Happy Fall Ya’ll!

Today is the first official day of fall.  I was going to put this post up at 4:44 pm when fall officially hit but SHOCKER – I was too busy!  Between grading endless mounds of papers, hours of lesson plans and meal prep for the week, it just didn’t happen.

But, I am here now and it is still the first day of fall so I made it!

I really love fall!  This was the hubs and I last fall when we went to the pumpkin patch with good friends!

Jen and Jason at Burt's Pumpkin Farm

I sure hope we can make time this fall to do fun things like this!

For me, fall is a time to reflect on the summer, see how it went and look forward to the holidays and the end of this year.

I started this summer strong – really strong!  I almost got down to my lowest weight since October of 2011.  I did the Isagenix cleanse and I was feeling good.  I was working out at least four times a week at Crossfit and felt strong and on track.  Then, school started back.

I started drinking coffee again, got stressed, stopped working out as much (too busy), ate poorly…a lot, and just overall let myself SLOWLY go downhill.

Now, I am looking at being right back where I was BEFORE summer and as I told you last week, my clothes are NOT fitting me so good anymore.

So, time to reflect.  Time to figure out what gives and see what I need to do for myself.

I did really well last week with the “Chocolate Hour” but then I came home.  At night, for some reason, my sweet tooth comes out in full force.  I gave in way too much last week.  So, this week I am focusing on a new “chocolate hour.”  I will continue to eat only things I brought from home during the afternoon and then at night, I am not going to eat anything after dinner.  Dinner is late for me some nights but I never eat dessert with dinner.  I always wait until after.  So, if I can just say, “NO eating after dinner!” that should cut out on the sweets after dinner.

I REALLY want to get back to losing 100 pounds by the end of the year.  But, do I want it bad enough?  Time will tell.

Do I want it more than I want dessert at night?  We will see.

Do I want it badly enough to go to Crossfit and MAKE time even though I don’t HAVE time.  We will find out!

Some hard decisions need to be made now and I need your help.  I am busy.  I am stressed.  I am eating poorly and I need accountability.  If I don’t weigh in on a Tuesday or Wednesday, will you ask me why?  If I don’t check in for days at a time, will you check in with me?  I am telling you, this blog is a HUGE accountability for me.  Without you, who knows where I would be!

I NEED you right now just as much as you need me.  Will you help me?  Will you keep me accountable?  Right now, I need tough love, not warm fuzzies.  I need a swift kick in the pants and I NEED to check in and be held accountable.

I don’t want to end this year having to buy new clothes because the old ones don’t fit anymore (in the bad way!).  I want to fit comfortably in my clothes from last winter and maybe, just maybe have to buy new clothes because the ones I have are too big!

I’m sick of it, I’m over it.  I need to turn this ship around before it sinks.

Will you help me?

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  • Jessica Fletcher

    I relate to where you’re at (I’m a teacher too), but I just want to remind you that making time for yourself (to work out) is one of the MOST important things you can do for yourself, your family, and in the end for your students too! I am a better teacher when I have energy. When I am feeling down because I’m not working out and gaining weight, that affects who I am in the classroom. I encourage you to make working out a priority…as much as lesson planning or grading papers or anything else you do at work.

    I remind myself of this when I am tired and don’t feel like going to boot camp. I never regret when I go, even if I have to drag myself out of the house to get there. :)

  • http://amoyeradventure.blogspot.com/ Kelley @ A Moyer Adventure

    I am doing the Advocare 24 day challenge, and did well the first 10 days (the cleanse). Now that I’m getting close to the end I feel like I’ve let myself go and I’ve given in way too much to temptation. I have a cookout planned this weekend, so I plan on eating really well Monday-Friday. It also seems like life has gotten busier the past week or so, and I’ve definitely not planned my meals like I need to. That’s going to change this week! I have a blog too that I am using to keep myself accountable. http://amoyeradventure.blogspot.com. Keep your head up, you’ve done this in the past and can do it again!!!

  • Stacey GetsitGraded Black

    Thank you Jen for this post! I also have crept up about 8 pounds and it scares the mess out of me! I am coaching Volleyball for the first time and it keeps me very busy and out late a few nights a week. I eat on the go and the gym has been pushed to the side. Kindergarten in the first few months is stressful too, and I’m in grad school. All these things have really pushed aside lots of things I’ve worked so hard for 3 years to establish. I need to post in my own blog and let others know of my struggle so that someone can help keep me accountable! I haven’t even been to WW weigh in in weeks! I know the problems and I know how to fix them.. I just haven’t! Tomorrow is a new day! I must do what I need to even when it isn’t the easiest option! Good luck! I can’t wait to see how you progress this fall!

  • Blankz

    You can do it. I am also a teacher and this is the most difficult time of the year, all of us have struggles and busy lives but we need to be our priority number 1.

  • heidi hatcher

    oh how i wish i could come hang with you for a bit and we could go for a good long walk and catch up. you can do it! you can!! you’ve come so very far…..keep on keeping on!! i will help hold you accountable. we all love you and are supporting you and want you to SUCCEED!!!!! big hugs coming your way!

  • Sharon Holderman

    I think you are still doing great and I love following your blog. Is there any way you can try to take a little time for yourself? It means you have to say no to something else, but don’t say yes to everything and then try to fit in some “me” time (which could be cooking, working out, taking a long bath, whatever). Say yes to “me” time and then say yes to the other things that fit in with that and no to the things that don’t. You are a priority, especially since the not working out and food and stress are all a snowball effect…not taking time for you makes it worse! So try to rearrange your thinking in that you don’t have time to work out, but that you do have time, but you don’t have time for {whatever else}. Also, is there any way you could ask for help with something? My sister is bad at asking for help when it comes to her busy schedule (teaching, two kids, etc.), so that is why I ask. Ask someone at school, a friend, your man, someone that gives you a little extra time once or twice a week. It does wonders in how you FEEL, which should help with the stress, eating, etc. And remember, you’re a rock star no matter what happens this week :)

  • Jenny

    Jen, I have been a follower of yours for a long time. I want to first congratulate you for the hard work you´ve put in for the past months. I know how tough it can be, I´m still on the same road as well. Now, here comes the tough love part. You REALLY need to reevaluate why it is that you want this. First of all, you know that all that bad eating is because you´re stressed out, but you need to stop before putting a piece of crappy food in your mouth. The stress won´t go away with it and you´re adding another stressor which is the fact that you´re not taking care of yourself. Your job is important but YOU are more important. It can´t be an excuse anymore, it CAN´T. There comes a time in life when you have to snap out of funks like this. Plan to have a cheat meal on the weekend, where you allow yourself to have your sweet treat and not feel guilty about it. Aim for 80% perfection, not the 100%. But get to that 80% and the results will come. And make it a cheat meal, not a cheat day haha. Try to get your workouts in, at least on the weekends and a couple of days a week. I know you love crossfit but if it doesn´t fit your schedule right now try to get in something at home at least. Get a little run in the morning. Cycle. Go online and find a quick workout video. And one more thing I have to say. I learned from my nutritionist that cravings at night kick in because you didn´t have enough protein in the morning, so this makes your insulin levels go sky high and then go very low by night time, so this makes you crave for sweets to get them up.

    Ok, enough with the ranting, I hope this helps.

    Greetings from Costa Rica!

  • Kelly McCauley Germain

    Hi. Struggling with your weight is very difficult thing to go through. You have to decide and commit today. You have to do this for YOU. No more excuses. Let’s start this week off right. Don’t do a diet. Make a lifestyle change. Send me a friend request on facebook. I can help you with your fitness and weightloss goals. Kelly McCauley Germain

  • Ann

    Wow, this is my first time reading your blog. I was a bit uncomfortable with it. It seemed like you were asking a lot. I continue to struggle with weight loss (118 pounds). It’s a daily matter for me. Part of success comes from your support, but the majority comes from you. Believe you can do it and understand why you are doing it.

  • Deborah Edwards

    As someone who reads your blog religiously (although I don’t comment very often), I know EXACTLY what you are going through. Here are my instructions…suggestions on what to do:
    1. Get your husband on board. Don’t let him be an enabler for you to make bad decisions. So, no going out to eat. Even when you both are tired. Just. don’t. do. it.
    2. Get your friends (your real friends who want you to succeed) and your work friends. Tell them not to let you eat sweets or crap or anything that isn’t good for you around them.
    3. Try to not be a picky eater. I know we all know what we like…but we really don’t know until we try something. And, let me tell you, certain things taste a WHOLE lot better when you are hungry. Also, when you haven’t had crap, real food starts to taste real…and suprisingly delicious. I don’t feel guilty eating a whole bunch of roasted vegetables. And they are delightful!
    4. Work out. As much as possible. I remember you saying you couldn’t afford a gym…but now you can afford Crossfit. Well, do one or the other – but go. Otherwise, you will slip futher down the slippery slope.
    5. Drink water (I took your advice and down so much water it’s not even funny).
    6. Eat protein – all the time. You won’t be as hungry.
    7. Pack snacks – so if you are hungry – you have something. I like KIND bars and the Skinny Cow candy bars for a treat.
    8. Stay positive. What if you were doing nothing? How much would you weigh then?
    These are all things I struggle with. My biggest downfalls are eating out, drinking & socializing and not having a plan. Thank goodness I work out, or I’d be in real trouble.
    Keep at it Jen, you will get there eventually. But once you are there…you will have to stay there. Sometimes, that is the scary part…. ;-)

  • Rhonda Meadows

    Jen, You already know
    you need to set goals, need to plan, and need to exercise that is easy
    part. So this is what I would say to you, go back and read through your posts–all the answers are already
    there. You have inspired so many people through
    your blog with your honesty, sense of humor, and determination. It is time you reflected on your journey and
    reread your blogs. I believe you will
    find the inspiration you need, I know I have.
    (reached goal 9/12/13 down 98 lbs.)

  • Kendra Taylor

    I’ve been there, so much. It’s so hard to get back to what you know works, especially after being away from it for so long. So all I have to say, really, is one choice at a time. That’s it. Don’t think about the long haul. That is overwhelming and stressful and so intimidating. But one choice at a time is so much easier to manage.
    And… The better you eat, the better you want to eat. I’m not saying that there will be no temptations, because that would be a lie. But they are much easier to manage when you are eating well.
    Hang in there.
    And thank you for being so honest about where you are. And the fact that you need help. We all do. That’s why we’re reading.

  • Janelle

    Hi! This is the first time EVER that I’ve commented on a blog. I’m also a teacher and know exactly what you’re going through. September is hard. I don’t have advice for you as I can’t seem to do it myself right now. I think it’s incredible how much weight you’ve lost. That kind of determination and commitment belong to amazing people. You know you have it in you, just uncover it again! I will help you!! Maybe you can help me too….ideas?!

  • catherine

    it is very hard to keep up the momentum at times but the only answer is within yourself. no matter how hard other can inspire you or push you, in the end – it is all in your hand to make it work. there’s no try, only do or do not. keep pushing. you can make the difference.
    it is true, how bad you want it something in life and how bad you are willing to fall to get it… there’s no substitue for it.


  • Vanessa9992

    Jen – i can sooo relate to you…last winter I did so well dropping 50 lbs like it was the easiest thing in the world. and now i am stuck..i put back on about 20 lbs. my clothes are tight, tops and bottoms….ugh!! it SUX….but I am on my way back…i read the blogs everyday. i am watching what I eat…at least during the day. I am a night time snacker too, but my snack of choice as bags of peanuts. I enjoy eating peanuts while I unwind, catch a favorite show on tv with my feet up on the couch or in bed even…so i’ve decided to set daily and weekly goals…one goal this week, buy no more peanuts! Jen, you can do it…..and so can I. I’m a single girl so I want to lose this weight to feel good about me so I can attract the man of my dreams and not the “losers” I’ve been accepting, just because they are there. WE CAN DO IT….One day at a time!

    • J Bon

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  • Julia Q

    You just need to push yourself for three days. Or even tell yourself one. So much of our behavior is a result of our *habits*, and that’s why we find ourselves on downard slopes. I know from my experience if I can get through 1-2 days living habits I want to be in my daily routine, the days following feels exceedingly effortless. Just tell yourself one-three days, Jen! Your good ol’ habits will feel so good! You GOT this! :)

  • Tammy Cook

    Girl, you sound so much like me. Hell yeah, we will help you! And maybe by encouraging you, it will light a fire under me! :)

  • Pam

    I just found this blog while looking at Pintrest. I, too, am on Weight Watchers and I am so glad that you started this blog; it is real and personal. I also just wanted to encourage you that you can get back to your goal! It will be hard but you can do it! You have to invest the time in yourself – you are worth it! You have a loving family and a host of blog followers that are rooting for you!

  • J Bon


    Would you be interested in try a natural dietary supplement which
    helps in losing weight and naturally suppress appetite for a review?


    Anyone interested in trying out the product for a review is welcome.

    Please contact me if interested.