Put your Money Where your Mouth Is – DietBet

Raise your hand if one of your goals in the new year is to drop a few pounds.

Raise your hand if you would like to receive some money after dropping a few pounds in the new year.

Okay…you can all put your hands down and read this post…I am super excited to tell you about how you can do both!

You all know I love a good competition.  I love to compete and see who wins and most of all, I love to win.

In the past, I have hosted several weight loss competitions where winner takes all.  I kind of like it that way…especially if I am the winner.  In the past, everyone would put money into a “pot” and the person who loses the highest percentage of weight takes the pot of money.  Fun, right?  The problem with that is there are usually about 10 losers who have lost weight but don’t get a dime.  Not fun, right?

What if people could put money into a weight loss competition and EVERYONE who lost a certain percentage of weight, got to split the pot?  Sounds cool, right?  You might have a lot of big losers or you might just have a few big losers but either way, everyone who worked hard will get a portion of the payout.  Sound good?  Let me introduce you to…


This is the hottest thing around in the new year to help motivate people to shed those unwanted pounds.  Here is why it is so awesome.

  • The competitions are short and manageable – The competitions last 4 weeks.  We can do anything for four weeks, right?
  • The money you have to put in is very manageable – Most competitions only cost around $20 to play.  Skip a few fancy lattes and you have it paid for!
  • The minimum amount of weight to lose is manageable – In order to be deemed a “winner”, you only have to lose 4% in 4 weeks.  1% a week.  For me, that would be around 8 pounds total or 2 pounds a week on average.
  • ANYONE can join – Anyone in the world can join the competition so it opens it up to people all over!
  • There is a community forum – On the site and the app, there is a forum where we can encourage one another and see how everyone is doing.
  • Weights are kept private – You don’t have to let others know how much you weigh. It is all located in the setting of your profile!
  • There is the potential to have lots of “winners” – Everyone who loses the minimum amount of 4%, gets to split the pot of money.
  • There are strict guidelines to submitting weight – No cheater cheater pumpkin eaters!  No seriously, there is a panel of “referees” who evaluate the photos you submit to make sure you weigh what you say you weigh.  Keeps people honest so you can rest assured that only winners will split the pot with you!
  • In the end, lots of people will lose stubborn weight – In the end, win or lose, most people who join will have lost weight and be on track to losing more weight in the new year.

Sounds cool, right?  You wanna join in the fun, right?  I thought so.  Here is how you get started:

  • First, go to www.dietbet.com/itsuxtobefat and join the game.
  • You can pay easily with Paypal or your credit card.  It is only $20 to play.
  • Invite all of your friends to play.  The more people that join, the bigger the pot of money!
  • Weigh in between January 5 and 6 and submit your weight via the website.
  • Lose weight however you choose (in a healthy manner of course!) between January 7 and February 4.
  • Submit your final weight between February 4 and 5 and get ready to receive some cash!

Here is the breakdown of the funds:

  • 85% of the money is divided among all the winners.
  • 5% of the money goes to DietBet for management, credit card fees, etc.
  • 10% goes to ItSuxToBeFat for hosting the competition, a portion of which I will donate to the families of victims in the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting.

I hope you will all join me in this fun, exciting way to lose weight.  Tell your friends and lets get this competition growing.  My goal is to get at least 300 people to join.  Will you help me get it there?

I will gladly pay $20 to help me lose 8 pounds in the next month!

Are you in?

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  • Nicole Windhagen

    This is so great! I am definitely interested in doing this!

  • Jessicas Weigh

    This sounds awesome! Unfortunately, I am in Canada, so I can’t participate, but I really wish that there was something like this available for us Canadians!

    • http://www.itsuxtobefat.com Jennifer Swafford

      You can still join the Dietbet even though you live in Canada! Would love to have you!

      Jennifer Swafford


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  • gm

    i am in canada too :(
    soooooooooooooo cool tho!! love the idea!!

  • Lex LB

    I started a diet bet out there called “Lex’s Dietbet!” Everyone should join!

  • cj monet

    If you are looking for a DIY diet check out this article: http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=8863152564000812272&pli=1#editor/target=post;postID=1997020241485324013 . It really works!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kate.mae Kate Mae Hiddink

    I wish this was available to Canadians

    • http://www.itsuxtobefat.com Jennifer Swafford

      It is! I just recently found out anyone in the world can play! Do you want to join? It’s not too late!

  • Kate P

    thank you so much for introducing me to diet bet

    Since I joined I have lost over 15 lbs!

  • CJ Thurman

    I don’t know if you’ve checked recently, but they are now keeping 25% of the pot. Do you still think it’s worth it? I just joined my first game (luckily a day before they initiated these new fees so my game is “grandfathered), but I’m not sure about the future if they are really going to keep 25% of the pot….

    • http://www.itsuxtobefat.com Jennifer Swafford

      Wow…that is a lot. I am not sure if I will be doing very many more with that percentage taken out. Thanks for the update!