February 2014 Goals

February 1…already.  A month has already gone by…31 days.  It is a good time to ask yourself how you are doing on your goals for the year.  Have you fallen off the wagon?  Time to get back on.  Doing great?  Keep going.  Just doing okay?  Maybe you need to adjust your goals.  Let’s re-evaluate and […]

How to Set a Realistic Weight Loss Goal

As many of you know, I am a teacher.  I teach fifth grade to 26 amazing kids. Last week we were beginning the process of talking about and writing down New Year’s Resolutions (or revolutions as they called it).  We were brainstorming what New Year’s resolutions were and why people make them.  They were pretty […]

2014 Is My Year and I Am So Excited

You will not believe how excited I am that we are starting a new year! Whoo Hoo! I strongly believe that this is MY year to make things happen and to finally get healthy. I started last year and got down the healthy road a little and then the holidays hit. I don’t do the […]

2014…A Year for Health and Peace

Adios 2013. I am so happy to say goodbye to you.  You were full of many trials and some triumphs but mostly trials.  I am happy to see you go and ready for a new year. It is so funny that there is something magical about January 1.  In reality, it is just another day. […]

In 2013, I Will… {UPDATED}

UPDATE:  2013 is in the books.  Another year has gone and I didn’t reach my goals.  I had some unexpected changes happen with my job and things did not go as planned.  However, it was not a total wash.  I will post what I learned in 2013 in a different post.  Now, I just want […]

Winter Break 2013

Happy Christmas Break to all the teachers and students out there!  I don’t know about you but I am ready for two weeks off! Yesterday was an amazing day of appreciation and gifts and hugs and loves from my students.  I forgot what the day before Christmas break was like in the classroom.  The gifts […]

My Favorite Time Of The Year – December 2013 Medifast Goals

Can I just tell you that I absolutely love Christmas!! It is my favorite holiday. I love everything that it stands for. I love how we have a holiday that celebrates the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I love Christmas decorations in the stores. I love, love, love Christmas music.  I live […]

December 2013 Goals

Happy December! Tis the season!  I love Christmas time.  I love decorating the tree and reminiscing when I got each ornament I put on the tree. I have ornaments from multiple students over the years, family, and fun times at ornament exchanges.  I love taking time to put each one up and decorate the rest […]

Scale Addiction

Hi, my name is Katherine, and I am a scale addict. Do you ever feel like saying this aloud sometimes? Do you ever wonder if you can skip a day of weighing or do you feel like you just have to know that number? Do you ever feel like your scale is calling your name? […]

October 2013 Goals

I love October.  I love October for MANY reasons.  The first of which is this is the month where I celebrate my anniversary.  My husband and I were married on October 9 and I love to start the month celebrating another year of having a successful marriage.  With the divorce rates what they are, that […]