Ice Martini Bar – Review

Sorry I am a little late on posting what I did for Valentine’s Day.  I have been a bit under the weather and our internet went out at the house for a few days.  So, let’s back up to Thursday night…Valentine’s night.

So, I gave you guys all these great things that you can do INSTEAD of going out to eat. Well, my hubby was in charge of our Valentine’s date so…you guessed it…

We went out to a restaurant!

We love sushi and have been wanting to try this new sushi place in downtown Woodstock.  It is in this great little shopping area where you can park and walk around.  The name of the restaurant he took us to was Ice Martini Bar.  It is like a cool restaurant/bar that you would find in Buckhead right in little ‘ole Woodstock.

And, let me tell you…it was ALL-GOOD!

I mean…amazing, good.

When we got there, he had a table reserved that held a bouquet of flowers he had delivered from a local florist.

Valentine's Daisies

Yes, he’s a keeper!

We immediately ordered drinks (After the day I had, I needed a few drinks!). With “Martini” in the name of the restaurant, of course they specialized in martinis. To start, I had the pineapple upside down martini…This one was my favorite (and of course I don’t have a photo of it!). It tasted just like a pineapple upside down cake.

Then for an appetizer, we ordered the crab and avocado salad. Imagine a nice mix of greens topped with slices of avocado and huge lumps of crab meat. Top it off with a slightly spicy Wasabi dressing and you are in heaven.

Ice Martini Bar Avocado Crab Salad

Photo from Ice Martini Bar’s Facebook Page

If you go here, you MUST order this salad! We shared it and it was a perfect appetizer!

We then ordered three sushi rolls to share for dinner (They have tapas also so it is not just a sushi restaurant!). We ordered the Ice Roll, Kamikaze roll, and Snow roll.

Ice Martini Bar Sushi Roll

Photo from Ice Martini Bar

The Ice roll was our favorite, so good!  Jason liked the Kamikaze and the Snow was pretty good.  It was good quality as far as sushi goes but it just wasn’t our favorite!

The second martini I had was the Ice Blue Martini.  It tastes just like Blue Raspberry with a sugar rim.

Ice Martini Bar Blue Raspberry Martini

This was was really good too!  I am sure it was like a gizillion Weight Watchers points but… was splurge night.

The last martini I had was the Caramel.

Ice Martini Bar Caramel Martini

This one was my least favorite (still yummy but I would rather have had another Pineapple Upside Down one!).  This one just tasted like caramel milk.

They were all delicious but I paid for them dearly the next morning when I weighed. BTW-Martinis are NOT recommended if you are on Weight Watchers.  They are fine for a splurge (which is what this whole night was!)

For dessert, we ended up sharing the Crème Brulee and like the rest of the meal, it-was-amazing!

Overall I would give Ice Martini Bar 4 out of 5 stars.  The only reason I don’t give it a perfect score is the service can be a bit slow at times.  However, it was Valentine’s Day so it could just be that they were super busy.  Overall the food was worth the price and the drinks were amazing too!

Please, if you live anywhere in the Atlanta area, go here. You will NOT regret it!

What is your favorite “splurge” meal?  Do you love sushi as much as we do?

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  • Mindy Frank Cope

    I also had a sushi dinner for Valintines!

  • ryanrae15

    I know you won on the dietbet a few weeks ago. Just wondering what the final winnng was? I know you said you were going to announce it and I might have missed it. I’m participating in your dietbet this time and was just curious to see what your winnings were. It’s so fun!!

    • Jennifer Swafford

      We ended up winning around $37.00.