2017 Goals

I told you this year is all about Balance.  One thing I didn’t tell you is this year is all about simplifying my life too!  I think when you need balance, the simpler and more organized your life is, the easier it will be to maintain balance.

Delaney’s room is my favorite room in the house.  I could sit in her rocking chair for hours and just look around me.  You know why?  Because there isn’t any clutter.  Everything has a place and everything is in its place.  And it is so cute if I say so myself!  I want my whole house to be that way.  I want everything to have a place so piles do not form.  I want my classroom to be that way (it is so much better thanks to a bestie who every year comes in and throws stuff away!).  I want to have organization and I want to be clutter free.

So…one of my main goals this year is to organize my house from top to bottom.  That task seems huge, right?  Well, I have decided to break it down room by room and month by month to make it more manageable.  Here is my schedule:

Jan/Feb – Kitchen and Living Room

March/April – Master Bedroom

May/June – Upstairs Office

July/August – Delaney’s Room and Guest Bedroom

Sept/Oct – Garage

Nov/Dec – Bathrooms

Now, knowing that the end of the year is the craziest time of year, I have saved the easiest spaces for those months realizing I most likely will not get much done during that crazy time of year!  The times when I have breaks, I made some bigger rooms because I know I will be home for a week and can tackle it.  Now, keep in mind that this means an entire overhaul of the space.  I will touch every drawer, closet, and knick knack and I will either find a permanent location for it or I will toss it.  That is why I have given myself two months for each space.  I have also grouped a big space with an easier one so it is not too overwhelming!  First goal of 2017 is to have my whole house decluttered by New Year’s of next year!  Let’s just hope I am not scrambling right at the end to try and get it all done!

My next goal of 2017 is to lose at least a pound a week.  52 pounds isn’t too shabby.  I would love to lose more than a pound a week but to start, I just want to see the scale go down.

How am I going to do that?

Well, for starters, I have cut out all sweets.  No more sugar in my coffee, no more desserts, no more chocolate here or there.  Sweets are my weakness and unfortunately, I cannot do moderation so I have cut out all sweets for the year.

I also purchased Beachbody’s new All-Access Pass which gives me access to ALL of their workouts for the whole year.  I will be working out at school as much as possible and when that doesn’t happen, I will workout at home.  I am excited to try some of their programs that I had not yet purchased like Piyo and Core de Force.  I am excited to workout and see my body change with some exercise (it’s been a few months!).

As far as what eating plan I am going to do, I am not sure yet.  I might just clean eat, I might track in My Fitness Pal or I might use the 21DayFix eating containers (which is just clean eating and portion control put together).  I have seen such success on all of those that I am having a hard time figuring out which one is right for me at this point in my life!  I will make a decision soon and let you know!

My last goal for 2017 is to budget and get out of debt except for the house and hubby’s car.  We have quite a bit of medical debt from Delaney’s NICU stay and we owe some money for some unexpected house/car repairs.  We want to pay that off and be debt free by the end of the year.  In order to do this we will budget and then stick to the budget.  We probably will not go on vacation this year, we are cutting way back on eating out, and we are NOT buying coffee out every day (this one stings…I love Dunkin’ Donuts coffee).  We will also use Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball plan…if you haven’t read his books, do it!  They are inspiring and so motivating!  My husband and I are committed to getting out of debt and I really feel like we can if we put our minds to it and work together!

2017 goals

Those are my three goals for 2017.  I feel they are do-able and I feel good about these!

I will also be making smaller, monthly goals so look for those!

What are your goals for the New Year?  Share in the comments below!

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About Jennifer Swafford

Jennifer is an elementary school teacher who is trying to lose 100+ pounds. She has certainly learned how much It Sux To Be Fat and is here to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Shelley

    I am just SO happy to see you are back!

  • Marla

    I just read the new book, the zero sugar diet. I have the same problem eating sugar. This book made a lot of sense to me. It talks a lot about health and issues sugar cause. Very eye opening and seems doable to me. We can do this!

  • Jessica

    You should check out the book ” The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kindo!

  • Lynne

    Love your goals… We’ll all hold you to them!!!
    #1 Obviously weight – healthy, clean, and I have 36lbs to go…
    #2 I share your need for ORGANIZATION… Tackled the pantry this week…My biggest fear is the basement.. I think I’ll need a junk truck for that!
    #3 I share your desire to get out of debt… and we also want to go on vacation… My kids are getting older and we want to do a special trip before one leaves the roost… We’re also celebrating 20 years of marriage and thought we might need a getaway as well… Of course all of that PLUS paying off the credit card!! UGH!!
    LET’S DO IT!!

  • I’ve used the konmari method for decluttering. I found it really helpful for certain things as it works on what “sparks joy” – It helped me let go of some of those more annoying clothes items I kept holding onto that I didn’t need. Everything has its place now and its fantastic. Good luck with your year 🙂

  • Mindy

    So glad you are blogging again! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I am a teacher and I have 3 little ones, so I can relate!

  • Sarah Kay

    Welcome back! You have such a friendly and engaging tone – that’s why this is still one of my favorite blog reads. Your goals for 2017 sound totally doable!

    I share many of the same goals, with an emphasis on getting healthy and shaking off my “sugar dragon.” At the risk of offering unsolicited advice, you might want to check out the Whole30, if only as a secondary info source. I am halfway through my first one and it’s been a big help in breaking some bad habits to prepare for long term success. Hopefully. Good luck this year! You CAN do it.

  • Karen Mele

    You’re doing too much. All of these are big goals and I can see you burning out quickly. Maybe come up with a few things you can do each day to tackle one of these goals. And spending your entire break cleaning does not allow for the needed down time. I wish you succes but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t hit all of these goals.

  • Megha Jadhav

    It’s amazing how one more person to have to have the EXACT same goals this year! I only just stumbled on your blog, and I’m going to follow it to check on your progress and to keep my progress in check – if that makes sense to you 🙂
    So good luck to both of us! My weekly weigh ins are on Tuesdays.

  • This new year goal is to hangout with my friends and have fun…….wow so excited

  • Your blogs are my favorite one because you always motivate me to do some interesting and motivational things. You are doing a great job thank you from the bottom of my heart to become a important part of my life.

  • russelagra

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  • Yes I get my new year goal. So happy now.

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  • Nonstopremedies.com

    This year I want to cut out all fast food restaurants! And I also want to exercise more.

  • Ana Jonson

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  • chadster

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