Don’t Take It For Granted

This post is mostly for women.  Fat or skinny…doesn’t matter.  Men might relate to some of these things but since I am a woman, I can only speak for us. I have been noticing things that I can do now that I couldn’t when I was obese.  I have compiled a list of things that […]

Not Perfect

No, I am not perfect. I have certainly proven that in the past few weeks with my diet and exercise.  One might say I had “fallen off the wagon.”  That is what happens when you don’t go to Weight Watcher meetings, you allow yourself to indulge one too many times, and and you don’t count […]

Live Before you Die

Are you an active participant or just a bystander in life? Lately there have been lots of people I know that have had deaths in their immediately family.  I am not talking old grandparents.  I am talking 60’s, 50’s, or even 30’s.  Tragic deaths that do not make sense.  There has been a lot of […]

Happy FAT Tuesday

Happy FAT Tuesday! I wasn’t really sure what that meant (I knew it had to do with Mardi Gras) so I did a little research and found out that “Fat Tuesday” is another name for Mardi Gras.  It is basically the day before lent starts and everyone eats up all the sugar, fat and eggs […]

Exercise-Set a Goal

I have had several people ask me lately about exercise so I thought that would be a great topic to discuss. First things first-I lost most of my weight without exercising AT ALL!!!!!!  I know many of you exercise gurus are not going to like hearing that but it is the truth.  That will just […]

“Just to See”

I was talking to a co-worker yesterday about her cute outfit.  She tells me her favorite place to shop is Ann Taylor Loft.  She loves the way their clothes fit. I tell her I don’t think I can shop there because their clothes won’t fit me.  She thinks they will fit me fine but I […]

When Life Hands you a Cupcake…GIVE IT AWAY!!!!!

A new cupcake place opened up close to where I work, Gigi’s Cupcakes. Being the loving and amazing wife that I am, I bought my husband six for Valentine’s Day. So, here is the problem… They were so good!  We loved them all so much that we had a hard time picking our favorite. I […]

Shopping…It’s No Fun when You’re Fat!

Who knew I would actually enjoy shopping? I have always been one of those people who hated shopping.  Not sure why…just didn’t like it AT ALL. Well, we have a wedding and a cruise coming up in a few weeks and in trying on last summers clothes, I found that I don’t have very many […]

My Dog and Portion Control

My dog, Maggie is a creature of habit. She does the same routine so much that she has learned English. If we say certain words, she knows exactly what we mean, good or bad. Well, when we first get up in the mornings, she goes out twice.  She is so smart that she has figured […]

Eating Bad = Feeling Bad

Well, I did it! I took a week off from exercising and eating right and boy do I feel lousy. I feel disgusted with myself and I could tell on the scale tonight when I weighed in at Weight Watchers.  I gained 3.6 pounds.  Who does that in one week?  Now, I have to work […]