In 2013, I Will… {UPDATED}

It Sux To Be Fat 2013 Goals

UPDATE:  2013 is in the books.  Another year has gone and I didn’t reach my goals.  I had some unexpected changes happen with my job and things did not go as planned.  However, it was not a total wash.  I will post what I learned in 2013 in a different post.  Now, I just want to update you on these goals and talk about them so I can be more mindful when I post my goals for 2014.  See the update in bold next to each goal!

New Year’s Resolutions…we all have ‘em, most of us don’t stick with ‘em more than two months.  I get it.  However, I really think that something is different this year.  There is just a sense in the air that people are fed up with being overweight and sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Are you?

I sure the hell am!

So, I am claiming this year as MY year.  No more wishy-washy-non-committal-BS.  This is my year to be pro-active and reach my goals.

I am going back to the basics. Back to 2009 when I lost 75 pounds that year.  I am going to tackle this weight loss goal once and for all!

So, here they are; in 2013, I will…

Not eat any sweets.

Costco Chocolate Cake

My husband and I are really on the same page with this one.  Back in 2009 when I joined Weight Watchers, I went the ENTIRE year without one sweet thing.  No cookies, no pies, no fancy lattes, no Valentine’s Candy, no fro yo, no summer popsicles, NOTHING.  And I didn’t have cravings after the first month or so and my sugar addiction was non-existant.  So, for the ENTIRE year of 2013, I will say no to sweets.  I think this will be easier because I will have my husband supporting me by saying “No” also!

Well, I don’t really remember how long this one lasted but it wasn’t for very long.  The funny thing is, I was planning on doing that again this year.  I might just have to rethink this one for this year.  Obviously cutting out ALL things sweet is not attainable anymore.  Let’s see…

Exercise more consistently

Jen finishing the Georgia half marathon

I have found that I am more consistent in exercising when I am training for a race.  This year, I want to change that.  I want to workout at least three times a week no matter if I am training for a race or not!  I just want to walk/run because I know it is good for my body.  I am only saying three times a week because I know some weeks it will be harder than others.  Three times is feasible for me and realistic so that is what I am going with!

I actually did exercise more consistently this year…well, for the first 3/4 of the year.  Crossfit really helped me with this.  I need to get back in gear now that it is a new year but I could say that I pretty much accomplished this goal.

Post more Recipes on ItSuxToBeFat

Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake

I know how much people love recipes.  I love recipes and I want to offer you some great ones to try.  This year, I want to try to post a new recipe at least once every two weeks, or two a month.  One of the issues I have had in the past is I refuse to post a recipe I don’t love.  So, I will try new recipes and not post them because I don’t love them.  That just means I need to try at least four a month to get two good ones.  At any rate, I want to post more recipes for you to enjoy!

Didn’t do so well with this one.  Recipes just aren’t my forte.  Maybe I need another blogger to help me out with this.

Track, Track, Track!

Weight Watchers Tracking App

You want the secret to weight loss?  I know it.  I have known it for the last 4 years…It is so simple yet so complex at the same time.  It is to track.  Track every single thing I eat.  I have to do it.  I just have to.  I want to track at least five days a week.  I can take two days off from tracking but I really want to track at least five.  It isn’t difficult.  There are a bajillion apps that make it so easy.  My favorite is, of course, the Weight Watchers app but there are tons of free ones you can use if you are not a Weight Watchers member.

FAILED on tracking again.  Maybe that is why I ended the year weighing more than when I started the year?!?  Why is tracking so difficult?  It is so easy yet so difficult all at the same time…

Expand ItSuxToBeFat

It Sux To Be Fat

This year, I want to add some additional authors to ItSuxToBeFat.  I would love to add more people who love to write, have lost weight, and have things they can add to YOU, the reader.  I would really love to add some authors that are different from me (LOVE to try new recipes!). Look for more information coming out if you are interested in blogging with me.

I did add one more blogger, my sister Katherine.  This year, I truly want to do this.  I already have someone in mind that I think you are just going to love!  Keep your eyes and ears open for this one.

So, what do you think of my goals?  Attainable?  I think so.  Specific?  I think so.

What are your top three goals for the new year?

I am very thankful that 2013 has come to an end.  The end of the year has been full of stress and emotional eating and I am just ready to move on to a new year.  Look for lots of posts coming your way!  

Oh, and if you are wanting to get started losing weight, no better time than NOW!  We have a Dietbet starting tomorrow!  Click HERE and sign up!  You won’t be sorry!

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  • Jack Sh*t

    My top three goals for the new year?

    Don’t wear sealskin pants, do not eat cookie dough right out of the tube and don’t feel bad about asking people at the gym to GET THE HELL OFF MY LUCKY ELLIPTICAL.

  • Lori Tyhy Ossinger

    I too am sick & tired of being fat. I am ready to make this year my year to reach my goals & be fit as well. My top 3 plans to accomplish this are very similar to yours, exercise 3x a week, track everything at least 5 days a week & be mindful of my portions. I have 50+ pounds to lose but am going for 20lbs in 3 months, & will reset my goals each 3 months til I get to my ultimate goal weight. I’m very happy to have found your blog & will be checking in regularly. Lori :)

  • PrayersNApples top three goals: train for a half marathon – so I can run in the one at Disney World next year! :) (..this will be quite the accomplishment if it happens, because i am NOT a runner!!).. second goal: get re-certified as a personal trainer (i used to work as an NASM trainer, but i let my certification lapse when i made a career change and i want to get back to it!)… and third goal: relax and be happy :) ..i’m not too good at relaxing, but 13 is my lucky number so i think this year might be my shot! :)

    ..BTW: congrats on the whole year without sugar! that is AMAZINGGG!

  • Crystal Froemming

    I do love that your goals are specific, I have seen so many that are not and wonder how the people plan to reach their goals… my top 3 goals 1. 16.5% body fat and how you might ask by completing the female body breakthrough’s (by rachel cosgrove) 4 phase16 week strength training and nutrition program. 2. Quan li K’an high green belt- summer session with 5 minutes of practice per summer day. 3. Read 13 books :) nap time reading and to relax before bed, one book completed in three weeks. 4. Family Zoo trip :) an extra for fun! The first week in July headed to Little Falls for family fun, sun, and animals!

  • Deborah Diamond

    I see your no sweets goal and think to myself, I want to do that! Yet, I have so much fear! I think I will try though! And I’m with you on the tracking. It’s so easy to skip it if it’s too hard to figure the points for something. I used to be militant about figuring out points. I need to return to doing that again as I was successful!

  • Cicely Stuart

    I’d love to write with you. I have a program that I started last year after trying every diet out there. I lost 83 lbs in 100 days, and I feel amazing. Sad thing is, I still have more to lose. So, I am bouncing back on my journey now that the holidays are over. I’d love to share the program I did with you guys if you are interested. It was very simple and so much instant gratification. Good luck to all of you with your NEW year goals.

  • Chris

    No sweets? I might be able to do that—sweets were never my problem.

    But everything else…

  • Katie J

    Great goals! I’ve definitely set a lot of goals for myself this year and I will be sticking to them! I have to!

  • Libby Dillard

    Love that your goals are specific with ways to reach them! I need to sit down and write mine out..along with the steps that I plan to take! When I started WW in 2012 I decided which foods were triggers for me, that I would really need to give up. I have not had any soda (not even diet) or chips (not even at mexican rest.) since then. I don’t crave them anymore and it has really stopped other cravings. I wish you a great year with amazing success! I still don’t have a blog but would be interested in writing with you!

  • Jessicas Weigh

    I haven’t actually set any “resolutions” as it were, but I definitely do have some major goals for 2013. The first being that I want to get healthy. Naturally, losing weight is a part of getting healthy, but rather than focusing on the scale, I am going to focus more on my actual health. Get better control of diabetes, blood pressure, etc.

    Secondly, I want to improve my financial situation. If I can kick the eating out habit that I am so entrenched in, I know that it will help with this one.

    And lastly, I want to get active again. I can’t do the physical activities that I used to love so much because of my knees, but I can certainly find new activities to partake in. Particularly, I want to get fit enough to be able to join the rowing club the summer.

  • M_J_M

    Great Goals for 2013! Congratulations on all your success this far in your

    I have been following your blogs for a year now and love it!! You talk about realistic situations to include when you are on or off track. You give great advance and say very inspirational things. Most of us need to hear these things to know there is no
    real miracle out there and if we want it, we have to work for it.

    I joined WW at the end of October knowing the holidays were to follow in the next two months. Did I think I was crazy for starting near the holidays? YES, but I took a
    different approach to it this time. Instead of thinking I would start after the holidays (probably gaining even more weight), I thought it is only Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years, oh yeah and my 40th birthday (yikes), that I needed to tackle, 4 days that’s it. Instead of throwing in the towel so quickly like I have so many times, I stuck with it. Was it hard, YES, but I did it. I have lost 13.2 lbs, which I am sure I could of did better, but at least I lost and didn’t gain this year during the holidays :o) ! I am taking my journey one day at a time and forgiving myself for mistakes I make. Forgiving yourself is the best tool, it allows you to move on and focus to the task at hand. I have a long journey since this is a lifestyle change, but I know it will be worth it!!

    My three goals for 2013:

    1- Track, track, track. I can’t say that enough!! Everything that I eat, I will track.

    2- Exercise three time a week for 30 minutes! Even if it is just 10 mins at a time.

    3- Stop being so hard on myself and start being kinder…to ME.

    I LOVE the idea you are looking to add new authors to your blog. I think the new addition will be great. I LOVE trying new recipes…hint, hint, hint ;o)!! I look forward to your details in the near future.

    Keep up the great work and remember you are an inspiration to all!!!

  • Megan Pond

    Those are awesome goals! I am definitely one with a sweet tooth so maybe no sweets would work well for me to start my journey. My hubby and I are just starting a weight loss journey of our own and I currently started a blog at with details.

    HINT* I love to try new recipes :) HINT*
    SO glad I found you blog via pinterest! Thanks for your honesty and openness – it helps to know we are not alone and the feelings we have are similar to others going thru the same things.

  • Ronda

    Great post…I have started back on on weight watchers. I look forward to following your posts and recipes.

  • hoofd

    I think the best advice for 2013 would be to follow the paleo diet. More info on this can be found over at , i hope you have a healthy year!

  • Lu Mi

    I was on WW and lost a lot of weight and have kept it off…but couldn’t lost the last 10lbs I want to lose. I am reading an ebook called slim for life by Shelly Martin and she said that you need to create a new normal and I think this is what has been lacking for me. WW helped me create a new normal but I need something extra to get me over the hump. I may go back to WW, but may first try some tips in the book. Plus Jan meetings are way too crowded!

  • Helen

    I look forward to hearing how bloggers can connect with you! I am having a baby this month and then plan to get back on WW to get to goal. After my son was born I used WW to lose the baby weight fairly easily, but never got back to goal before I got pregnant again. This is our last baby so I want to reach goal!

  • Alisea Blower

    I joined WW in the beginning of October 2012 and have lost 37.6 pounds in 13 weeks. I have approximately 65 pounds left to lose to hit goal but I’m so glad I got the jump start during the holidays.

    My top three goals are:
    1) Attain my goal weight by the end of the summer
    2) Attain my body measurement goal (specifically waist) based on my measurements “back in the day” so I know it is realistic – I gave myself to the end of the year on this one
    3) I will run in at least 2 races this year for the first time ever by the end of the year

    While the top two are very results-oriented, I have specific action items to attain each of them so that it is not “pie in the sky”. I look forward to sharing with you when I hit goal and hopefully to serve as inspiration for others to know they can do it too even if it is daunting. It is a life-change that is so worth it for yourself and your family.

  • Sally Turkovich Wright

    Would love to guest blog for you. I was 250 in Oct 2010. Struggling, like you, to get down to 160. Sitting at 187.4 today. I am a HUGE veggie eater and LOVE trying new veggie only or veggie centered recipes. Would love to share my recipes, struggles and inspirations!

  • Cherelynn

    Happy Tuesday to you!
    Just read through the post here on your blog and love the freshness of it. You have a fun and witty writing style too! Keep up the good work and when you get a chance, come visit my take on how to stay healthy during the media tombed ‘flu pandemic of 2013’. Cheers to your health and success!
    Ciao ciao for now~
    @Cherelynn on Twitter

  • Laura Pryor

    I just came across your blog tonight, searching for WW success stories (so many great ones on here!). I did WW back in 1997 (I think), but I’m not sure how much weight I lost. I’m now 32 years old and am preparing my body for pregnancy (not prego yet) b/c I refuse to be 40 lbs overweight AND pregnant. I’ve struggled with my weight since I was 8 years old. My highest I’ve ever been was 263 pounds (that was 6 years ago). I’d lost around 70 lbs, initially, on a program and I’ve, since, gained about 20 lbs back. Point being here: I would love to see guest posters and recipes. I will be visiting your site more often, as the inspiration is very motivating and helps keep my “instant gratification” mind in check!!

  • Aimee Rodriguez Vollmer

    Though my scale didn’t reflect too much of a loss (if any at all… cannot recall exactly what my weight was at the beginning of 2013), I did manage to accomplish my primary goal of coming completely off all my medications (for symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue) and stayed off them the entire year. That, in and of itself, helped me feel TONS better. Mid-year I started experimenting with gluten-free as it has been reported by several notable sources as being complimentary for those of us with FMS and CFS. Wasn’t consistent, so that’s one of my goals for this year. As a self-proclaimed recipe addict, the problem isn’t finding the recipes I want to try but the time and energy to make those delicious-sounding yummies. For this new year, I’ve already hunted down several recipes for smoothies, breakfasts, and lunches. Next will be dinner ideas that won’t shock the system too much for my family. The biggest challenge for me this year, as in years past, will be exercising. Need LOTS of help and motivation there as will-power alone won’t do it for me. All in all, hoping to carry some tried and true habits into the new year and looking forward to learning more with and through your many accomplishments, Jenn.

  • Jenny

    Hi Jennifer! Have you thought about maybe changing your eating plan approach? Perhaps WW is not working for you anymore. And I think a more “relaxed” approach (to go accordingly with what you want for this year) would be to take on simple clean eating. You don’t need to count calories or points, you simply need to concentrate on eating the right foods. I recommend the clean eating books by Tosca Reno, and also there’s a blog full of recipes called “The Gracious Pantry”. If you want my personal recommendation, I use the “Tone it Up”nutrition plan. It has worked wonders for me because it makes clean eating very easy. One last thing: I recently finished a book called “Stop eating your heart out”. It helps you find out if you’re eating because of emotions and how to overcome it. I know it’s a lot of info but I hope it helps! Happy new year!

  • Jacynta Harb

    Woo hoo 2014! This is my year to REALLY help people reach their goals and dreams!! I hope I can still be a guest blogger and get people PUMPED UP to make it happen!
    Love you girl and I believe in YOU!