Part Two: Welcome to the World Delaney Grace

Before you read this post, make sure you have read Part One.  Then, get ready for picture overload!

Delaney Grace Swafford was born on September 12, 2015 at 11:56 p.m.  She weighed in at a tiny 3 pounds 2 ounces but was a whopping 16 3/4″  long.

First Family Photo

The actual c-section was very easy for me.  I sat there, holding Jason’s hand when our precious baby girl came into the world.  I prayed and cried and thanked God for our miracle baby.  I told Jason not to leave her side.

Delaney Grace was Born

The NICU doctor and nurses rushed her over to another area of the room in order to quickly get her hooked up to oxygen and make sure she was ok.  I proceeded to get sewn up while Jason stayed with her like I requested.  He would go back and forth checking on me and checking on her.  After she was all settled into her oxygen mask and warming gear, I got to see her for the first time.

Mom's First Kiss

I got a quick smooch and it was off to the NICU for her.  She got settled into her new home for a while and I went to recovery to try and get my blood pressure under control.

Delaney Grace NICU

Jason took everyone up to see her that was in the waiting room all night.

My parents and sister saw her first:

Mom, Dad, and Delaney Kath, Mom and Delaney

Followed by my sister in law and brother in law and two besties, Kristen and Allison:

Delaney's first visitors

My husband did a fabulous job taking people to see her and coming to recovery to check on me.  He really did awesome and I am so thankful he is the father of our child.

Dad and Delaney

Sunday, September 13 was a total blur for me.  They put me on 24 hours of a magnesium drip so I would not have a seizure.  It made me completely cray-cray.  I mean I was out of it.  I do know that I had visitors that day.  First my in laws came to see the baby.

Judi and Delaney

Followed by my sisters family.  How sweet are my nieces looking at Delaney for the first time?

Haleigh, Hannah and Delaney

My nephew was there too!

Hampton and Delaney

My brother and his girlfriend, Carolyn, also came to meet little miss Delaney.

Uncle Brian, Girls and Delaney

My parents were there too along with some prayer warrior friends of theirs who went and prayed over Delaney at her bedside.

I am so blessed with such amazing family and friends.

I finally felt better on Monday morning and got to go see my baby girl.  The first time I saw her, I cried and cried.  She was so tiny and frail and precious and it was truly like I was sitting there looking at my heart in that bed.  She is my everything, my world and all I wanted to do was make her better.  I touched her and felt all my emotions come flooding out.  I just love her!

Mom Touching Delaney for First Time

Later that day, I got to hold her for the first time.

Delaney on Sept. 14, 2015

The next week went by in somewhat of a blur.  I spent the week trying to get my blood pressure to come down.  The worst night in the hospital was Tuesday.  My blood pressure was not coming down and they kept pumping me full of blood pressure meds via my IV.  I seriously thought at one point I was going to die and leave my husband and new baby.  Now, I wanted to live more than ever and I thought I was going to die.  It was horrible and the following day, I was moved back to Intensive Care in the Perinatal wing.  Things got better from there.

Each day I got to hold my baby skin to skin.  Those have become my favorite times of the day.

Here is my favorite picture from Tuesday, September 15.

Delaney on Sept. 15, 2015

On Wednesday, September 16, I didn’t get to go see her because I was trying to rest from the previous night’s blood pressure debacle.

A big day for all of us was Thursday, September 17.  I got to go see her again since my blood pressure was under control and my baby was taken off the CPAP machine and I was able to go home.  It was really a big day for us!

Delaney on Sept. 17, 2015

The ride home was very emotional.  If you are a parent of a preemie, you know what I mean.  There is something about leaving your baby at the hospital when you go home that is heart wrenching.  I walk in the door, more crying.  I lay down in bed, more tears.  It was a very emotional night for me.

Since then, my days have been basically the same.  I go to the hospital every day and see my baby.  I hold her skin to skin and get to spend about an hour and a half with her.  Then, I leave her and go home or to my own doctor’s appointments or back to my mom’s house.  She needs rest and time to grow and I know sitting at the hospital staring at her will not do anyone any good.

She passed her cranial scan with flying colors.  She did not have any brain bleeds during her delivery.  She is growing and developing just like she should be for an almost 34 week baby who should still be in the womb.

Here are my favorite pics from the last week.

Friday, September 18:

Delaney on Sept. 18, 2015

Saturday, September 19 we took our first family photo!  It us up above at the top of the post!  I also love this one:

Delaney September 19, 2015

Sunday, September 20:

Delaney September 20, 2015

We wanted to personalize her “incubator” so we had this blanket monogrammed:

Delaney Blanket from Posh Designs by Marilyn

A friend of mine from high school monogrammed it for me and she did a fabulous job.  If you need anything monogrammed, follow her on Facebook or find her on her site, Posh Designs by Marilyn!

Monday, September 21 with her first hat on:

Delaney on Sept. 21, 2015

Tuesday, September 22:

Delaney on Sept. 22, 2015

Wednesday, September 23 she got to wear clothes for the first time and the nurses just so happened to dress her in my mom’s favorite outfit!  Of course my mom wasn’t there to see it because she had just left to go out of town but a good friend, Mrs. Moran was there and Delaney loved having a visitor.

Delaney on Sept. 23, 2015

Thursday September 24 Mimi and Poppy drove me to the hospital!

Delaney on Sept. 24, 2015

Check out her long leg over the edge of her bed.  So sweet!

That night, she got upgraded to a big girl bed.

Delaney was moved to a big girl bed

That was a big milestone for her.  That means she is one step closer to going home.  She just needs to learn to breathe and eat all at the same time.  She is currently working on the breathing thing.  She sometimes forgets.  That sucks for mom to watch.

Here she is on Saturday when Kristen was there to see her:

Delaney on Sept. 26, 2015 Delaney yawning

How cute is her monogrammed onesie?  That was a gift from Marilyn at Posh Designs by Marilyn (the one that did the blanket for us!)

The latest prayer request for her is that her heart valve that is open will close before Monday.  It is fairly common for preemies to have this valve that does not close on its own.  IF they need to help it close with antibiotics, they will have to reduce her feeds to minimal and that is NOT what a 3 pound baby needs.  So, we are claiming that by Monday, the valve will close on its own.

A good friend asked me the other day how I was doing.  I broke down crying.  I am a mom but I don’t have a baby at home.  Being the parent of a preemie is totally not what I expected with this pregnancy.  However, through the past 7 years, God has shown me clearly that He is in control and guess what, He is!  He is still in control of Delaney Grace.  He has held her in the palm of his Hand since we started longing for her so many years ago.  She belongs to Him and I know she will pull through all of this.  And when the day comes that we get to bring her home, there will be rejoicing in Heaven and here on earth.

Until that day comes, I will trust in Him.  I will trust that He will take care of my baby and continue for her to not just survive but to thrive.

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