My Quest to Get Rid of Over 100 Pounds

Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a minute and introduce myself. My name is Katherine and I am the proud sister of Jennifer, creator of ItSuxToBeFat. When Jennifer created this blog I was suppose to blog along with her and we were going to do this together. Can you guess who chickened out at the last minute? Yep…. I did!!

You see Jennifer and I have very different personalities. She is one that can just put everything out there for the world to see. I am a little, no, I would say a lot more reserved. I have decided to give this a go and not hold back. It scares me tremendously but what have I got to lose, other than 100 pounds?

Let me start by saying that I did not grow up overweight. I grew up very “normal”. That may not sound great to others but trust me, I wish I was a “normal” weight these days.

My big issue, excuse the pun, started back in 1998-1999. That was when, in less than one year, I graduated from college, got married, bought a house, started a new job and had a baby. Needless to say, I had A LOT of stress that year that ended with me gaining 100 lbs when I was pregnant with my first baby. Then I became a stay at home mom.

Katherine and Brian

Katherine and Brian

I lost a lot of water weight after I had the baby and got on Weight Watchers and lost another 40 lbs. Can you guess what happened after that? Yep, I was pregnant again. I gained more weight with that pregnancy and had my two daughters, that were great loves of mine, and I got to stay home with them everyday and felt very blessed. I was a very busy mom, taking care of her two babies needs and I put their needs ahead of my own.

When my beautiful baby girls were still very young (1 and 3), I got a HUGE surprise that we had another baby on the way!! I believe I cried because I was very overwhelmed but God blessed us with a beautiful baby boy. So here I am with another baby, who tended to get sick a lot, and a husband and a house to take care of and I was still in my 20’s. It was a lot of responsibility to take care of and I put my health on the back burner.

Here I am 13 years later with over 100 lbs to get rid of and it is time to put myself first for a change. My beautiful babies are older now. They are 9, 11, and 13. They are a lot more self sufficient and I can focus more on me.

Katherine's Children

Katherine’s Children

I am soon going to calculate how much weight I need to get rid of. I am not sure of the definite number right now. I know it is more the 120 lbs. I will eventually tell you my starting weight, but, for right now, I am too embarrassed that I have let myself get this out of control.

I will tell you, in the last decade, I have gained and lost hundreds of pounds. This time, I am taking the weight off and I am getting rid of it forever. I say “get rid of” because when people lose things they tend to go looking to find them again. I am not going to go looking for this weight again!!

I am inviting all of you to come on this journey with me and keep me accountable. I feel like God has big plans in store for me and I am going to finally be the Katherine He has always meant for me to be!!

Where are you in your weight loss journey?

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  • Mindy Frank Cope

    I love what you said about “get rid of” instead of lose! Good for you, putting rourself out there! I for one, will be cheering you on!

    • Katherine Holmes

      Thank you. I am overwhelmed by all of the support and encouragement!!

  • Martha Kaiser

    Hi Katherine! Good for you for taking this plunge into the blogging world. Your story is soooo similar to mine – our kids are almost the same ages too. I have found blogging to keep me accountable and encourage others on my weight loss journey. Lots of positive feedback and I’m shocked by the people in my life that read it and respond privately to me with encouragement. I am about 2 pounds away from my goal weight and I have lost about 94 pounds so far (since October!) It has been a life changing experience in so many ways – including ways I never expected. I am finally able to do things with my kids that my weight held me back from (like jumping on our backyard trampoline with them)! Most importantly, my blood work done recently shows that I no longer have high cholesterol and other nasty stuff. I’m looking forward to a long, healthy life!

    • Katherine Holmes

      Great. I’m glad I have a similar story to people. Blogging is very scary. Hopefully that feeling will lessen as I go!!

  • a happiergirl

    You can do it! Take it one day at a time! We’ve all be there and are here to support you!

    • Katherine Holmes

      Thank you. The support I have received from all of you is overwhelming and greatly appreciated!!

  • Barbara Moon

    That was a great blog and I loved reading it. The pic is awesome! I will be praying for you and your journey!

    • Katherine Holmes

      Thank you Ms. Moon. I knew you would be!!

  • Aimee Rodriguez Vollmer

    Katherine, for someone who has a much more difficult time putting yourself out there, I think you did INCREDIBLY well and I was able to relate to you very VERY well.

    Like you, I graduated, married and had my first child in quite rapid succession while still in my early 20s. My son, who was born two months prematurely and had several health challenges upon finally being discharged from the hospital, became my primary focus. No sooner did we feel we had a better handle on his health than we welcomed our second son, who was also born prematurely and was born with his own set of health challenges. Before his first birthday, it was confirmed that both of our boys had profound Autism… and life as I knew it came to a screeching halt while I raced to find the best possible treatment options for my boys. At about the same time, I was misdiagnosed and, in the process, treated for symptoms while the doctors waited for conclusive test results. Part of the treatment protocol included high doses of a steroid and what had already become a bigger version of the body I’d started with when pregnant with my first son became a hardly recognizable blob (no other way to describe it, really) who had gained over 100lbs in a period of just six months. It was AWFUL… and it began my battle with self-loathing.

    It has taken me a loooooong time and one more son later to finally (FINALLY!) come to better terms with my body. Was finally correctly diagnosed though the treatment protocol has been shaky at best and I’ve opted to just stop taking all the meds altogether. Have lost all but the last 31lbs to get to my ideal body weight… and it’s been the battle of my life. For nearly twelve years I’ve made my three Autistic boys the core and center of my life and, like you, it wasn’t until they were older that I realized I HAD to make myself a priority…or else. Noone else is going to do it for me, though I sorelly wish they could!

    Your story truly resonated with me, Katherine, and I am SO looking forward to learning more about you and encouraging you as we work on this weight-loss journey! Thank you for being so candid and open… and allowing us to get to know you.

    • Katherine Holmes

      Wow, we do have somewhat similar stories. I have a hard enough time dealing with my son with ADHD and migraines. I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to have 3 with autism. You must be a strong woman. You know I am coming to slowly realize if we don’t take care of ourselves we aren’t going to be able to care for our children to the best of our abilities. Congrats on being almost at goal!!

      • Aimee Rodriguez Vollmer

        I don’t know if it is necessarily that I am strong so much that I figured God blessed me with these three amazing boys for a reason and, though I do not have to understand it, I do need to honor what He has given me. The boys (one of whom was in Jenn’s class years ago) are all high-functioning now and well on their way to productive and meaningful independent lives thanks to years of sacrifice and a ton of tears and hard work. During all the years I was so focused on them, I was most definitely not even remotely concerned about myself, though I noticed from time to time the need to get bigger and bigger clothes, particularly clothes with drawstring and elastic waists. When my first marriage crumbled and was dissolved, it was a perfect time (well, kinda sorta, considering the circumstances anyways) for me to spend some alone time really looking at myself. I’m still not at a place where I can say I’m happy with what I see in the mirror, but I’m trying to be more accepting of where I am and what I bring to the table, stretch marks and all. I just turned 40 this year and, finally married to the right man, find that I have the time and support to finally take care of myself for a change. Our children, even if they are not heavy themselves, DO notice our examples and I’m having to undo some damage I’ve done over the years, substituting with better choices for all of us. I’d like to think that now my boys (or MITs, as I’m prone to referring to them on FB ~ Men in Training) are older and wiser and able to make better decisions about their own lives… and able to help me with better choices so I can be around for a long long LONG time. As my oldest MIT said, “Mom, you have always been pretty but now that you’ve lost all that weight, you’re really beautiful to everyone and not just me.” Yep… from the mouth of babes!! (I’ll take it!) We’re here to encourage and support each other and I’m looking forward to our shared successess!

  • Jessica Wolfe

    Great Post! I love this blog & read every entry. However, I am a mother of a 4 year old son who has autism, and I am CONSTANLY putting my needs on the back burner! I am at a similar place regarding my weight that you are now. Maybe I can start with you! I hope you continue to post alongside Jen some more! I can’t wait to see how you start this journey!!!!

    • Katherine Holmes

      I completely understand where you are coming from. My son struggles with ADHD and migraines and I am constantly having to do things for him with doctors and school and such. We have to learn how to balance things out a bit. Let’s do this together!!

  • Sara Raap-van Bussel

    Hi Katherine, great to see you on here, and great that you have started to get rid of all of the weight for good! I’m Sara, 29 (married, no kids), and have been on this journey for 9 months now. I’m looking to lose about 110lbs, and have managed to lose 71lbs so far. It feels so good!

    • Katherine Holmes

      Thank you and look at you! Very impressive weight loss. Keep it up and you will be there in no time!!

  • Ferreh Hiatt

    Well, the hardest part is out of the way! You’ve put yourself out there and you’ll soon realize what a great community that you have here to count on. We’ll be cheering you on every step of the way!

    • Katherine Holmes

      I hope the hard part is out of the way. I am definitely out of my comfort zone right now. Thanks for the cheering!!

  • The Vegan Gypsy

    Welcome, Katherine! It’s a very brave thing, putting yourself out there, kudos to you.You’ll find tons of support and encouragement here in the weight loss/blogger world, looking forward to following you along your journey!

    • Katherine Holmes

      Thank you, I feel very blessed and overwhelmed (in a good way) by all of the support and encouragement.

  • HotFlashBang

    Katherine! You can do this.. and just think, you’re only in your 30s.. tackle the problem now and don’t wait! Otherwise you’ll be 50 wondering how many things you missed because of the limitation of your weight.. I hear ya about being embarrassed about your starting weight.. deep breath…I started at 326… now, I’m 293.. I’m making progress!! .. Are you going to be doing CrossFit? eating Paleo?? I’ve been doing both (yes, even at my weight) and it’s made the world of difference. Can’t wait to follow your progress…

    • Katherine Holmes

      Yes, I am really trying to lose it before I hit 40 because I have always been told the older you get the harder it is. Congrats on your weight loss. That is awesome. My eating plan will be revealed in a future blog post so stay tuned……

  • Andrew Sharon Holderman

    Congrats for starting. That’s the hardest part. I love this blog (just recently found it) and I’m excited to read your journey from the start since I just (re)started mine :)

    • Katherine Holmes

      Thank you and welcome to the blog. We can do our journey’s together!!

  • Anna

    You will lose it!! Determination will carry you through. I have lost 60lbs since having 2 children by walking on the treadmill and adding more fruits and veggies to my diet after reading

  • Jennifer A

    You and your family are beautiful! Best of luck on your weight loss journey. I too have just over 100 lbs to lose and I’m ready to start as well, so I look forward to reading your future posts. You can do it!

  • Jessica

    This blog is great and your story is really coming from your heart. Goodluck in whatever you set focus along the way. I am on my process of losing weight too. Unfortunately, my husband left me because I am fat. I owe it to myself to bring back my old self with confidence and healthy being. Eating fruits and vegetables keep my mouth busy instead of eating depressing foods.

  • Karen H.

    Great post! I’m just starting over for the umpteenth time. That’s okay, I’m not giving up until I get it right and get rid of these excess pounds. I need to lose 200 lbs.

    I grew up always 5-10 pounds overweight, but I had a very distorted body image. I thought I was extremely overweight because I wasn’t “skinny”.

    My weight gain has been slow (at least to me) 1-2 pounds/month for the majority of the past 18 years (216 months) . A few months I’ve lost or stayed the same.

    Thanks to this blog, I found DietBet and it’s been a big help my first week back on the wagon. I also use MyFitnessPal to track my calories.

    Next year I’d love to begin running 5K’s, the sky is the limit! :-)

  • Laura Stewart-Burch

    I look forward to reading about your journey. Always remember, you’ve go this! We are here for you just as much as you will be here for us! Good luck!

  • Erica

    Great post! I am in a similar boat. I too have over 100 lbs to lose. I cut out all sugar and flour from my diet 3 months ago and then last month I joined CrossFit and went completely Paleo. It’s hard…..really hard. Today I actually had an emotional breakdown after my workout and just bawled. I know deep down the reward is going to be worth all the effort I’m putting into this. You can do this, I’m excited to watch (read) your journey back to health. =)

  • Femina

    Fantastic blog.

    Everyone is looking to shed these flabs.


  • Emily

    Katherine, thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m a mom of two toddlers, and I need to get rid of 45 pounds. I look forward to reading about your journey. You’ve inspired me to join Weight Watchers again. Blessings and luck to you!

  • Cindy

    Thanks so much for sharing with us. So scary. But lots of us are there with you! I’ve lost 35 lbs since January and have over 100 left to go. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But finally made the decision to live. Was letting stress from a teenage son in severe crisis slowly kill me. While he’s struggling with drugs and alcohol and all the issues that do with it (stealing, lying, etc.), I’m struggling with fighting for my own health. I can’t be what my kids need if I don’t take care of myself. Will follow your journey. Keep it up!

  • Kassie Nichols

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  • Hailey

    Hi Katherine! I have been following this blog for about a month now. I am on it daily. It is just so positive! I just turned 21 at the end of March. I also have over 100 pounds I NEED to lose. I will keep up with your posts to help motivate me! Good luck and thank you for sharing your story! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!! :)

  • TamDen Hunt

    Great blog me myself want to join you on the journey, cause i wanna drop 100 pounds :)

  • jhonny

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    reading more blog posts from you!

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  • Elena

    aww i loved reading your post. I have weight issue too and need to lose 50lbs. I wish you best of luck. Its a lot of dedication and commitment you need to put in but its totally worth it. The key is never lose your heart and never give up. You and everybody around you will be so proud of you.

  • Lawrence

    You should look at Ideal Protein, it has great success and a large support community. Check out:

  • Amanda M

    Aloha! I totally understand. I started a blog in November and just recently started see pounds drop. I’m down 17.5 pounds since I started and 10 of those are in the last 3 weeks from drastically changing my diet. I wish you best and would love to hear how it’s coming along. Here’s my story-

  • alrachid

    If anyone cares to get there hands on the paleo diet book, heres a link. The diet changed my life…. I pray everyday and thank the lord for this book.

  • Juli May

    Katherine, I am so proud of you! Kuddos to putting yourself out there. Don’t hold back because so many of us identify with the stuggles of being overweight and struggleing to keep it off. You will be an encouragement to others and I know you will be a blessing to all who share in your journey. Hugs.

  • Davia Hicks

    Katherine, I’m in the same situation with the need to drop approx. 100 pounds. I would love for you and others to be my accountability partner. I’ve been married two years and my husband loves me just the way I am. However, I don’t love me the way I am. I really would like an accountability partner I don’t know b/c it seems I can talk my friends /family out of anything.

  • Rose

    I will support you!