Keto For Me

I’ve gone to the dark side…

Or I should say the anti-white side.

Anti white as in NO sugar, flour, or carbs.

I have gone full on Keto and I have to say I LOVE it.

A little back story for you.  I was “going to” start Keto back in August.  I had a friend that started with me and she rocked it.  She went ALL OUT right away.  You will have to wait and see her after pics!  So we were going to do it together and I flaked.  I just wasn’t ready.

I joined Quick Weight Loss Center.  I think this is a program only in the south but I am not 100% sure.  I know there are a few locations in the Atlanta area.  I did so well for the first like month and a half losing around 14 pounds.  Then, the holidays came and I gave up.  I only half assed it and it showed.  I didn’t gain the weight back I had lost but I didn’t really lose either.

I decided to re-commit in January and once again, half assed it.  I didn’t really lose much more but I didn’t gain either.  I just sort of teter-tottered.  Is that even a word?!?

My mom and I had a heart to heart around February 20.  She had just started Keto and was asking me to commit either to QWLC or start Keto with her.  I told her I would commit for one month to see how much I could lose at QWLC.

I made it four days.

In four days, I did really well.  I had lost two pounds and was excited to go weigh in.  When I went, there wasn’t a “good job” or a “way to go.”  It was all about what I needed to do better.  That is what I found with this program.  They are all about punishing you for what you did wrong and never great job…keep doing what you are doing.

So, I quit.  I stopped going and haven’t been back since…I can’t handle any negativity in my life.

Instead, I started Keto two weeks ago.  My mom was in a size 8 pants (lowest weight she had been in years), my friend who started in August looked incredible and a few Instagram followers had HUGE success with it.  Also, two random people on Facebook that I am friends with have had great success with it randomly.  I knew it was what I was supposed to do.

I will do a weigh in post tomorrow to let you know how I did the last two weeks but let me tell you this.  I am not going to quit this time.  This time will be different.  I am excited and I am determined.

I have always said work the plan and the plan works.  Well, I’m working it and it is working.

Stay tuned…

Have you ever tried Keto?  How about just low carb in general?  Let me hear your good, bads, and in betweens!

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Jennifer is an elementary school teacher who is trying to lose 100+ pounds. She has certainly learned how much It Sux To Be Fat and is here to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle.