How to Lose 4 Pounds in a Week!

If you read my weekly weigh in post last week, you know I lost a whopping 4 pounds!  I have had a really strong three weeks in a row and I am a bit anxious about tonight’s weigh in (I had a great week…just a few great weeks on the scale and the body is cautious!).  But, I thought I would share with you EXACTLY what I did to lose 4 pounds last week.  I am going to reveal my “secrets” and share them with you so that you too, can lose 4 pounds in a week!

Im not telling you it is going to be easy. I am telling you it is going to be worth it.

Here are the “secrets” to losing 4 pounds in a week:

First and foremost, you must WRITE down EVERYTHING you eat.  You must ACCURATELY calculate how many calories or Weight Watchers points plus you are eating and stay within your points range for the DAY!  Now, four pounds in a week is extreme so you have to eat EXTREME!  No eating your extra weekly points allowance or ANY extra calories. No sneaking a bite here or there and “forgetting” to write it down.  You must be perfect!  Don’t eat your exercise points either.  ONLY your daily points can be eaten (for me, that is 29 points plus a day).

EXERCISE!!  If you want to lose four pounds in a week, you have to get movin’!  I exercised six days last week, only taking one day off.  Every time I went, I would go for at least 45 minutes to an hour.  No skimping on the activity if you want to have extreme weight loss.  Count the exercise points plus but DO NOT EAT THEM!!!!

**These two things are super important for the whole week before your weigh in.  These two things are the key to having a successful week!  Without these two, forget it!

A third key thing is to only eat chicken and fish.  No red meats of any kind.  I told you it would be an extreme week!  Also, in terms of eating, no carb or low carb are the way to go.  My only carbs were my sandwich at lunch time.  No pasta or rice at dinner…NONE!

The night before you are to weigh in, have fish and vegetables for dinner.  This actually is a little secret that I have used for years.  If you eat fish, chances are you will weigh less the next day.  Try it…it works.  Just be careful of the salt you put on the fish (you don’t want to retain water).

The day of your weigh in, limit your water to about half of what you usually drink (for some of you that is none—don’t do that!  You need to drink some water!).  I usually try to drink 110 ounces a day so I will only drink around 50 ounces on weigh in day.

An hour or so before you weigh in, SWEAT!!!  I don’t care what you choose to do to sweat, just sweat it out!  I chose to run/walk three miles outside.  It was just hot enough that I got a good sweat on.  When you finish, you will be thirsty.  Wait until after you weigh to drink any water.

That isn’t too difficult, is it?  Remember…this is extreme!  It is not an every week thing…just a once in a while thing.   The top two, tracking and exercise should be a daily thing but the others are just good tips to have a great weigh in!

I challenge you to try this for one week and see what happens.  Are you thinking about it?  Are you worth a week of experimenting to see if you will be successful?  I dare you to do it!

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About Jennifer Swafford

Jennifer is an elementary school teacher who is trying to lose 100+ pounds. She has certainly learned how much It Sux To Be Fat and is here to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle.