Challenge Yourself to Change Yourself

This post was written by a friend of mine, Karen.  She has lost quite a bit of weight and I am excited that she is here today to talk to you about some challenges she has faced!  Don’t forget, a BIG announcement is coming to the blog this week!  You don’t want to miss it! […]

First Week of Summer 2015

Today marks my last complete first week of summer.  I think it is a good time to reflect and see how I am doing so I can learn from my mistakes and celebrate my successes! My eating was good AFTER I had a doctor’s visit on Monday.  I went to the doctor and had to […]

Summer Shape Up with Balance Bar

Memorial Day was Monday.  I had the pleasure of watching my dad receive an award for being a Vietnam Vet.  Memorial Day is also the official start of summer for me.  With only a few days left of work, it really signifies summer and of course, time to wear white pants/shorts!  Yeah! As I told […]

Summer 2015 Goals

Happy Summer!  Today was my last full day of work so I am officially on summer break! Hallelujah!  I love those kids but teachers need a break at the end of the year!  Summer is that time for us to rejuvenate and get ready for the next year.  I had a wonderful year in fifth […]

You’re an Overcomer

Thinking of quitting? Thinking of giving up? Feeling hopeless? Watch this: Seriously…tears. Did you watch it?  The whole way through?  If not, you won’t get as much out of this post so please take a few minutes and watch it.  It’s powerful! If you did watch it, good. I have something to say.  Sometimes, life […]

Summer is Coming!

Happy Mother’s Day!  I had an amazing day celebrating with my mom and my siblings.  We had a yummy lunch of hamburgers and hotdogs and salad and veggies!  It was a nice, relaxing day with lots of good talking. It dawned on me that summer is really almost here.  Time for bathing suits and flip […]

Video Diary Entry #101

There is a little bit of babbling on tonight’s video but stick with me.  Lots of exercise and activity coming my way and there are only 2 more weeks of school left!!!!!!  YAHOO! What did you eat for Cinco De Mayo?  Confess in the comments below!

Video Diary Entry #100

100 video entries!!!!  Wow!  Is anyone still watching?  I haven’t been as faithful as I hoped to be.  If I had been, I would be in the 12o’s by now.  Oh well…moving on.  Did you read my post from yesterday?  It’s a good one.  Go read it! Today was so busy that I really didn’t […]

Top 10 Ways to Lose Weight Like a Champion

I’m back!  I will do a vlog later today and then my goal is to do at least four days of vlog’s this week.  No-matter-what.  No more excuses!  Sorry I didn’t keep you posted last week.  I have been going through some things that have gotten in the way of updating you and for that, […]

Video Diary Entry #99

Today was really a great Monday.  I ate everything I was supposed to eat and nothing I wasn’t supposed to eat.  I had a healthy lunch from Diet-to-Go (more on that in a few minutes) and then a delicious dinner prepared by my dad of Salmon and veggies.  I tried beets for the first time. […]