Sister Can’t Resist Her…

Sister Can’t Resist Her…Red Beans and Rice Didn’t Miss Her.

What?!?  You don’t know that song? Google it.

It’s a Classic.

So, I am going to talk to you a little bit about my sister, whom I can’t resist.

I gave you guys a little back story about her in this post: Sister Memories.

It was a good one.

She is a good one.

Here is the current story:

Three years ago when I started ItSuxToBeFat, I was supposed to have a partner. This was going to be “our” blog where we share “our” weight loss story. I had lost 80 pounds, give or take and she was in the beginning stages of her weight loss journey. It was going to be great. I could speak to those people who wanted to see someone who has lost weight while she would share her current weight loss story with all of you.

We were going to share our journey to getting back to this size:

ItSuxToBeFat Sisters Thinner

ItSuxToBeFat Sisters Thinner

Well, it was a good thought.

As the blog began to take shape, Katherine came to the realization that she was not ready to open herself up to the world and share her innermost thoughts and feelings.

We are very different.

I am an open book while she is more reserved. In birth order, she is the middle child while I am the youngest. VERY different personalities! But, we tend to complement one another in a very good way!

So, she decided it would be best for her not to be a part of ItSuxToBeFat…


Sisters Jennifer and Katherine of ItSuxToBeFat

Sisters Jennifer and Katherine of ItSuxToBeFat

I always thought one day she would change her mind.

I didn’t know when it would be but I patiently waited.

I always saw us doing this together. “Our” little weight loss blog.

The years have gone by. People actually started reading my journey. I couldn’t believe there were people out there who gave a crap about what I thought and how I felt but here you are. Giving a crap!

I continue to write, my good and bad, my ups and downs. Alone.

Well, the time has come. She decided she is ready. She is ready to take on this adventure with us. She wants to be a part of this little blog world.

So, with open arms and such anticipation of her joining us, I want you to welcome my sister, Katherine.

ItSuxToBeFat Sisters Katherine and Jennifer

ItSuxToBeFat Sisters Katherine and Jennifer

I will let her introduce herself later but I wanted you to know who this “new person” is that will start writing to you.

Be kind to her. She is starting her journey and will probably definitely experience ups and downs. She will learn, she will grow, she will lose weight and gain some. However, she will not quit. This is it. Her journey is starting and I am so THANKFUL that she has decided to share it with you!

Welcome, Kath. I am so glad you decided to be here!

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  • Mandi

    Congratulations to you both! This shall be awesome. :)

    • Jennifer Swafford

      Thank you Mandi! I am super excited!

  • Amy Sands

    WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME! :) I have found such happiness and peace at this blog! :D I HOPE YOU DO TOO! :D So nice to “officially” welcome you to the blog! :D

    • Jennifer Swafford

      Oh Amy! You are so sweet! THANK YOU! I just know Katherine is going to rock it!

  • Barbara Moon

    I can’t wait to hear from Kath! Very proud of you both!!

  • Aimee Rodriguez Vollmer

    Welcome! Welcome! Welcome, Katherine! So excited to share in this journey with you both. Looking forward to learning with and from you. :)

  • su

    Wooohoo….a new member….i joined lat night…and was really good today..bout food and exercise……..just cant wait to begin to see the new me..

  • Jacynta Harb

    Woo hoo!! Sister power is what you two will be about! And I look forward to your success!!

  • Melanie Wills

    YES! I’ve been reading this blog for a few months… and while it is super encouraging to hear from someone who is halfway through their transformation, it will be even better for me personally to hear from someone who is jumping in NOW. Can’t wait to meet you, irresistable sister!

  • Tanya Daniel Avera

    yeah Katherine!!! Now i’ll see you in the pick up line at school AND in the blog – world :) I know you are going to be awesome!

  • Blanca Valdez

    Welcome, we are all together in this journey!

  • Heather Brown Henderson

    Bravo, Katherine! It takes a lot of courage to step that far out of your comfort zone. I can’t wait to get to know you through the blog and to share in your journey to a healthier life.

  • Jen

    Welcome Katherine!! I look forward to reading :)

  • Elena

    Welcome Katherine… :) i’ll be delighted to read you. I started my weight loss journey just 2 months back. Hope to read you soon :)

  • HotFlashBang

    Whassup Katherine!! WOOT WOOT.. I’m only 30lbs into my own journey… so we can do this together. And you are so beautiful!

  • Kelly

    Welcome to the blog Katherine! It will be a joy reading your posts!

  • jessiekay77

    Welcome, Katherine!

  • kwesely

    Welcome, Katherine! I can completely relate to not being comfortable sharing about yourself, not to mention relating to the never ending weight loss struggle. I recently had my third child and have been setting mini weight loss goals for myself. I just tried a “skinny wrap” to jump start the process! I look forward to reading more from you both. Good luck!

  • Amber Baldwin

    Welcome Katherine and best of luck to you. I will say that I found it very liberating to share my journey with others. I started my own blog last year and felt a little sheepish about sharing with people. This year my goal was to be more “vulnerable” and guess what? It has opened the doors wide open. Not only did it help me, but it is helping others and that makes me so excited!!!

  • Hannah Petersen

    I love this story, because I can relate. My sisters and I have recently lost 230 lbs together, and I would have never been able to lose the 100 lbs I lost with out my sisters support. You got this Katherine. Being vulnerable is the first step to inspire and touch others in your same position. Good luck and I can’t wait to see your progress:)