Please Take More Fat Pics

“Please take more pictures of me” said no overweight person EVER!

I never did. I never wanted to be in pictures. I would literally grab the closest kid and stick them in front of myself to try and block as much of my body as humanly possible.

It Sux To Be Fat Jen Hiding Behind a Child

See how I was hiding behind a child to try and cover my fat?

I would sometimes even use my husband as blockage because I knew he would cover much more than any kid would.

Then, there were times when it was just me, or just the two of us and no blockage was around.

Jen was Fat!

No one to hide behind in photo!

That is when I would get “real” photos of myself.

Uncovered, uncut, uncensored. O-M-G!

Now, looking back on my weightloss journey, I wish I had taken more photos of myself during the process.

You want to know why I didn’t? I didn’t because I knew at any minute I was going to give up, and quit and gain all the weight back and have these pictures that were supposed to be my “during” pictures that end up being wishful pictures. Wishful that I stayed dedicated to my weight loss. Wishful that I had not quit. Wishful that I could go back to those 25, 50, 100 pounds again.

However, something shocking happened. I didn’t quit.

And now, I wish I had more photos of myself along the way like this one:

Jen Before Starting Crossfit

Jen’s Photos Before Starting Crossfit

So, here I am, begging you, if you are starting your weight loss journey, or started in January, or you are thinking about starting, please take weekly or monthly pictures of yourself.

Here are the reasons why I think it is important to do this:

  • Sometimes the scale doesn’t show what is REALLY happening. If you have weekly pictures, you can look and see the difference in your face. You can see the difference in your body. The scale sometimes doesn’t tell the whole story.
  • Document your Journey – This time, since you are not giving up or quitting, how cool will it be to look back and at the first day of each week or month and see how you change?
  • You just might want to start a blog – When you get into this journey, you just might want to start a blog or a Facebook page and people might be interested in how you looked along the way. Don’t disappoint them and yourself.

So, let’s say you end up taking all these pictures of yourself and you don’t stick with the plan. You gain your weight back and you have these random pictures of you trying to lose weight for the upteenth time. Worst case scenario – You delete them. Done. Over. Finished.

Please, for me, get out your camera and start taking pictures.

I wish I had taken more!

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  • Anita

    Very good point! I’ve taken my “before” pics many times over, but this is the first time I’ve actually gotten to take “during” pics…because it’s the first time I’ve stuck with it! But yes ma’am, I’m taking those pics! BTW, You look GREAT! ♥

  • Kim Ricketts

    I LOVE this post and am so glad that I saw it!!! I decided to lose weight this year and am not quitting!! I started Jan 3rd with weight watchers and am down 26.6 pounds so far!! I have 105 more to lose!! Very excited and have made lots of goals! I have only taken 2 pictures and never printed them. I think I am going to go grab my hubby and have him take some for me!! Thank you again! You are such an inspiration!

  • Julie Long Donahue

    Preaching to the choir here! When I first started (again) in January, I had my husband take a picture. (Well, 2: front and profile). I felt a little awkward at first, because i have other “before” pictures. I will take my 4th set of pictures on Saturday. I decided the first Saturday of every month is picture day (and measurement day.

    I have been urging my friends (IRL and online) to document. As for measurements, I told some girls today….Even if you don’t want to look at numbers on a tape measure, measure with a piece of ribbon. When you go back, you’ll see how many inches you lost.

  • Kirsten Williams

    You look awesome! What a great post. I wish I had more pics from when I weighed 250+ too! Good thoughts!

  • Liam Rubel

    When you are losing weight you want to have more pics to see the results…

  • TheOtherFatGirl

    Using this tip to start a blog Any support would be wonderful :) or follow me on twitter

  • loseitlaura

    This is so true. I also have a weightloss blog and I have my “before” picture up there. I toyed with the idea on and off. I think I actually put it up and took it down a few times. A blog is a great was to stay accountable. I am the queen of excuses and it is nice to read that I am not the only one who struggles. I will check out theothefatgirl too. Support the fat girls!!! :)

  • Emskiruns

    I have a new weight loss and fitness blog to document my journey at if anyone fancies checking it out :)
    It’s helped me meet some amazing people who have inspired me and we are pushing each other all the way on our journey’s whether it’s a 5k or an ultramarathon. x

  • Terra Louvier

    I started my journey back in January and I actually took pictures of myself the day I started, but I deleted them because I was horrified. I didn’t want anyone to ever find those pictures and use them against me. Now that I’m 22 pounds lighter, I wish I had kept them. I took pics yesterday. Will save those.
    I also started a blog…TODAY! I got off track for a few weeks recently. So, I figured it would hold me accountable. The only thing is…I’m still in that phase of not wanting people that know me to see it.

  • Renita

    I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for your tips. I have taken one before picture and won’t publish it until I have my amazing after picture but I will follow your advice and take pictures along the way. My story is more about building strength and losing my mama belly. if you’re interested –