August 2012 Goals {Updated}

August means school is starting back.  School starting back means LONG days.  LONG days mean lack of energy when I get home.  Lack of energy means no exercise.  Lack of energy also means not cooking at home.  Eating out means weight gain.  Not exercising means gaining weight.  See the pattern? This reminds me of that […]

Summer Is Coming!

I’ve got good news and bad news. Bad news is:  Spring Break is over. Good news is:  Summer is Coming! Being in Florida this past week has gotten me in the mood for summer!  I got up when I woke up (no alarm!).  I enjoyed my coffee while reading blogs and checking Facebook.  Then, I […]

April – A Month of Focus

I have worked out EVERY SINGLE DAY in April.  Okay, fine.  I know it has only been four days but hey, I am off to a good start. The past few weeks months have been not so great on the weight loss front.  In my training for the half marathon, I ate more calories and […]

March Madness

March is here and I am calling this month March Madness because it is time to STOP – THE – MADNESS! To me. March means my sister’s birthday, my first half-marathon and getting one month closer to summer break! This month, I am going to make small, meaningful goals to try and get myself back on track. […]

December Goals

December is a month where it is mandatory to set your eyes on what you want or it is EASY to fall.  December is full of holiday parties, gifts of yumminess, and birthdays.  December is a time full of holiday baking and holiday eating. We MUST set a goal in order to try and achieve […]