Living the Dream

Watch out ladies, looks like I am “mother of the year” once again!

Have you ever said that your children would NEVER do the things like other children did? Well, I swore I would never be one of “those parents” who allow their precious children to watch more than 60 minutes of TV a day, suck down a sleeve of Ritz crackers for breakfast, eat an entire theater sized box of Hot Tamale candies and stay in their PJ’s all day. I mean, after all, doesn’t too much television cause you to lose brain cells or something?

And doesn’t sugar stunt your growth??

And, I am pretty sure staying in jammies all day must promote laziness.

Then guess what, I will have a red headed daughter (hmm.. maybe eating all those red Hot Tamales can explain where the red hair came from?!?) who will be very short, not very bright and lazy because that’s what my Saturday was about!!

Hot Tamales Movie Marathon

Yep, she was running on auto pilot and loving it!

You see, I am SUPER excited to be starting my own wellness coaching business this year! I will be using my gifts to help motivate people to reach their goals and dreams!

Saturday was my day to get stuff done. My head has been spinning all week as I have been meeting with clients, getting all the administrative stuff done, working on my website, getting my nails done (extremely important to me, don’t judge) writing fabulous blog posts (insert snicker from Jennifer) while still doing all the house, wife and mommy duties. WHEW!

Sometimes I ask myself what was I thinking? “Starting a business? Really Jacynta?”  Why not just keep doing what I was doing with my old job? I was very successful!  But then, I realized all I do is teach others to reach their dreams and now, it was time for me to do the the same. I knew there were two choices, I could MAKE IT HAPPEN or later in life I could be asking the question, What Happened? And I am definitely in the MAKE IT HAPPEN group.

Now, the work begins!

It is the same thing in our weight loss journeys.

We have dreams, goals, desires, wishes and choices to make. The road can be long and rough. Yes, bumps and roadblocks will always be along the way. I have always said, if there weren’t any bumps in the road, the ride wouldn’t be very fun!

So, cut yourself a break my friends and occasionally, when you are busy working on your dreams, you just may find your almost 5 year old daughter having a 3 hour movie marathon (probably was more), sucking down an entire sleeve of highly processed Ritz crackers, feasting on fistfuls of red dye #4 Hot Tamales -all while still in her Cinderella jammies and pink plush robe at 2:00pm.

Hot Tamales

The funny thing was, we were both living the dream!

Now, ask yourself what group do you want to be in, the MAKE IT HAPPEN or the WHAT HAPPENED group?

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