How to Lose 4 Pounds in a Week!

If you read my weekly weigh in post last week, you know I lost a whopping 4 pounds!  I have had a really strong three weeks in a row and I am a bit anxious about tonight’s weigh in (I had a great week…just a few great weeks on the scale and the body is cautious!).  But, I thought I would share with you EXACTLY what I did to lose 4 pounds last week.  I am going to reveal my “secrets” and share them with you so that you too, can lose 4 pounds in a week!

Im not telling you it is going to be easy. I am telling you it is going to be worth it.

Here are the “secrets” to losing 4 pounds in a week:

First and foremost, you must WRITE down EVERYTHING you eat.  You must ACCURATELY calculate how many calories or Weight Watchers points plus you are eating and stay within your points range for the DAY!  Now, four pounds in a week is extreme so you have to eat EXTREME!  No eating your extra weekly points allowance or ANY extra calories. No sneaking a bite here or there and “forgetting” to write it down.  You must be perfect!  Don’t eat your exercise points either.  ONLY your daily points can be eaten (for me, that is 29 points plus a day).

EXERCISE!!  If you want to lose four pounds in a week, you have to get movin’!  I exercised six days last week, only taking one day off.  Every time I went, I would go for at least 45 minutes to an hour.  No skimping on the activity if you want to have extreme weight loss.  Count the exercise points plus but DO NOT EAT THEM!!!!

**These two things are super important for the whole week before your weigh in.  These two things are the key to having a successful week!  Without these two, forget it!

A third key thing is to only eat chicken and fish.  No red meats of any kind.  I told you it would be an extreme week!  Also, in terms of eating, no carb or low carb are the way to go.  My only carbs were my sandwich at lunch time.  No pasta or rice at dinner…NONE!

The night before you are to weigh in, have fish and vegetables for dinner.  This actually is a little secret that I have used for years.  If you eat fish, chances are you will weigh less the next day.  Try it…it works.  Just be careful of the salt you put on the fish (you don’t want to retain water).

The day of your weigh in, limit your water to about half of what you usually drink (for some of you that is none—don’t do that!  You need to drink some water!).  I usually try to drink 110 ounces a day so I will only drink around 50 ounces on weigh in day.

An hour or so before you weigh in, SWEAT!!!  I don’t care what you choose to do to sweat, just sweat it out!  I chose to run/walk three miles outside.  It was just hot enough that I got a good sweat on.  When you finish, you will be thirsty.  Wait until after you weigh to drink any water.

That isn’t too difficult, is it?  Remember…this is extreme!  It is not an every week thing…just a once in a while thing.   The top two, tracking and exercise should be a daily thing but the others are just good tips to have a great weigh in!

I challenge you to try this for one week and see what happens.  Are you thinking about it?  Are you worth a week of experimenting to see if you will be successful?  I dare you to do it!

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  • Dashingdish

    way to go girl! xo

  • Danielle

    I did a lot of that too when I was getting my bigger losses :-)  The only word of caution I would give is that after awhile my body got tired of just eating my daily points and exercising alot and I stalled… Now I eat about 31-32 points a day when I’m exercising regularly (at minimum, 1 jogged mile, and 2 1-mile dog walks, as well as adding some having some heavy cardio days from time to time), my weight has continued to come off in at least a pound/week portions and I’m hoping to make goal when I weigh in on Saturday… it continues to amaze me just how well sticking to the Plan really works :-)

    • Jennifer

      I am wondering if my body is stalling. I might try upping my daily points a little to see if that helps! Thanks for the tip! Good luck tomorrow! Let me know how it goes!

      • Danielle

        Lost 1.2 for a total of 27.4, .4 to go until goal… apparently God and my body want me to prepare for another week before I embark on the new challenge of “maintaining” (my weight and furthering my fitness) :-)

        • Jennifer

          AMAZING…Danielle! That is awesome. What’s another week in the thing called life? Way to go!

  • Tiare

    Hi Jennifer!  Just stopping by to say Hi.  I just joined WW with Jacynta.  I reached my goal of over 120 lbs down on April 16, 2010.  I’ve picked up about 15 since then and want to take that off and 10 more…so Weight Watchers it is. I know they’ll help me to get there and maintain once I get to my goal.  Maintaining  has been challenging.  I need to understand what a days worth/weeks worth of food looks like.  

    Anyway, nice post.  I know what you mean about what you eat the night before weigh in…it’s been a great trick to use for the scale come morning!  Keep up the good work!

    • Jennifer

      120 pounds is amazing Tiare! I saw you lost over 4 pounds…amazing! Great job! Keep up the good work!

  • How-I-Rocked-It

    Jennifer- I loved this post and I found it super motivating. I made it a goal this week to really set out to make it a goal to get “extreme” and have big number this week. I worked out 5 days – 60 min each – of high impact cardio and managed to
    gather 70 activity points and never went over my points (in fact most
    days 5-10points  under). I ate either vegetarian, or chicken or fish – and left wine out of my vocabulary for the week ( a tough one for me).

    Then low and behold I actually saw a 2lb gain on the scale!!!

    While I was telling my leader about my week of “activity” while doing the “weight watchers take off your shoes” dance, My leader knew I would gain before I even stepped on the scale.  She mentioned that I need to eat at least half my activity points if I am going to work out that hard. Going to the extrema (and i believe i went a little over board – i’ll admit) really this was a learning experience. While extreme was a great mental motivator, my body needed a chance to realize I was’nt starving it!

    What I love about this blog and what keeps me coming back is seeing your success and how human you can be about these weird weeks. Certainly our bodies can react differently then we expect them to and keeping your words of encouragement really help me “stay on track”. Just thought I would share this experience!

    • Jennifer

      Amazing story…you should have a big week this week. You will have to keep me posted on your progress. It is amazing how our bodies react. Yours probably thought you were starving it! Thanks for sharing and I never knew that about the activity points so it helped me too!

      • How-I-Rocked-It

        Update **** You are totally right – i had a big week this week and officially lost 4lbs!

        You where also right about my body thinking i was starving it. Those crazy weeks where you do everything right and the scale goes the wrong way are such a mental tease that make this process a difficult one! Thanks for posting I love this blog!

        • Jennifer

          I am so glad you were down!!! 4 lbs is amazing!!! It is crazy sometimes how our bodies react. I think the most important thing to learn through this crazy adventure is to just keep on keeping on. Don’t go to the extreme very often and just keep living the most healthy way we know possible. I am so glad you stuck with it and saw that big number. That is amazing! So proud of you!

        • Sonya Conrad

          What did you do differently the second week?  Did you do the same as the previous only eat your activity points?   I must confess I’m stuck.  I exercise like mad and notta! or I gain a 1lb.

          • Jennifer

            The second week I basically did the same thing. I continued to not eat my activity points…that is just how I do it though. It isn’t right or wrong. Keep exercising. Eventually your hard work WILL pay off

  • Sonya Conrad

    I’m so glad I found your blog!  I too am on WW and I’m finding it really hard at the end. My body doesn’t want to let go of these last few lbs!


    • Jennifer

      I hear you! Just make sure you are still measuring, still counting, and doing all of the Good Health guidlines. It will eventually give it up!

  • angelasouster

    i started weightwatchers 3 weeks ago, first week i lost half a pound, i was not well for that week so i didnt mind. the next week i lost 4 pound. doing the same as you. but what is strange i never read you aticle till today. so just to say it does work. i exercise 2 hours aday . and yes i sweat like mad the day of my weigh in and it worked yippee lol. so anyone struggling keep trying and you will get there sometime, just takes a little effort to get there and motivation

    • angelasouster

      jjust to add i earned 45 activity points and ate 20 of them because i was doing so much exercise , and even had a chinese hehe naughty i know but i still lost 4 pound