Get Your Act Together September – September 2013 Goals {Updated}

Updated 10/6/13 For updates, look next to the goal and see what is written in bold/italics! Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! We spent Friday night at the Atlanta Braves game with our Crossfit box.  Yes, we made it on the jumbo-tron.  It was H-O-T-T hot but we had fun.  Then, we headed up to the […]

Summer 2013 Goals – {Mid Summer Update}

UPDATE:  Summer is over half over!  AGGGGGHHHHH……  Where did it go?  Time truly goes by so fast!  I have really enjoyed my summer and I am ready to tackle the next three weeks to be successful and end the summer on  a good note.  I have updated this post with how I am doing on […]

April 2013 Goals

Holy March!  I am so thrilled with the success I had in March, I am going to have a hard time topping it in April! My March goal was one goal and only one.  Follow the plan Larry gave to me to perfection.  I did it!  I rocked it!  I killed it!  I am in […]

March 2013 Goals {Updated}

WOW! How is it March already?!? It seems like February was just a few days ago. What are my plans for March, you ask?!? Simple. I have one goal. What?!? One goal?!? You always make several goals!! Are you ok, Jen? Yes, I am perfect. I am going to make just one goal. Knowing I […]

February 2013 Goals

Well thank GOD January is over.  I mean, I don’t mean to wish my life away but January did not go as planned.  Sometimes, I am just thankful for a new month. There were a few amazing things that happened in January and I am not sure if you heard about them or not. The […]

In 2012 I Will…{Updated}

LOOK UNDER EACH GOAL TO SEE THE END OF THE YEAR UPDATE! The past week has been all about people either embracing New Year’s Resolutions or saying they aren’t going to make them because no one ever keeps them. I have been pondering these two options in my mind over the past week and trying […]

December 2012 Goals {Updated}

How in the world is it December 1 already?  Just yesterday I was writing out my November goals. Isn’t that how life works?  It goes by so, so fast. This past month was the election.  When Obama was re-elected, I remembered back to the time when he was inaugurated for his first term.  I was teaching fourth […]

November 2012 Goals {Updated}

I would not say that October was a fabulous weight loss month for me.  In fact, it wasn’t that great at all.  I did lose a little over 2 pounds for the month but it was not anywhere near the 8 pound loss I was hoping for.  Good thing it is November.  A new month […]

October 2012 Goals {Updated}

Fall is certainly in the air!  The high today in Georgia is only 68 degrees.  That is my kind of weather.  I went for a nice long run today and as the leaves fell in a shower over my body, God said to me, “It’s ok Jen, I’ve got this!”  That was certainly what I […]

September 2012 Goals {Updated}

Happy Labor Day! I don’t know about you but today we are getting some much needed things done around the house. I feel like there is something about Labor Day that is a turning point for me in my year.  It is a great time to stop and reflect how the year is going and […]