!

In the comments, share your goal for the next sixth months!

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