August 2012 Goals {Updated}

Each and Every Step you take Must Move you Toward Your GoalAugust means school is starting back.  School starting back means LONG days.  LONG days mean lack of energy when I get home.  Lack of energy means no exercise.  Lack of energy also means not cooking at home.  Eating out means weight gain.  Not exercising means gaining weight.  See the pattern?

This reminds me of that book, “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie!”  Remember that one?!?

Anyway…back to the topic.

I haven’t set any goals in a while.  I think it’s time.  I feel that when I set a goal, I am more focused and determined.  Without a goal, I have nothing to work toward and therefore, don’t try as hard as I can/should.  Plus, setting goals and telling you what they are helps me stay accountable.

Since I can look at the trend and see what happens when school starts back, I know there are two things I need to focus on.  Two major things that will affect my weight loss.  They are simple but SO IMPORTANT.

The first one is EATING.  This month, I am going to focus on NOT eating out.  When school starts, I don’t want to cook dinner when I get home because it is usually after 6:00.  This month, I am going to eat at least 6 dinners at home/week.  I will allow myself to eat out one night a week if I have to (or for social reasons).  I will also accomplish this by planning ahead.  If I have a weekly plan set out on Sunday for my weekly dinners, I am more prepared to eat what I have planned.

The second goal is EXERCISE.  I’m not going to say that I will get up early and workout before school.  Why?!?  Because I know that I don’t always do that.  I am not going to give myself a TIME of day to exercise.  I am just going to say that I WILL exercise.  I am going to shoot for 4 days/week.  I would prefer 5 but I know how hectic the beginning of the school year is and I want to give myself an attainable goal to achieve.

If I can work on these two things this month, I know I will be successful with weight loss.  I also do better with a plan.  Now that the plan is in place, I feel more confident to GET-R-DUN!

What are your goals for August?  Make sure you tell someone (ME!), write it down, and visit them each week to see how you are progressing!  Let’s make August a great one!

Updated – Well, it is so hard to believe a whole month has flown by and now we are into September!!!  My two goals this month, eating and exercising went pretty well.  I did well on NOT eating out until last week.  Last week was a total bomb!  The rest of the month was a success with planning meals ahead of time and eating at home.

The second goal was exercise at least 4 times a week.  On average, I did about 3 times a week.  Not too bad but I didn’t meet the goal.

Life is all about assessing and moving on.  I will do better this month. I can feel it!  How was your August?


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