My First Diet Test

I went out of town over the weekend and had my first real test on how I would do with my eating plan, out of my normal environment. It was a huge diet fail. I didn’t just fail, I failed miserably.

I went to Dollywood in Tennessee with my daughter’s 7th grade chorus trip.

Katherine in Dollywood with her daughter

Katherine in Dollywood with her daughter

I had a plan that went awry from the very beginning. I feel like I just wasn’t strong enough to stare temptation down and win. It didn’t help that I was very new into this journey.

The first night, Friday night for dinner, we stopped at fast food. I could have chosen a salad. Did I?  No, I let other people’s choices influence my own. I had gone into Wendy’s planning on ordering a salad but instead devoured a cheeseburger and fries. This was just the beginning of my ultimate demise.

We stayed in a nice hotel with a wonderful breakfast for two mornings. Let me just tell you what they had to choose from. There was an omelet maker, who would make you a fresh omelet with your choice of what to put in it. They also had scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, mini donuts, bananas, a belgium waffle maker, muffins, bagel and cream cheese, coffee, juice and a cappuccino machine.

I have to say it was one of the best breakfasts that I have had as a continental breakfast. Not good for a dieter. Oh well…….

Saturday, after our wonderful breakfast we headed out to Dollywood. We left at 9:00 in the morning and stayed until about 8:00 that night. Let me just tell you, that made for a very long, tiring day.

Right after we got there, it started sprinkling with rain and was in the 50′s, so it was cold. I was with a friend, and we ended up with about 10 kids hanging out with us all day. Two of those kids were our daughters. We were pretty surprised they stayed with us because they swore up and down they didn’t want us there.

Let me just tell you, I love roller coasters. I always have. But, being the size that I am, I have a TON of anxiety over getting on one. Unfortunately, that really put a damper on my day. Many of the newer, bigger rides do not accommodate larger people. They do have tester seats outside for you to see if you will fit in the seat. If they had one of those outside the ride, I did not go on it. I didn’t even want to try to fit in the seat just to embarrass myself and my daughter with having to get off. I am going to go back once I have lost a significant amount of weight and ride the rides that I couldn’t ride this weekend.

Now on to the food at Dollywood. Of course you can’t find a salad there. But they did have hamburgers, fries, steak and cheese sandwiches, sausage and cheese sandwiches, funnel cakes, soda, and much, much more……. My choice for lunch was not a good one. I went with the sausage and cheese sandwich. It did have peppers and onions on it. I did share a thing of fried potato slices with my friend.

By lunch time it was raining hard and we were freezing and starting to just get tired. I have to say on a positive note that we did A LOT of walking and the park was very hilly.

That evening at 6:30, at the park, was the awards ceremony for the chorus competition. I am happy to report that our school won first place in their division with a rating of superior. I was so proud of my daughter and her classmates. We waited a while inside for the bus to show up them had to wait a little longer outside in the pouring down rain to load.

We ended up getting to dinner about 9:30 that night and of course it was a pizza buffet. They had lots of different types of pizza to choose from, salad, pasta, soup, and dessert. I think we made it back to the hotel around 11:15 and we all fell into bed, exhausted to get up the next morning to leave out about 8:30.

I got home and rested for a little while but soon realize hey, it is Cinco de Mayo. We have to go out for that right? Just to put a final sword into my diet nightmare weekend we head out to our favorite mexican restaurant.

Today starts a new day and a new week. I am back on my eating plan and am thankful for the normalcy of it. I don’t miss the sick feeling when I eat too much or the stomach aches or just feeling out of control. I haven’t weighed to see how much I gained over the weekend. I am going to eat on my plan for a few days before I weigh. I am ready for some parameters with my eating. I am much happier this way!!

Have you ever been out of town and made bad choices?  How did you bounce back?

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  • Blanca Valdez

    Not a good weekend either :(
    The bad thing is that I was doing great with my WW plan until I started to exercise and gained a couple of pounds and I could not deal with the scale going up, I got mad and started cheating since last week. I am going to start again tomorrow !

    • Tanisha Williams

      Blanca, it is very hard to overcome the guilt of cheating. You have the right attitude – get back on plan and keep moving forward. Keep track of the times you cheat, and you will be able to overcome this challenge in the future. It is hard, but when I cheat (which is now rare), I take ownership of it and move forward from that day. Do not look back, but look towards that goal you have set for yourself. You got this in the bag – good luck

  • Tanya Daniel Avera

    oh girlie! i think we ALL have those times – and I don’t even need to be out of town for it to happen!! But the reality is that we are going to make mistakes – we are human and therefore we are not perfect. We fall down, we brush ourselves off, and we get back up. Even those who have reached their weight loss goals did not get there without a bobble every now and then. And you did walk a lot, so even if the scale doesn’t give you a negative result this week, you’ve used muscles that you potentially have not used in awhile – and probably even made more muscle – in the long run they say that is good for your metabolism – so look at the bright side of it :) and i know what you mean about the seats – i’m that way at disney – but we are gonna change that aren’t we?! so i guess mine will go there next year – perhaps that is a good goal for me to set – able to ride rides at dollywood :) I think you are doing great Katherine – kudos for being able to admit a fault and course correcting rather quickly :)

  • Emily Ray

    It’s really hard to stay on track when doing special things! I’m right there with ya!

  • Reka

    check out i started their 24 day challange and i lost 17 pounds. I started at 141 pounds and 7 weeks later i’m down to 121 pounds. I’m loving it.

  • Tamara Lea

    I just started traveling about 25-50% for my job in December. I have gained 2-4 lbs on each trip since then. Its like my brain turns off or something.

    Hopefully on my next trip at the end of May I will be able to report back that I’ve learned the secret!

  • Liam Rubel

    It’s definitely will be the bad choices as you are with relatives or
    friends and you can opt for healthy foods like salads , you have to go
    along with them to not to spoil the party.

  • Amy

    I loved your blog about not being able to eat properly while vacationing. I recently learned that a meat diet was effecting my headaches, so I’ve gone vegetarian. I used to eat a very high protein diet – meat protein with each meal!!! So, the switch was difficult because when you don’t eat meat, the most tempting “other” thing is carbs.

    I also found another way to limit the amount of carbs I eat. I used a product called the “Qore” system – It helps me consume less calories and crave less carbs. I used to be a big snacker on chees-its, triscuts and wheat thins – Qore helped me put an end to that.

    Being a vegetarian, I have to plan ahead (to help resist temptation). I have found some great ways to use the pulp from juicing (carrots and apple juice, mostly). I make a brownie concoction with the pulp added to eggs and quick steel cut oats. Keeping these snacks on hand is helpful (and I’ve found that eggs are a great substitute for the meat protein I used to eat, so I don’t feel hungry without beef or chicken).

    Congratulations on your effort to be healthier – be a work in progress. Messing up once doesn’t mean throwing in the towel completely. Good luck – and if you’re interested in the Qore product visit my website or send me an email:

  • Tanisha Williams

    This is awesome – you have shown how you can test yourself, fail, but the end result is you are able to identify where you went wrong. This is the most important part of the healthy living process. We are all going to be faced with challenges, but the key is to keep striving for what you want. I applaud you for being brave in sharing this story. People like to only discuss the positives, but never want to talk about the real life stories about the process. When people read about all the good things, they believe it is so easy, but when they read stories like yours, they realize there will be a lot of bump in the roads!

    Thank you

    TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

  • Personal Trainer London

    Firstly, great job in what you are trying. Keep at it. As a weight loss PT for over 10 years, I would suggest the following. In order to avoid feeling pressured by friends and family when you find yourself in a difficult eating environment, get them onside beforehand.Pick a time away from food when you can sit down with them and explain your quest and the difficulties that you may face. Ask for their support. Then, when you find yourself at MDs, you won’t just have to rely on solo willpower, but will have the support and accountability of friends too. If they care about you they will get onboard and help!

  • Jennifer Jones

    Good job for not throwing in the towel and starting again! It’s TOUGH. It can be done, but it’s HARD. And it’s almost impossible when you’re new to a program. I wouldn’t dream of trying it at the beginning of a diet. But maybe this will give you some hope: I’ve been doing WW since September of 2011 (this time). I really re-committed in August of last year. I was on track really well and then we went to Disney in January. I looked up all the food options ahead of time. I made notes on which counter service places I could find reasonably options and I made a list of options for the table service places we were going to eat. I brought fruit with me for breakfast and bough yogurt at the hotel. I allowed a bite of every single dessert and the option to eat more a few times if they were fab. I missed the weigh in that week because we were traveling. But on my scale, it said I gained about 3lbs that week. HOWEVER, that was after a day of driving where I couldn’t drink a lot. So when I went back to WW, after two weeks, one of which I was at Disney, I lost 1.6lbs. It can totally be done. But it’s hard. And I really thought that a Disney vacation was a lot of walking. It is, but it was only about 2/3 of what I normally do at home, just going to the gym. So it’s a lot, but it’s not A LOT.

  • Emily Russell

    I basically live off of Subway when I travel. And I like it! I don’t usually eat sandwiches at home so it’s a nice change.

  • Ronald Goldsax

    I like to follow my meal plan using to make sure that when I’m on the road for work I stick to my diet plan. (Free) green coffee made a big difference for me too.

  • Jessica Wolfe

    Wow….that sounds like a fun but crazy weekend! I think you did the best you could & that’s all anyone can do! I am on my 2nd day of Medifast, and I think it would have been hard to follow the plan during that kind of day. With Mother’s Day weekend coming up, I’m already worrying about staying on track. Thanks for sharing about your weekend. As always, I love your honesty. It makes me realize that I’m not alone in my struggles. You ROCK!!!

  • indiasupplement

    Thank you so much for featuring me! I truly appreciate it!!