February 2015 Goals

January was awesome!  It really was!  You know what I learned…well, I already knew it but I was reminded of it especially this month.  Life is made up of small moments.  Small moments that lead into hours, minutes, and days.  These are going to go by no matter what decisions we made.  I made decisions this past month that made me healthier.  I made decisions last month that propelled me toward where I want to go.  I made good decisions last month that made me happier.  I made a lot of small, daily decisions that added up to good days and now, a good month.  I am not sure why I we sometimes complicate these things.  Make good decisions, every day, and eventually, they will add up to BIG decisions.  The time is going to go by regardless of the decisions you make.

This month, I have decided to continue making good decisions.  No matter what.  There are no excuses that are big enough to throw in the towel.  I am worth it and SO-ARE-YOU!

Here are the things I am going to do this month that will propel me toward what I want the most – Health!

  • No sweets – Can you tell this is a big one for me?  I did not have any in January and this month, I will continue to not have any.  Even through Valentine’s Day.  No sweets.  Even through celebrations – no sweets.  What is amazing is almost all of my cravings are gone and I don’t really want them anyway!
  • Read the Book It Starts with Food – I know, I know, I was going to do this last month.  I really do want to read this book and then start in March.  I am giving myself 28 more days to read it and wrap my head around doing Whole 30 in March.  I can do this!
  • Eat at Least One Fruit and Vegetable every day – That means one of each.  I know that sounds stupid but I really don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables.  I need to make myself eat at least one of each every day.  My body will thank me for it.
  • Exercise at Least Four Times a Week – I have not done so well exercising so this month, I want to focus on walking more.  Even if it is cold outside, I can do an exercise dvd.  Lord knows, I have enough of them!  I want to up my weight loss since it seems to have slowed down lately and I know in order to have that happen, I am going to have to work out more!
  • Water – I need to consistently drink more water.  I have a 54 ounce water bottle I carry to work with me.  Some days I drink all of it, some days I drink half of it and some days, I barely drink any at all.  My goal is to drink the entire 54 ounces before I leave work.  I would love a HUGE water bottle that holds more but is also easy to pick up.  Does that exist?  If you know of one, leave me your suggestion in the comments.

I want to continue all the good things I did in January like tracking daily and eating within my range.  I also want to win this next Dietbet I am hosting.  I won’t know the outcome of that until March but it is on my radar!  I would love to have you do it with me.  There is strength in numbers!

How was your January?  If you did not do so well, how do you plan to start a new in February?  Don’t let another month go by and you say, “I wish I had done…” Do it now!  Start today.  You can do this!

You are what you do not what you say you'll do

Leave me a comment and tell me ONE thing you are going to do in February to get yourself closer to your goals.

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Jennifer is an elementary school teacher who is trying to lose 100+ pounds. She has certainly learned how much It Sux To Be Fat and is here to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle.