Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year - 2019Happy New Year!

Yes, it’s been a while.  Too long…  I hope to start my blog back up now that I am “used to” being a mom.  And I have like 100 pounds to lose…so there’s that.

I am hoping to start the blog back up so thanks for hanging in here with me.  Quick update on me…

Delaney is now 3!  That three years went by so fast!  She is fiesty and opinionated (wonder who she gets that from?!) and 100% sweetie pie.  She is gorgeous and loving and our pure joy and gift.

I am still teaching fifth grade…same school…same time…same place.  Type A…

I am still married to Jason – 14 years and counting.

We still live in the same house even though we would love to move.  Just can’t right now for many reasons.

Still have two dogs – Maggie (who is now VERY old)…


and Abby (just over a year old)…


I weight between 242 and 245.  Depends on the scale.  This was my weight right before I had Delaney so it is time to finally do something about it.

Now for my blogging/losing weight plans:

I have decided how I am committing to lose weight this year and will share that with you in a few days.

I will do an official weigh in soon and will begin weekly weigh ins again.

I plan to share some new recipes with you – using my pressure cooker (aka InstantPot) – but mine isn’t that brand.

I am trying to come up with my word for 2019 that basically says I will not quit.  I want a cool word and I am working on it!

I want to do more Instagram stories so if you aren’t following me – go follow me now!  Look for those to start soon.

I will commit to blogging once a week and if that doesn’t happen, it is probably time to quit the blog.  But in my heart I know this can be a tool for me this year so I am going to give it a go – one more time.

I am not sure about New Years Goals.  I am thinking monthly goals to see what happens instead of yearly goals.

Where are you this New Years?  Is anyone out there still reading?  If so, share one goal or one word for your New Year!

Happy 2019!

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