Part Two: One Day at a Time Takes on a Whole New Meaning

If you missed my post on Friday, you will want to read that one before this one or it might not make a whole lot of sense:

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So, after a very eventful day on Monday, we were moved to a “more comfortable” room around 1:00 a.m.  More comfortable meaning, “It had a window!”  It seriously was so much nicer and was a real room.  It didn’t really matter because we were going home on Tuesday (in my mind) as soon as the 24 hour urine test came back fine.

I finished collecting my urine around 12:30 p.m. and when I dumped my last sample in it, I lay my hands on it and prayed.  What is weird is that I didn’t pray what I WANTED to pray, “God let the results come back with no protein.”  Instead, the words I prayed surprised me, “God, YOUR will be done!”

A few hours later the doctor came in and told me that the results were back from my test.  “Normal” range is in the 300’s.  My test came back in the mid 400’s…which means I could have a case of slight preeclampsia.  The problem is they don’t know if I naturally had protein in my urine to begin with so this is my new baseline.  Severe preeclampsia is in the thousands.  She basically told me I would most likely be in the hospital until the baby gets here and I am NOT going back to work.  She could tell I was about to have a complete and utter meltdown so she left the room.

I motioned for Jason to come over (I couldn’t speak) to the bed and I had a complete, hysterical crying fit.

I couldn’t do it.  I could not stay in that hospital for at least two more months.  I just couldn’t.  I am a busy person.  I work.  I tutor.  I go from 5:30 a.m. to sometimes 6:00 p.m. and don’t stop.  This wasn’t working for me.  I cried.  Then cried some more and then some more.

The most baffling thing to me was I had an extremely easy pregnancy so far.  I had no morning sickness.  I had no food issues.  I had not gained A TON of weight.   The only thing I had was exhaustion during my first trimester but even that was manageable.  How could this be happening?  I just went in for a glucose test (which I passed by the way).  This was not in my plan.

I think this was the first day my husband brought up my year’s motto…One Day at a Time and I had to laugh.  It was so true.  I had no clue that would cover so many areas of my life this year.

The doctor came back after I had time to process and wasn’t QUITE as sure I would have to stay in the hospital.  It was basically an unknown at this point.  She told me the perinatal doctors were meeting the following morning, Wednesday, and would discuss my case in detail and try and figure out what was best for me to do.  BUT, my doctor had the ultimate say in all of this and he would be there on Thursday.  My blood pressure numbers were still elevated 160’s/90’s for the most part, and that really needed to come down.  I felt better knowing there was hope that I could go home and maybe I wouldn’t have to stay in the hospital for months.

They came to take me to a “special wing” where perinatal patients stayed (some long term so short term) and when I saw the sign that said “Perinatal Unit” and all the names on the doors, I cried again.  These rooms were obviously for patients who were going to be there for a while.  There was a mini fridge in there and lots of cabinet space and a lock on the pantry since so many people were going to be coming and going.

I was sad.  I felt like I was going to be there longer than I wanted.  I was already there longer than I wanted.  I just wanted to go home.  NONE of this was what I expected and as a planner, Type A, control freak, this wasn’t working for me.

I cried.

Jason reminded me we were going to take it one day at a time and hope for the best.  Hopefully I will be out of here by the weekend.

Flowers from my Eastvalley family helped.

Flowers from Coworkers

The food was not bad…well, except for this salad…yuck!

Northside Hospital Food

Wednesday came and boy what a day that was.  SO many highs and lows all wrapped up in one day.  Each time a high or low would happen, my BP would spike.  They would have to come back and retake it to make sure it came down or they would have to “Call and Report Me” to a perinatal doctor.  Luckily each time they came to retake, it came down.  A few of the ups and downs were I had to call my AP and tell her I wasn’t coming back to work until January.  I had to call HR and discuss finances and then my husband got a call we had been praying about.  Let’s just say God’s timing is perfect…always!

I tried to remain calm for the rest of the day.  I had several visitors, my good friends Allison and Kristen and my sister Katherine.  I LOVED seeing them and they made me smile.

Thursday morning we were woken up abruptly around 7:20 a.m. with nurses telling us we were going to be taken down to have an ultrasound.  YIPPEE!  I get to see her again…

Delaney Grace's profile pic

This was the only picture we got but it is such a good one that I don’t care.  Look at those lips…and that nose!  How can I love someone so much already?!?  She blows my mind!

The perinatal doctor came in and told me they discussed my case at length the day before and I was somewhat of a mystery.  I told him I like to keep people on their toes!  He asked if I had bypass surgery to lose the weight…and I was so thrilled to tell him I lost it with Weight Watchers!  He also said with my previous history of high blood pressure, that is what this could be…it coming back due to pregnancy.  He basically said he would be talking to my doctor that morning and they would see how much longer I needed to stay and what the plan is for my future.  He said no more blood pressure spikes if I wanted to go home.

I left the ultrasound room feeling hopeful.

Jason had to go home that day to do some things and my only job that day was to rest and have NO blood pressure spikes.  I was determined!  I put on soft music and lay in the bed, on my left side, all morning.  I was determined to keep my blood pressure low as I waited for my doctor.

Here is where it gets really strange…and I promise I am almost done.  Thanks for hanging in here with me.

My doctor shows up around 11:00 a.m. or so.  I asked him what took him so long and he said he delivered 5 babies that morning.  Good excuse I told him!  We have a great relationship.  I love him and he is amazing.  He came in, took his shoes off, ate some of my snacks, and lay on the couch that was next to me so we were eye level.  He asked me what was going on.  I said, “You tell me.”  We talked for a few minutes about the week and then he told me he was worried my blood pressure would spike if I went home.  I assured him it would not.  He told me I would have to take it twice a day with a monitor.  I assured him I would.  He told me if I walked into his office with a high reading I was coming back.  I said OK.  He told me I would be coming in to his office to see him once a week.  I said that wouldn’t be a problem.  He got up, put his shoes on and said, “I am discharging you!”


Did I just hear what I thought I heard.  Yep…I was out of there.  He told me he would see me in his office on Tuesday and just like that he was out of there.  I sat there in shock and then called Jason and told him.  He thought I was kidding at first.  I was like, “I wouldn’t kid about this!”

The funny thing is, we had learned over the past few days that any excitement, good or bad, raises my blood pressure.  I am sensitive…or just a woman.  Probably both.  So as I was running around getting things together, the nurse comes in to tell me that she is going to have to take my BP again before I leave.  Oh crap, I thought.  I was sure it was spiked because of my excitement.  I wasn’t letting ANYTHING stop me from getting out of there.  So, I made myself eat lunch and then lay down until Jason got there to pick me up.

I passed the test and home I went.  So thankful.

My new life has now began.  At least I have a cute companion who LOVES me being home and laying around all day!

Home to Rest

No more teaching, no more tutoring, no more cleaning, cooking. shopping, or laundry.  I have one job.  My one job is to keep Delaney in as long as possible so she can grow as much as possible.

Keep Calm and Stay on the Couch

They want me to get to at least 34 weeks.  They gave me steroid shots when I was in the hospital so WHEN I get to 34 weeks, Delaney’s lungs will be developed like a 37 week old baby.  WHEN I make it 37 weeks, they will induce me and not let me go any further.  She is now an October baby!

I am doing good.  Please continue to pray for my sanity and that I will remember the job I am doing right this minute is so much more important than ANY job I have done in the past.  Grow Baby Grow!

I need to give a special thanks to my parents and Jason’s parents.  My parents were AMAZING through all of this.  My mom didn’t leave my side all day Monday and then my dad come up on Tuesday with some good friends and my mom who prayed over me and Jason.  Jason’s parents came last weekend and gave us TONS of food to keep up fed for a while.

I also need to thank my friends and family and my EV family.  Work for me isn’t work…it’s seriously my second family and I appreciate you all!  Thanks to everyone who has offered meals, help, guidance, advice, and love through all of this.

Two more months!  Here we go!

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