January 2015 Goals {Updated}

Well, this is a first.  I have NEVER updated a post the day I am supposed to update it.  With this being the last day of January, I thought it only appropriate to update it today.  Miracles…miracles.  I guess I am getting more consistent with this blogging thing!  A daily commitment helps!

To see the updates, just scroll down to the goals and look for the brackets and italics!  

It was a great month!  I am so glad it is over (hello, paycheck!) but so happy with how it went!  Thanks for hanging in there with me through month one of 12.   

Happy day two of the new year!  How are your goals coming along?  If you haven’t made them yet, I would encourage you to sit down and write them down.  You can either set goals for the year or do what I did, come up with a theme for the year.  Then, come up with monthly or maybe even weekly goals.  I am going to do monthly goals and possibly weekly goals.  It depends on how the days go.

For this January, I want to get refocused.  I really let myself “go” the last few months of the year and let emotional eating get the best of me.  So, for January, it is all about refocusing on what is important in my life and getting on the right track.  With that being said, here are my January goals.

  • No sweets – I am cutting out all sweets from my diet.  That includes desserts, sweet drinks, or anything with unnatural sugar in it.  I have a sugar addition and the only way I know to get rid of it is to cut it out completely.  Nothing else works for me.  So, for January, no sweets.

{Update – I ROCKED this one.  I did have some sweetner in my creamer but other than that, NO sweets whatsoever!  It was hard today when I was looking at one of my favorite sweets EVER – Chick-fil-A cookies, but I did it.  Through all the birthdays, and celebrations – NO sweets.  And I feel great because of it!}

  • Cut out soft drinks – I drink too much soda, diet soda, but still soda.  I want to cut out most if not all soda for the month.  I know drinking that much diet soda is not good for my body so I want to cut it out.

{Update – FAIL.  I actually totally forgot I set this goal.  Oops…I guess I need to revisit my goals a week or two into the month!}

  • Track every day in My Fitness Pal – I know tracking is key so I want to get back on the tracking bandwagon.  I have also made my diary public so everyone can see it.  That will help me stay accountable and hopefully keep me from mindless eating.

{Update – Another success!!!!!  I tracked every-single-day and was pretty much under my calorie goal for the day almost every day.  That must have been why I lost almost 11 pounds this month!  Tracking people, it’s key!}

  • Finish reading It Starts With Food – This book is all about clean eating and WHY clean eating is so important for your body.  I bought this for myself with a gift card a student gave me and I really want to finish reading it and then start Whole 30 in February.

{Update – Another FAIL.  I am moving this goal to February.  I really want to read this book.  I just need to make time!}

  • Take the dog for a walk once a day – Both my dog and my husband and I need exercise and I know some days, I don’t get home until late and I am just exhausted.  The least I need to do is take the dog for a walk.  It will be good for all of us and it is better than nothing!

{Update – This one was hit or miss.  We did a lot better but it wasn’t every day!  It has gotten cold here and I am a wuss with the cold!}

  • Go to church every Sunday – This is important to my family and we just need to go.  We enjoy it when we do and we get so much out of it.  It’s important.

{Update – SUCCESS!  I think we missed the very first Sunday of this month but other than that, we went every Sunday.  And…it is awesome.  We are both getting so much out of it.  Consistency is key.  Now, I look forward to Sunday and going to church!}

  • Win the Dietbet – I want to lose weight, of course, and that will come if I eat better.  I so desperately want to start this month off successfully.

{Update – SCORE!  I not only won it, I won it by like 2 pounds OVER!  YAHOOOOO!}

  • Continue to Vlog every day – I love the thought of videoing my year and I know once work starts back, my days will be crazy.  No matter what, I want to take the few minutes every day to check in with you and stay accountable and focused!

{Update – SUCCESS!  I did a vlog every day, no matter what.  I hope you are all enjoying them!  I am having fun doing them!}

I think that is enough.

A dream written down becomes a goal.

All of those are small, attainable goals that I feel I can be successful with.  I plan to eat mostly clean and I have done well with my eating the past two days.  I am excited to start Whole30 in February after I finish reading the book.

I am also excited for my Dietbet that starts tomorrow!  I know I have told you about this before but I really feel like money motivates us.  There are 50 people participating and we are going to have a blast!

Tell me three of your goals for this month.  Always remember – One-Day-at-a-Time!

Let’s make 2015 the best year yet!

It was a great month!  2015 has started off great!  Here is to another fabulous 28 days in February!

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