April – A Month of Focus

I have worked out EVERY SINGLE DAY in April.  Okay, fine.  I know it has only been four days but hey, I am off to a good start.

The past few weeks months have been not so great on the weight loss front.  In my training for the half marathon, I ate more calories and wasn’t too concerned with my eating because I found when I ate more, I had more energy to run.  That being said, the exercise was just combating the calories I was eating and there wasn’t much weight loss.  In fact, there was some weight gain because I wasn’t thoughtful with what I was eating.

Then, after my half-marathon, I stopped exercising for two weeks.  The first week was all about time because I was working and getting ready to go to Philly.  Then, when I am normally doing my long workout, I was in Philly.

I have done good the past few days with my walking/running and eating so I feel like this month is going to be a good month to focus back on the plan and have some success.

Here are my goals for April:

  • Workout at least 7 times a week for at least 10 minutes.  I will be accountable to you, my readers EVERY SINGLE week.  That way, it will keep me focused (I know working out seven times a week is extreme but my goal is only 10 minutes and some days, that is all I will do.  If I miss a day, I have to workout twice on a different day to make up for the missed day.  This seems do-able for me).
  • Only eat mindfully.  No more snacking without counting.  No more “just a bite” of this or that.  I’m going back to the whole “snack it, track it” phase of weight loss.

That’s it.  Two main goals that are key in how I feel and look.  I will focus on these two things and hopefully I will get the pounds back down to where they were in October.  I need to lose 10.2 pounds to get back to a total loss of 100.  I want to do that this month.

What are your goals for April?  April is going to come and go whether or not you choose to be successful.  This month, I am going to focus and have a successful month.  Will you join me?

There is Still Much to be done.  Let's not lose sight


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