Does Your Skin Hang Low?

Before you start reading, let me give a disclaimer.  There are some not so flattering pictures in this post and  I am sensitive lately.  However, I have gotten LOTS of questions about loose skin so I feel many people can benefit from this post.  HOWEVER, if you are a hater, stop reading.  Just close this post out and do not go any further.  If you make a nasty comment, I will delete it.  Please, be kind.  We are all fighting this battle together!

Does your skin hang low?  Does it wabble too and fro?  Can you tie it in a knot?  Can you tie it in a bow?  Can you through it over your shoulder like a continental soldier?  Does your skin-hang-low?

Guess what the topic is today – HANGING SKIN!

Raise your hand if you have it?  Chances are if you have lost 30 pounds or more, you have hanging skin somewhere on your body.

I remember the first time I saw some.  I had lost right around 30 pounds and I had this weird flap of skin hanging on my butt cheek.  I realized it was loose skin that had no where to go.  Weird flap hanging low, wobbling too and fro.  I thought it was kind of funny.  It didn’t really bother me too bad and I think I even remember showing my mom and sister.  To me, it showed progress.  It showed 30 pounds gone FOREVER!

As the pounds came off, the skin continued to drag down.  Now, close to being back to 100 pounds down, the skin is hanging but it is not horrible because I am not done losing weight.  It will get worse the more that I lose.  But, I’m ok with that.  I would rather have hanging skin then nice, filled out fatty mcphatterson skin.

My hanging skin is a representation of where I have come from.  It is success for me.  Hanging skin=fat gone.  Does that make sense?

Now, that all sounds nice and rosy but let me tell you, it does bother me because it LOOKS bad.  Not to me but to others.  I come from a very vain family.  My grandmother was very concerned with looks, then my mother, and now me.  Of course, I want to have nice smooth skin.  But, that aint’ happenin’ people.  The only way this skin is going to get tight is if I go under the knife and have some things lifted, tucked, and cut.  THAT isn’t going to happen anytime soon unless that money tree I planted starts producing!

My biggest problem area is my tummy.  I always gained weight in that area first and it was definitely where I held MOST of my weight.  I have always had very small, muscular legs.  Thank the Lord for those!  My arms have some hanging skin but mostly it is in my belly!

Another option to tighten problem areas are those “IT WORKS” wraps.  I first heard about these when a girl from work came in one day talking about this party she went to.  She said it was a blast!  They all took measurements, wrapped a problem area with this wrap and then sat around with wraps on for 45 minutes.  After, they took measurements again and were shocked by the inches lost.

Well, then, I was contacted by a distributor, Courtney, asking if I wanted to try one.  Of course, I was willing to try.  Have you seen some of the before and after pics of these things?  Click HERE for some amazing photos. Well, I wrapped myself all up, set the timer and waited for the magic to happen.  When I unwrapped myself, I took my measurements and then waited again for 72 hours to take after pics (they say you will continue to lose up to 72 hours).  I lost about an inch and a half above my belly button, an inch at my belly button and stayed the same below my belly button.  So, there are two and a half inches gone right there!

Now, for the photos.  This is tough but here goes:

It Works Wraps to Tighten Skin

You can’t see a stellar change but to me, it looks less wrinkly.

This one shows a bit more of my saggy skin:

It Works Wrap from the Front

In this photo, it looks tighter especially on our left, my right.  It looks like the belly is not hanging over the shorts so much.

They recommend doing several to see a real change.  I just might have to try a few more to see if there is more of a change.  If you want to try them, please contact my friend Courtney.  You can email her at

Now, the other way to lose extra skin is to workout WHILE losing weight.  Lift weights.  Do Crossfit.  Pick up some weights and use them.  It will help tone.  Just from starting Crossfit 5 months ago, I can tell my arms are getting much firmer!  I love to ask people to feel my arm muscles.  I have never had biceps before!

It is also important to drink LOTS of water.  That will help keep your skin elastic to “bounce back” easier.  Well hydrated skin is happy skin!

So, there you have it.  My saggy skin story.  Not many people get to see me with just a sports bra and shirt.  I won’t even wear those tight workout tops (spandex=muffin top).  I will probably never wear a two piece.  It is what it is.  But, like I said, I would rather have loose skin than filled out skin.  You know what I mean?

So, be kind with your comments.  I know I have more weight to lose but I am working on it.  Don’t judge.  Like my mom always says, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

On the other hand, if you have tried the “It Works” wraps, I would love to hear if you liked them or not!


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