God Wants You to Know…

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Last night, I went to our church’s Christmas Eve service with my husband, mom and dad.

My Family at the Christmas Eve Service

We went last night due to the fact that we had plans tonight to go to dinner with friends and tomorrow, Christmas Eve, we spend with Jason’s family.

We just love the services at our church and for Christmas Eve, they go all out.  The whole church is decorated in lights and there are hundreds of candles all over the stage.  It is truly quite magnificent.

The service was great.  I was spoken to loud and clear.  The pastor said, God wants you to know Him just as well as He knows you.  That is a pretty powerful statement.  Who knows you better than God?  He knows what is going to happen even before you do.  He knows if 2014 is going to be a year of happiness or of heartbreak.  He knows every hair on your head.  He knows you and guess what…


God spoke to me loud and clear and told me how proud He is of ME.  Through all of my faults, failures, and weaknesses, He loves me and He is so proud of me.

Even when I gain weight, He loves me and is proud of me.

Even when I don’t exercise, He loves me and is proud of me.

Even if I fall off the wagon and let myself go, He loves me and is proud of me.

The best part is, He loves you to and He is proud of you.

Take a minute in the hustle and bustle of the next few days and dwell on that fact for a minute.  No matter how badly we screw up, He loves us and is so very proud of us.

From my family to yours:

Jason and Jen at Christmas Eve Service


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  • Kim

    Thank you for that reminder that God always loves us and is proud of us!
    Merry Christmas!

  • Rachelle Parks

    Thank you for that reminder! We all need to hear it now & then. Merry Christmas to you & and your family!

  • Kevin @ Lose Cheek Fat Site

    thank you for reminding us all Jenni, God always loves us no matter what. we all have choices.