Summer Success Plan

Yes, we are already two weeks into June and I am just now putting up my summer goals.  Better late than never, right?!?

Let's Have a Great Summer

In my Sparkle meeting two weeks ago with Jacynta, she gave us a Summer Success Plan.  As most of you know, I am a big planner.  I like to have my days/weeks planned and know exactly what will happen.  I don’t do well when things don’t go “according to plan.”  Can I get an “AMEN?”

So, this meeting topic was perfect for me because I knew I needed to set some goals and have a plan going into this summer or the summer would pass by and nothing would have been accomplished.  So…I came up with my summer success plan and I hope you will come up with one too!

The success plan will go from NOW to August 4th (when southern peeps go back to school).  That is 7-8 weeks.  Here are the questions to ask yourself and the ones I will answer with my goals:

1.  How many pounds would you like to lose by August 4th?  I would like to lose 10-20 pounds by August 4th.  I know that is lofty at more than a pound a week but I think it is feasible for me.  I would like to lose at least 10, I will probably lose close to 15, I would LOVE to lose 20.  See, 10-20 pounds.  Let’s go with…12 for an exact number!

2.  What are three things you are willing to do consistently to achieve those results?  For me, I am going to track everything I put in my mouth.  Tracking is so key and really keeps me accountable.  I will also exercise at least five times a week.  I want to continue to try and eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods.

3.  Are you willing to KICK IT up during the next 2 months?  If yes, explain what EXTRA effort you will do.  For me, that was a definite YES!  Exercising 5 times a week is kicking it up for me but I plan to exercise twice a day at least once a week.

4.  How are you going to celebrate reaching your summer success plan?  For me, I am going to buy myself a new outfit.  I nice outfit.  I don’t really buy myself anything normally so I will splurge a little.

5.  How will you FEEL when you reach your goal in August?  For me, one word, SUCCESSFUL!

As you know, in order to be successful, you must not only create goals but tell HOW you are going to reach those goals.  Be specific!

This summer has just started.  It is up to you to decide what you are going to do with it.  Will you make it a success or a failure.  It is simply a choice and then minute by minute choices after that!  I would encourage you to take “before” summer pictures.  Put on a sports bra and shorts or a bathing suit and take a pic.  You might be shocked by what you see at the end of the summer!

Tell me one goal you want to achieve this summer and HOW you are going to achieve it.

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