Four Ways to Show Love

Happy “LOVE” week.  Since Valentine’s Day is this Thursday, I have a few “special” posts this week to help you in the “LOVE” department (not that you need it or anything…)

First, let me get some business out of the way.  There will NOT be a weekly weigh in post today or tomorrow.  I am home with a very weird stomach thingy (I will spare you all the details) so I am missing my meeting and all food in general for the time being.

Okay…now that that is out of the way…on to the topic of the day…


Now, I know what you are thinking, “What in the world does LOVE have to do with weight loss?”  You can check out this post, Love is Kind and keep reading and you will see another way that Love has to do with weight loss.

My husband and I have been really enjoying church lately.  Our pastor started on a new series called, Love Does.  He is basing his sermon off of this book:

Love Does

I actually look forward to going to church now!  It really is a great feeling.

So, this week, the pastor gave us four ways to show love.

1.  Give people a “personal challenge.”  If you love someone, you will give them a personal challenge.  One that you feel they can achieve.  I do this on a monthly basis when I share my monthly goals and then challenge you to set a monthly goal.  However, I am not specific so get ready for the challenges to be specific.  I urge you to challenge people that you love and care about.  Challenge them with a health aspect that they are maybe not fulfilling or need to fulfill.  I will give you an example, my mom and I LOVE to challenge each other to not eat any sweets.  We challenge one another, hold each other accountable, and in turn, it helps hold us accountable.  Why do we do this?  Because we love each other.  Take a minute this week and challenge someone you truly care about.

2.  Give them complete confidence.  After you give them the “challenge, ” give them complete confidence that they can do it.  Use words that encourage them.  Show them with your actions that you believe they can do it.  If they fail, pick them back up and encourage them to keep working toward whatever the personal challenge is.  It is never too late to start over.  I loved in the sermon when the pastor said, “Words can either cause chaos or calm.”  As a teacher, I see the power of one’s words all the time.  Be careful what words you choose to use with your loved one and encourage them to achieve their dreams.

3.  Give them Honest Counsel and Feedback.  Sometimes it might be tough but you need to be honest and sincere with the person you are loving.  Encourage them, be kind, but make your feedback honest too!

4.  Give them full credit.  After that person achieves the goal you have challenged them to, give THEM full credit for it.  Don’t take the credit for yourself.  Tell others what they have done.  Brag about them.  True love is what you say about someone when they are not in the room.  Give credit where credit is due.

There you have it.  Four ways you can show someone that you love them.  Challenge them, give them your complete confidence, give them honest feedback and then give them full credit.

I can apply this to so many areas of my life.  I can see this in teaching, tutoring, blogging, being a wife and a sibling, being a friend…

Love always looks for ways to build others up!

Who will you show you love this week by giving them a challenge and then following these four steps?  Remember, love is a verb.  It shows action!

Love is a Verb.  WIthout action it is merely a word.

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